16 December 2006

what does a retro look like?

scanned from Erin Sullivan's "Retrograde Planets" ... a highly recommended read for those interested in understanding retrograde planets.

15 December 2006

saturn Rx ... perspective alignment

so, "what is wrong with the intention of doing all these wonderful things because you want to gain personal pleasure and satisfaction, success, fame and fortune from it?"


not a thing.

whatever you do should be done because it makes you happy.

do you think i should add a caveat like, 'so long as its not at the expense of another person'? you know what, i don't honestly know the answer to that question. how i live my life ... the answer is 'i hope so.' i would like to think that the choices i make further my happiness but not at the expense of another person. but sometimes, my perspective is not the same as reality.

"And, of course, it ultimately comes down to how we approach things/what our perspective is.  It is always a choice.  At times, the choice feels more difficult to make--or easier to make.  I'm speaking of the choice to view things from a positive aspect.  I would say that a huge majority of the time I am able to make that choice, but there are times when my emotional life dominates." Elijah Selby

with saturn is retrograde right now, the earth is located between the sun and saturn. so the world or reality is caught between the dialogue of the inner self (the sun) and our awareness of, incorporation of and integration of our boundaries, limitations and structures. our external experiences can reveal the disparities of what we think and what is real.

sometimes that can be a positive thing ... if our perspective is not aligned with reality, often an external situation or person can reveal how reality is much more positive than we perceive our reality. remind us how truly talented we are, how valuable we are, how special we are ... just a simple reminder of what any single individual can accomplish can eliminate self-imposed limitations of denial, fear, guilt, resentment or judgment, challenging us to go to the next level.

sometimes that can be a challenging thing ... if reality is not aligned with our perspective, often an external situation or person can show us how reality is not the positive picture we like to think it is. ultimately revealing that others are not ready to go to the next level. or, providing us confirmation that our job is truly not supportive of our personal aspirations and dreams.

and, sometimes it can just plain hard lessons ... if our perception and reality have no relationship. but, that is when saturn is at his finest, and usually being challenged by another planet like jupiter, uranus, or like in our present case, neptune. saturn will swallow all of his children before a major breakthrough happens and a dramatic change occurs. for instance, many christians have the perception that war and violence is "ok." but reality is that the bombs they pay to build, deploy and drop, murder the innocent people they land on, and their god commanded them not to kill. that reality can be hard to swallow in a world that perceives no alternatives to violence and supremacy.

yes, it is a challenge to align your perception with reality. but once you clarify your perception and its relationship to reality, you can truly make the decisions you need to make, without emotional turmoil, manipulation or deception. if saturn is anything, he is calculating and cold; ruthless and unemotional. for good reason. sometimes the news is just the news, and you can either accept it and make good choices from that point, or get caught up in the drama of the news and start justifying with excuses the past behavior rather than looking toward the future.

as saturn is retrograde, we have an acute view of the reality between our perspective in the areas of life saturn symbolizes. with saturn's singletary retrograde motion, we have an opportunity similar to that of the technical foul free throw in basketball. just you, the ball and the basket. the game stops for a minute while you align yourself, all alone ... adjusting your perception, changing direction, blocking out the noise, and focusing on a single skill in the midst of a game with so many variables ... with the energies of saturn isolated for your reflection, focus and integration in the experiences of the house it presently is transiting to help deepen your knowledge of the area of life where it is natally located.

personally, i'm playing in the 12th house to understand the 8th ... an interesting time.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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05 December 2006

Saturn Rx ...

most people have heard about mercury retrograde and the troubles that it can cause ... cars breaking down, computers crashing, communication wires getting crossed on a myriad of levels ... but saturn retrograde, just what exactly does that affect? this is a unique period because saturn is presently the only planet retrograde, so you can feel it in isolation and observe the affect of this cycle on your life.

retrograde periods are great times to learn and understand how things like 'critical point analysis' works in your every day life ... "critical point analysis is a technique derived from the fact that in any highly complex system there is a specific, critical point at which the smallest input will result in the greatest change." (from Power vs. Force, David R. Hawkins, p. 45.)

saturn retro is a time to truly listen to yourself rather than what the world offers in the way of limitations and boundaries. the world may try to throw you a limitation or obstacle and you CAN let it be one for you, sometimes limitations help you see what's in your immediate surroundings more clearly ... other times, its dropped there just to see how you respond to it and whether you pull out your tools and make short work of it with the sledge hammer or whether you chip away at it with the hammer and chisel.

either way, through mid-april, saturn will be retrograde in leo and this will be an awesome opportunity to discern how the world affects you and how you effect the world in relation to the realm of saturn. being in leo, saturn will present the structure of your life to consider. too often leo is "do as i say, not as i do," but the reality is, what you do is what you are. with saturn retrograding in that fire sign, it is structuring thought into action. any action is prefaced by intention, and saturn retrograde time will present you with the mirror of personal intention within your actions.

evaluate the reception of the world to your action and see if the reaction is in alignment or a product of what you 'say' your intention is, or whether it is more closely aligned to your true, perhaps unconscious, intention. and think about your true intention versus the one you say ... often the intention we "say" isn't our true one, but rather what we think is the 'correct' one. reality is, that your true intention is more correct than what we think is the right one. you may say you want to do all of these wonderful things to save the planet ... and that may be true. but what is wrong with the intention of doing all these wonderful things because you want to gain personal pleasure and satisfaction, success, fame and fortune from it?

as you ponder that last question ... here's the prescription for the beginning of saturn Rx ...

check your tool cabinet, remind yourself of your tools and resources available, make your tool choice wisely, and get back to work creating your reality!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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02 December 2006

business voodoo comes alive

hi ...

just in case you haven't heard ... (and in compliance with "taking my own advice" ... see last blog entry) ...

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ok, i had a lovely mystical rectangle to use on this day, so that's what i decided to do with it!

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i'm very excited as this will allow a time where you can actually call in and ask questions and interact with me more than just email and instant messenger ...

i look forward to speaking with everyone ...

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

20 November 2006

. . . MOVE . . . FORWARD . . . NOW!

its time ... starting today until 5 december, 2006, all of the main planetary bodies are moving direct! not a very common thing, but a wonderful thing to experience ... everything in your life, all areas are moving forward ... there is nothing to reflect on at this time, its "GAME TIME" so to speak ... 3 weeks of GAME TIME ... leave it all on the court ... BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE FOR 3 WEEKS ... YOU CAN SLEEP WHEN YOU'RE DEAD ... after 5 december, 2006, anyway ...

use your teammates, use your talents at their pinnacle, play your role, know your objectives and execute flawlessly and recover quickly! this is the time you have been preparing for, now its time to shine!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'


17 November 2006

. . . control . . .

do you control everything?


do you control nothing?

can you really create reality, or can you just get what the universe gives to you? philosophers have been debating that since, well, probably since two human beings were on planet earth had a notion to have a debate. it is a fundamental one, for sure. predestination or free will ... and the fact that both sides are "right" helps make little sense of it all.

this is a question that comes up often in discussion of one's chart and the future. "well, if that's what it is, then i guess, that's all there is for me." yes ... and no. who you were born cannot change; after all, "i am what i am."

out from the core of "i am" flows the energy through the multifaceted you that you are, which flow can be viewed on an astrological chart. the energy flows from that "i am" to the innumerable experiences and levels of consiousness and flows back into the "i am", informing, morphing and changing the energy to be more consistent and closer to the truth of who "i am."

whether its the most outward expression or the most inner soul searching, the source is the same: you. the reality you experience is entirely your choice. you do create your own reality in the universe that you cannot control or change.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

15 November 2006

. . . sowing seeds . . .

welcome to fall, the time of the harvest in the northern hemisphere and the time of planting in the southern hemisphere ... regardless of the season you see outside your door, there is one thing we all are looking at ... the seeds.

in the fall, you harvest the seeds from the past season's crop ... throwing out the weak or 'bummer crop' seeds, and saving only those from the best you have experienced. in the spring, you look again to the seeds to decide which one's you want to sow for next year's crop.

this is the 'transition' time of year ... where the energy of the 8 of 2006 begins to morph into the 9 energy of 2007. a time to reflect on the past year and the new year that is coming in less than two months now. most people are beginning to feel the shift as we start with our new organizers for 2007 and our schedule begins to expand to the early months of the next year, so too do our thoughts. yet, there is still time in 2006 and things that need to be finished.

ending the 8 year, this is a time to reflect on three things:

1. when, where and how was i most powerful, useful and effective?

2. how well did i fulfill my responsibilities?

3. what do i need to finish?

looking forward to the 9 year, this is a time to reflect on these two thing:

1. what is the one thing in my life i want to change the most?

2. what in my life is NOT working the way i want it to?

as 2007:9 is all about transformation, it is a very powerful year to actualize the changes you've been contemplating, debating, thinking about, dreaming would happen ... some of those transformations may be "miraculous" events that "just happen" or they can be brought about by deliberate, conscious planning and focused hard work.

are you ready for 2007? you can start today or it can just happen to you ...

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

11 November 2006

. . . surviving scorpio's sting . . .

well, in case you didn't know, mercury's retrograde and it, along with mars, venus, jupter and the sun, is hanging out in scorpio. with those five heavenly bodies, which with the lone exception of the moon, comprise the "personal planets", this period of transit has been quite personal and revealing.

with the tropical stream flowing through scorpio, the past is something that has been coming back to challenge people to realize their present consciousness and the direction it is heading. scorpio can have a sting like no other. it can derail and destroy plans faster than you can spin around and touch the ground ... OR ... it can release you from all the things that have been holding you back from experiencing life for so many years.

examine if you will the two rulers of scorpio -- mars and pluto. traditionally, the ruler of scorpio is mars but most modern astrologers readily accept pluto as its ruler (either in tandem with mars or as its solitary ruler with mars left to rule aries). mars is the energy of 'pushing'. pluto is the energy of 'transformation'. and now, with pluto being redefined, we cannot just examine pluto in singlarity, we must also incorporate the energy of charon as well. charon's energy has always been there with pluto, only know we can define the pluto processes better with the inclusion of the "other side" of the dual planetary system.

with pluto/charon comes the process of transformation ... that which requires experience to become wisdom, and in that wisdom, a filter leading one to the path of letting go or charging deeper into the areas where the light has just begun to glow. one can truly identify where one's consciousness level is current developing by looking at how one is responding to the circumstances of this scorpionic stellium passage. because in reality, as you look up at the sky, jupiter as the leading planet of this stellium is the only planet in scorpio, the remaining planets are still traversing in libra.

what's the difference and how can you tell the various levels of consciousness you are experiencing ... what are you feeling? if your circumstances are dredging up emotional baggage and that is pushing you down negative paths or dark spirals of self-defeating patterns, then you are likely attached to the prevailing energy that has power over you and your life. BUT, if you are able to receive these circumstances in the intellect (libra is an air sign), and evaluate the memories of the past or your circumstances for what they are, rather than folding into a mess of emotions, you are likely connected more to the truth of your reality rather than that which is struggling to be imposed on you.

honestly evaluate how you are responding to this rather intense time. look to see where its hitting your consciousness ... is it giving you much useful information to use in the transformation process or is it giving you a swirl of darkness that wants to hide, or worse, seek revenge on someone?

as pluto moves closer to the galactic center toward the end of december and that stellium begins to elongate, but truly move into scorpio as the planets may be seen in the sky, keep watching yourself and your reactions to your circumstances and past memories that surface during this winter of our discontent. because there is much discontent that will revealed as pluto aligns with the galactic center and things that used to be 'ok' in your life will no longer be tolerated or accepted. the status quo will be abolished one way or another. the choice, as always, is whether you do it consciously the way you want to change the status quo or whether someone else's idea of the status quo is imposed on you.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

p.s. on this day, we remember those who have sacrificed for reasons beyond themselves.

22 October 2006

... 7 November 2K6 ... Election Day ... MAKE A CHANGE!

because i want to change the leadership of my nation this is my energy flow report for election day 2006, 7.11.2K6.

... remember to vote your conscience ...

numerologically, the day is an 8 ... 8 references power and responsibility. it is critical to remember (1) YOU HAVE POWER, and (2) YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITY. so many people who want things to change sit around, complain and wonder "it is so messed up! what can i do?" well, in this report, based on the energies of the day, i provide some very basic things one can do to help put some "ooomph" behind the power you do have, even though you can only cast one vote.

you can actually do something to energize and increase the power of your one vote; you must take that responsibility on for yourself and encourage others to do the same! there is something here for everyone to do, they are little jobs to undertake in the flow of your day. working together, we can be the change we wish to see.

this election will be battle of emotions and subconscious habits and fears. if you want the leadership of the nation to change as well, wear blue that day. water is the key element of the day, fill a basin or turn on your fountains with intention and a vision of the election results you desire for our nation. every time you turn on a water faucet envision the election results you desire for our nation. water is the direction of the west.

if you like rituals, face the western horizon and repeat "when the sun sets on this day, ________________ will be elected and my vision will manifest." (christians often end such a prayer ritual with, "in jesus' name, amen".) repeat it as often during the day to remind yourself of the importance of this election, this day and your power to change our future.

as the polls open on the east coast, the moon finds itself inconjunct with the stellium in scorpio on the ascendent ... this stellium includes jupiter, venus, mercury(rx), the sun, and mars. the morning finds the moon inconjunct with mars.

men who want to change the leadership of this nation should vote early, as soon as the polls open. the male energy needs to lead the way in this election. this is a great time to make phone calls and remind the men in your life of the election and that their vote has power and importance.

by the time the west coast polls open, the moon has moved to its position inconjunct to the sun. for those who want change, voting early is better. and during this time, is when "responsibility" goes an additional step. from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST), during the moon/sun inconjunction, the key is to encourage people to vote by reminding them that their vote in particular is very important. remind them that their one vote is the one that is going to make a difference this election.

be very vocal about who you voted for and why with everyone you meet. remind them to vote. this day is about 'connecting' the emotions and the subconscious (or unconscious) of those who are uninformed, following habits without reason, etc. to the consciousness you want to bring to this election. use logic, not emotions, and expect the victory of those you voted for and that everyone you meet are going to vote in alignment with you.

after all, deep down at their core, everyone knows how much we need to change our leadership. envelope those you meet into your vision of change, expect them to agree, and respect their right and ability to disagree but share with them the logic of your position, but do not share your emotions. negative or opposing EMOTIONS will strengthen the other side today. let the logic of your argument work in their consciousness until they go to their polls, if they decide to do so. a strong negative emotional argument will send them to the polls in opposition even if they were not going to go, just to "get you back."

lunch time should find NO ONE in the lunch room or working through lunch. bring your blue colors to a mall, a busy grocery store, sitting in front of your building ... talking to everyone and reminding everyone to vote. the moon is exactly conjunct with the sun at 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. EST ... this is "spread the consciousness time" ... the moon is in gemini, so the more people you can talk to, the faster you can talk to them, the better it is. remember, logic NOT emotions.

starting at 4:00 p.m. EST is time for the women to vote! if you get to soccer practice and a mom there has not voted, volunteer to bring their child(ren) home for them. help each other to vote. help each other understand and appreciate how urgent this election is to the future of our children. it is urgent that the women bring this election home. do not go home after you vote. eat dinner out. go walk around the mall. everyone wear blue with the reminders to vote and who to vote for ... who you believe will change the leadership in our nation.

after the polls close ... don't watch the news. do not watch the returns. KNOW that YOUR VISION for the results of the election will be on the morning news, and know you took on your share of responsibility for the positive future of your nation. the positive energy from just being with your family and a restful evening will help those still "pushing" in the same direction you are, to have stamina, calmness, peace and confidence.

if you are called to stay up and watch the returns, do not concede, do not resign, do not give up hope until the officials have closed the election results. if you work with a candidate, encourage them NOT to concede until the election is officially over and certified. there will be many, many, many close elections and it is the battle for energy and victory of wills that propel many 'lost' elections to victories. (i know, i learned that from the republicans.)

"what elaine? you ARE crazy!" you say. no i'm not. i've seen it happen. when the counting begins, there's a lot of logistical things that need to go "perfectly", and mercury is retrograde for this election ... if something is going to go wrong, it will. if you maintain your belief and energy behind your vision ... ballot boxes that 'i thought i counted that one already' actually gets counted. ballot boxes that get left in a car will be discovered when the poll worker get home and ... because you are pushing the energy for your vision to manifest. the ballot ballot box will be driven back to be counted ... even if it just had 10 votes in it. those will be the 10 that determine the election. if you don't have faith and energy behind your desired result, why would anyone else, especially a poll worker who volunteered and worked for over 12 hours at the polling location? it is that minute and tedious aspect of an election that your energy can keep flowing in the direction of your vision.

in every election i worked when i was in high school, whether with the campaign headquarters or at church, a core of people stayed and held the vision for our desired results. from the presidential elections to the local elections, we saw and witnessed the changes our energy made to ensure the best possible chance of our will and vision to succeed. organize a party of like minded people and hold the vision until your vision is manifest. do you always win? of course not. sometimes we do not know what is for the greatest good -- that is the mystery of life. but those who have a vision and put energy behind that vision have a better chance at directing the future than those who do nothing.

wear blue, vote early and remind everyone you know to vote. if 5 people vote because you reminded them, your vote is worth 6 votes ... that is what the republicans refer to when they say "vote early and vote often" ... manifesting votes in others that would otherwise not be cast had it not been for you!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!"

07 October 2006

... for the tekkies ...

ok, for all of you who are 'progressing' the information highway to the next dimension, this is for you ...

current transit: sun inconjunct uranus
this is a rather quick transit that will introduce you to the future your technological advancements are to bring you, it begins today and will last for two more days with the pinnacle being tomorrow ...

are you stressed out because things are not "perfect" ... the hiccups and the bumps are there to help you get to know your future.

the potential of the advancement is not yet realized by you, that is what the inconjunction means. two energies that have no formal relationship to one another. that this inconjunction is occuring 3 weeks before the mercury retrograde is quite helpful, here's how you can use this transit rather than be frustrated by the experiencing the bumps, knocks, inhibitors and otherwise, 'glitches' in your systems.

1. think about the potential of the advancement and progress that you are undertaking.

2. think about how that affect all aspects of your life.

3. visualize how you see or want your future to unfold because of that advancement or progress you are pushing to manifest.

4. look at the bumps and glitches and do some homework. with the mercury retrograde coming up beginning october 26th, for about 3 weeks, realize that these bumps and glitches are a foreshadowing of what *could* go wrong, if you are not prepared for the "overload" that the mercury retrograde period brings to systems, especially those relating to communication, transportation, conductors, transmitters, messengers.

so, enjoy the weekend, and look for things to smooth out next week ... ready or not, its going to happen ... better be prepared than frustrated with what you do not know, understand, see or can control.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

... mystical rectangles ...

this post is kind of a spin-off of my last one, and focus on some very technical astrological thoughts relating to mystical rectangles. not my usual kind of post, but perhaps you will enjoy this too.

these are my thoughts on mystical rectangles ...

like the square, they are 'building' structure in a chart. they are not, like the square, an indication of foundation, but rather one of 'next step' building. the square indicates something fundamental that is 'required' in the energy of the chart. mystical rectangles connote upward building, and is a matter of choice to use it or not. for most people, the mystical rectangle remains dormant, except through transit when something 'surprising' happens that elevates the circumstances of the person's life.

the key to mystical rectangles is the conscious direction of the energy to build through the power of choice. visualization is one of the most useful tools for anyone with mystical rectangles to use to achieve any goal. the focus of the conscious energy or direction is usually most beneficially directed through the opposition, allowing the trine to flow the high energy created then through the sextile to refine and manifest the energy.

through the use of transit timings, the rectangle can empower and infuse the energy of transiting planet and its natal placement and context in the native's chart. the planets transiting along the axis of the trine and sextile will color the progress and manifestation of the energy.

i view mystical rectangles as two pythagorean triangles formed together to create the rectangle. the pythagorean triangle is based on the use of 'powers' (a² x b² = c²) and hence, the use of multi-dimensional energy to create and manifest. the triangles created with a sextile, trine and opposition use multiplication principles as well, e.g., opposition (2) x trine (3) = sextile (6). so, rather than a sequential or step-by-step process, it is a multiplicative, so small actions focused with intent produces exponential results.

as a tool of reflection, the triangles can be superimposed on the divine triangle of life, and used for timing of life experience and the plotting of planets on that blueprint can inform the native of planetary energies at work during specific periods of life. indeed, the mystical rectangle can be a mirror of the chart and the timing of energy integration of the native.

so, if you have a mystical rectangle in your chart or are experiencing one in transit, my suggestions to use it are as follows:

1. study and make yourself informed of pythagorus and the divine triangle. (reference: dusty bunker's book, "numerology and the divine triangle").

2. use the tool of creative visualization (reference: shakti gwain's book, "creative visualization").

3. time and use transits wisely to trigger originating energy and/or to manifest through the energy of a particular planet.

do you have a mystical rectangle ???
do you have a key to working two dimensions to achieve your goals ???
do you understand a word i wrote?
i too am still just trying to understand our world.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

01 October 2006

... working the (tri)angles ...

triangles ... in sacred geometry ... are manifestation.

you start something ... the universe reacts to what you did ... and poof, there it is ... the result.

you and a partner create a project ... a triangle.

you have an idea, you throw it against the wall and then you wait.

... did they like it?
... did they understand it?
... was i clear?

well, you will soon know.

(triangle images courtesy of wikipedia)

life is rarely an equaliateral triangle ... where what you put out is matched equally resulting in a perfectly proportioned, truly centered and balanced manifestation. often that is the goal of something intended to build a career, a successful project, or a balanced relationship. equalateral triangles are what you want to create when you want something to 'run itself' ... which begs the question to you ... 'do you want to create something that CAN run itself?'

sometimes the answer to that question is one answered with conscious behavior, and an honest answer to that may be found in the results from your presentation ...

.......... perhaps it looked more like an isoscoles triangle?
.................... or a scalene triangle?
................................or maybe a right angle triangle?

an isoscoles triangle takes on a life of its own, but requires equal support from both sides ... your effort and the effort of the 'other' must be equal or the isoscoles triangle will not work. are both parties willing to do what it takes to allow the project to take off? are both parties willing to let the project fly? the sharpness of the pinnacle angle implies a dynamic that may or may not be under the control of you (or one side in particular); therefore in projects such as this, a "hold on loosely but don't let go" philosophy is best.

a scalene triangle which may be either an acute or obtuse triangle, is what life usually is ... a little bit of this, a lot of that, and some of this other. your efforts may the 'push' behind the whole project, supporting it, giving it life. on the other hand, you may be just the idea person and others pick up the idea and breathe life into the idea and bring it to fruition.

then there's the right angle triangles. usually with right angle triangles, its the beginning or one half of a bigger whole. two right angle triangles make a square, the major building block of our civilization. two special right angle triangles, the pythagorean triangle, make the rectangle, known on an astrological chart as the "mystical rectangle". having right angle triangles represented is a step towards a foundation for something that is intended to grow to multiples levels over time and, perhaps, dimensions.

when looking at an astrological chart for a project, partnership or business, these are the triangular signatures to look for to see how the energy is working ... what kind of energy is needed, and how to apply your resources to optimize success.

24 September 2006

row, row, row that boat!

it is always important to remember we do create our own realities ... in kabbalah they teach about co-creating, jesus taught 'ask and it shall be given', and then there's cause and effect and the laws of karma that reinforce the fact that life CAN just be something that happens to us and that works for a lot of people, but life CAN also be something we have a say in and manifest ... the old nursury rhyme says ...

"row, row, row your boat gently down the stream; merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream."

so, pick your vessel: which you did when you were born -- your natal chart shows you your vessel ... then find your stream -- again, look to your natal chart or your numerological signatures; and then ROW ... sure you can just 'drift' down the stream, but if you are rowing, that means (1) you can avoid obstacles, (2) you can avoid getting caught in a back flow, and (3) you are ready to make choices when there's a fork in the stream ...

and THEN go down stream MERRILY: life is to be enjoyed. if its full of rollercoasters and stuff you don't like, or have little joy, happiness or fun -- check your direction, stream and vessel and see what's not right and then make the necessary adjustments ... or don't and continue just as you are ... you'll come to the end of your journey in the end, it just may be the one you have chosen ... its up to you whether you enjoy it along the way or not.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

06 September 2006

pluto's out of the closet!

and, now, pluto and my two cents on the ruling by the 2006 international astronomical union (or IAU) which reclassified pluto as a 'new' type of planet for which it is the prototype.

well, now, this is how i think about all of this ...

first, pluto hasn't been 'demoted', it has been reclassified. with all the dialogue and the discussion, people are talking about this reclassification as if pluto is less than what it was before the decision was made.

the truth is ... pluto is still the same object, in the same orbit, with the same 'moon' doing the same thing its been doing since before we discovered it even existed on its tilted orbit back in the 1930s.

pluto has not changed in the least bit. but, in our modern society of our socialized habits and prejudices have jumped on this new classification as if pluto is 'less' than it was the day before the vote. well a 'dwarf planet' isn't less than. its just a dwarf planet, a different definition.

the meanings and astrological impact it has on an individual's chart is the same as it ever was ... sort of. with this reclassification and way of looking at pluto, we now have to look at it in this way as well, and integrate these types of information into our synthesis of the meaning of the symbol of pluto ... because like the decision or not, it has been made and, while the future may change this decision as well as this one changed the one to make it a planet in the first place, we must consider the symbolic implications for pluto the dwarf planet and astrological symbol.

1. pluto is the proto-type for all cosmic bodies that will be defined in this class. talk about living up to your 'key words' of 'transformation' and 'transmutation' ... if creating a whole new classification of cosmic objects isn't transformation, i do not know what is!

2. pluto has a partner. it is a dual planet system. it does not exist or operate alone -- and in fact it never has. it always has had and will always have charon to zoom around our solar system. charon, pluto's partner in crime is also pluto's equal.

no longer a satellite of pluto, charon comes into his own and is now 'visible' ... think of pluto and charon as the ruling couple of scorpio, if you will. i will not be one of those who will debate the 'rulership' implications of this decision, i will simply leave pluto ruling scorpio and, if he is the 'king', charon is the 'queen' of scorpio (that charon in greek mythology is a man, well, i'll just leave that discussion there for the moment). the mythology of these two also help along that notion that, to me, just seems to fit so well. pluto, king of the underworld; charon, the 'gate keeper' to the underworld.

this discussion harkens me back to the discussions in the '50s and '60s amongst astrologers when pluto was named and the arguments and debates over meanings and glyphs and things of that nature were happening after the discovery of pluto.

'minerva' was the other name, with keywords such as 'wisdom' and 'enlightenment' given to this new planet, its glyph is the venus with the circle elevated above a crescent moon ... as if venus' top got cut in half and then a new circle appeared from its former center; the new planet was decidedly feminine. but as the debate ended, and there had to be decisions made, notions to be settled on, its name was pluto and the commonly used glyph, ♇, and given the keywords of 'transformation' and 'elimination' and pluto was defined as masculine.

so, when charon was reclassified not as pluto's moon, but as its equal, well, to me, it made perfect sense given the history of the astrological debate relating to this planet. that this reclassification happened at a time in our history where the legality of gay marriage is on our front page and being debated in the halls of congress as something we must create a constitutional amendment against, it was hard for me not to see the allusion to the gay male relationship ... perhaps the most socially taboo relationship of our times in terms of acceptance by the 'mainstream.'

ok, that may be a bit of a stretch, but here we have a planet that had a gender issue to begin with, then it comes out that it has a partner that was just 'a moon' (e.g., 'just a friend') for so long, and now, well, i just like to think that pluto has come out of the closet can embody both the traits and energies that wanted to be ascribed originally to the planet, and its partner is now here to help pluto be totally and completely pluto in all his glory and power, uniqueness and transformative self ... that's just how i see it at the moment.

3. pluto is a part of our solar system and the kuiper belt. he and charon live in two worlds, interacting and as the connection of the two 'neighborhoods'.

i once described the kuiper belt to a group of children as a 'green belt.' i explained that the kuiper belt was like that space of lawn between your house and the neighbor's house. yes, some of it is definitely on 'your side' and some of it is definitely on 'their side', but then there's that space that belongs to no one or everyone. there are parts of the kuiper belt that definitely belong to our solar system, but there are parts that truly do not. it is the space where "our house" extends into our neighbors and we connect, overlap and even cross for a visit when we have finally moved in and settled.

and, i do believe that we are finally getting our bearings within our solar system. our understanding of our planets and their satellites has grown exponentially in the past 30 years. we are planning for colonies on the moon and mars, mining and resourcing type operations within the other objects of our solar system (no, not anytime soon, but anything you want to happen, takes lots of planning). and soon, deep space travel or alternative forms of space travel will be emerging as reality. with the commercialization and privatization of space travel already, it is only a matter of time before mining operations for H3 on uranus is a reality. (for more on long term investments within our solar system, check out john s. lewis' book, 'mining the sky -- untold riches from the asteroids, comets and planets.')

so, does the IAU's ruling change the way i view pluto in a chart ... yes, it does. does it diminish the impact of pluto because of its reclassification? no it doesn't. the IAU's rather unpopular ruling for me is a welcome one. it provides clarity, focus and a new lens with which to view pluto/charon in the relationship to the energies reflected in an astrological chart.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

Stephen Colbert and Neil DeGrasse Tyson

23 August 2006

. . . elemental fire . . .

they call it 'fired' for a reason ...

after you are able to get that huge lump out of your throat, pass the stone that's in your stomach that has made you double over and removed the huge blob of darkness from the front part of your head . . .

begin to feel the fire the universe has rekindled in your soul.

because, in reality ...

you were fired for a reason . . .

you were fired for a purpose . . .

you were fired because the universe needs you.

you were fired to change when you otherwise would not have . . .

the direction of your life will never be the same . . .

unless you choose to extinguish the fire . . .

and resume the course of self-denial . . .

one where they have all the power . . .

don't ask the questions if you . . .

don't want the answer . . .

because the answer is quite simple, the universe wants you to be . . .

anything but what you were.

fire is the tool of transformation, use it wisely or you could get burned.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

p.s. you want some help in using the elemental fire . . . download this.

25 July 2006

what good is brilliance ...

if it is never polished and shown off?
what if einstein never published a work?
never whispered his wacky theories ... and they were wacky until time proved them brilliant!

so .... tell me, are you brilliant, smart, genius, creator, successful if ...

the flash is never shown outside of the walls of your head?

what if it dies because the unexpected wants to make it better?

life is about fluidity and change ... guage your life not by what it isn't

guage the success in your life on how much of you

you share with the world

the most successful people on the planet all know who they are ... and so do you.

they did not do that not expressing themselves ... on the contrary ...

they did it by FULLY expressing themselves.

lately much as been written about bloggin and getting fired for what you may express about your true self on-line ... let them fire you for who you are ... because SOMEONE will want to hire you for WHO YOU ARE ... think of it as a free head hunting service! working to combine you with the brilliance of you for someone else to polish and use to make both you and them successful. rather than working to create a slave for them to exhaust, exploit and pimp.

because if you are not expressing yourself out of 'what might they do if they knew i was THIS __________?'

... you are THEIR slave ... and you are not free, not even in your mind.
(feel free to fill in the blank with 'brilliant,' 'intelligent', 'inspired', 'genius', 'warped', 'wacky', 'your word')

anyways... at the least, be brilliant so your children can learn how to be successful in this world.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be expressed to stay in shape!'

p.s. ... happy day out of time (from that infamous ancient mayan calendar) ... this is my day to celebrate the earth's place in the galaxy. a day when we adjust for all of our wobbles and pushes from the past year and get ready to impact the galaxy for another year with our unique global matter impact on the rest of the universe ... however small or large that may be. cheers!

13 July 2006

what good is money ...

if all you do with it is buy more pain and suffering?

do you even know what causes you pain?

do you even know why you suffer?

most people want 'answers' they can use as excuses ...

given a choice to change or remain the same ...

most people will stay the course.

what course are you following?

following someone else's

or making your own

"i am" ? ? ?

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

11 July 2006

money focus

for some money is just there for others, there is a struggle
examine the source of the struggle
love the source and the
struggle disappears.

value, worth and resources are the keys to your own personal attachments to money as well as your attachment to other people's money.

look to your internal relationship with 'value', 'worth' and 'resources' both of yourself and how others see you in context to those words. after all, if you do not highly value your worth and skills as a resource, how then can anyone else value them?

as an exercise, write down the words "value", "worth" and "resource" and then write down everything you value that is worth more money; next, write down what you find worthy of receiving more money; and, finally, what resources you can offer that remain untapped.

once that is done, write down who would benefit from exploiting those areas of you. also, write down how you can expand those things in your current work environment, with the clients you work for, the people you work with, or what kind of new position it would take to fully exploit those pieces of you currently being under utilized or are lying dormant.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

30 June 2006

fasting and praying

something i'm involved in

in the tradition of so many faiths and beliefs, past dissidents and people of peace, i join in this fast for the laying down of arms, the withdrawal of our troops worldwide and the dismantling and destruction of all weapons of war, and for the peace that can only bring freedom in a world where governments do not need weapons to maintain order.

thank you for your support and prayers for a more peaceful world.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

29 June 2006

seed of life

genesis ... the key to help you understand the expansion of new energy and information as it enters consciousness.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

26 June 2006

superficiality and circumstances

everything that happens around you is 'circumstances'
superficiality comes from a preoccupation with 'circumstances'
'circumstances' are the creation of your life

so, if the circumstances are not what you want
and your life is only about

worrying about events
wondering about people
dealing with circumstances

disconnect from your 'life'
step away from the box
and only look to yourself for the answers
of what you created

you are really never a victim
except to that of your
own thoughts
or actions

try it ... it may help you out of the life you are not enjoying very much anyway.
if you don't want to, why are you still complaining? be happy.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

19 June 2006

let the $ circulate ...

how to make the $$$s circulate ... more importantly, how to make them circulate to you.

do you put a fountain near the cash register?

do you send out your invoices?

do you do a money dance?

all of the above? good.

yes, perhaps putting a water feature in the money area of your home or business will bring in the money, but more it is the attention to money that will circulate the money.

money cannot come to you if you have not asked for it. it seems kind of simple, doesn't it, that in order to be paid, you have to ask to be paid. whether it is for more money for what you do or what you have expanded yourself to do (e.g., ask for the raise) or if it is as basic as sending out invoices to your customers for them to send you their checks. they want to pay you for the work you've done. it makes them feel good about you working for them. they want to pay you, so give them the opportunity to pay you ... send out those invoices today!

money cannot come to you if you are not ready to receive it. do you know how you want to receive your money? do you know what you need it for? do you know what you are going to do with it once you have it? have you finished your budget? do you know what kind of economic system you want to participate?

money cannot come to you if you hoard it. have you paid your bills? have you opened your bills? are you having fun with your money? are you having too much fun with your money?

money issues ... there are so many business voodoo tools to help you understand money, but, in truth, there is only one thing you need to remember: be money conscious.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

09 June 2006

the raccoon ... reversed

today's meditation for bringing money into the home ...

'raccoon ... protector of the underdog,
provider for those who have none.
do you wear the bandit's mask
to hide the good deeds that you've done?

teach me to turn away from
rich rewards or worldy acclaim,
knowing that my generosity allows
my warrior spirit to be reclaimed."

-- taken from the medicine cards, by jamie sams & david carson

the card was reversed, or upside down, which indicates something is not right.

more than once this week this issue has arisen. people feeling guilty or bad because they had to say "no" to someone who was asking for more than you wanted to or were willing to give.

one of the greatest deceptions of our time is the "it is better to given than to receive."

it is not 'better' to give than receive ... it is good to give and receive in equality. then you have balance. you feel good about yourself, you feel good about others.

creating boundaries when you have been giving for so long often involves an inner struggle of self worth. sure, there is as much energy off balance in the 'taking' department as there is the 'giving' department, but, i think the number of people who inappropiately given too much is greater than those who would just take and take and take. those who are truly just takers are few and far between, and most people have some modicum of self-worth and will establish a boundary and send the vampire away.

so, be kind to yourself. say 'no'. send the vampires of your life searching for some new blood, while you regenerate your own. give only when you want to give and not when you are guilted, tricked or bambooselled into giving. employer can be the most notorius vampires. your home life and your job are equal, and give to them equally and you will have greater success. being the company door mat or 'go to guy' will, in the long run, effectively render you powerless to achieve your own goals and aspirations.

it is just as good to receive as it is to give.

live in the balance you want to see.

the life is your's to create.

saying 'no' helps you

and them to see

the value you

believe in

is 'i am'.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

07 June 2006

... the day after ... a day of discernment

is still reality, and the only thing that truly exists.

yesterday is a memory ... tomorrow is only a promise.

so, on 7 june 2k6, what is your lesson?

7 + 6 + 2006 = 2019 ... wow ... if yesterday was a 2, today is a 3 (see how easy this is?)

and, once again, if you are born on this day, this is the life lesson cycle you will experience for the rest of your life ... it is the way you have been given life's puzzle to solve. because you have a basic lesson of 3, a lesson of manifesting it is important to remember: one cannot truly manifest unless completion occurs. for a life born on this day (or any other combination that equals 2019), knowing what to let go, and what to keep to build on is the key to success. once completion happens, one cannot manifest until one determines to (1) let go or (2) keep and build from there.

today a day for manifestation. is the wave of day's lesson in life 2-0-1-9-1-0-2, etc.

step one: if something gets dropped on you today, receive it as a blessing (even if its a phone call from your mother).

step two: breathe, allow that which you cannot control happen without any worry or need to control.

step three: make a choice or decision and do it ... you know what you are supposed to do.

step four: let it go. you are finished. look at what is before you and pick up only that which you want to continue with; everything else -- file it, shred it, store it, trash it, lose it, close it, leave it.

step five: make another choice or decision, its time to take the next step.

step six: breathe, allow that which you cannot control happen without any worry or need to control.

step seven:: receive everything and assimilate it into your life as a blessing, even if its a hard lesson.

repeat steps 2 through 7 ...


today, is a day of discernment, to make choices based on what is good and what is not.

you know what serves your life.

you know what doesn't.

make a decision now

then the choice is

waiting only for


peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

06 June 2006

06/06/06 ... are u ready?

today is a special day ... its the only reality that exists.

technically, the day is a 2 vibration ... method no. 1: 6+6+2006=2018=11:2
method no. 2: 6+6+(2+0+0+6)=6+6+8=20:2

if you know the tarot, your references would be the high priestess (2), strength (11) and judgment (20). you will note, i use the non-traditional position of strength versus justice as 11, as i use the mother peace tarot and find that resonates more accurately with the numeric vibration.

so ... lesson of the day, 2018 ... 2 harkens to the feminine, receptivity, yin, assimilation. 0, the wonderful 0 of the divine. 1, the beginning, a spark, the expression of 'i am.' 8, the power and the responsibility that comes with it. so as energy flows in cycles, the life lesson does as well ... in sine waves going from 2-0-1-8-1-0-2-0-1-8-1-0-2, etc. this is the class of life for the day ... receive and assimilate all that is going on around you; give god space, make your choice, receive all blessings or consequences and assume your responsibility in what you receive, make your choice, let god have space, receive and assimilate the exerience.

step one: if something gets dropped on you today, receive it as a blessing (even if its disguised as a pink slip).

step two: breathe, allow that which you cannot control happen without any worry or need to control.

step three: make a choice or decision and do it ... you know what you are supposed to do.

step four: see the consequences or the results of your choice and let them be a guide to teach you about your choices. assume the responsibility that you have created everything you experience, and assume the power to change anything you want.

step five: make another choice or decision, its time to take the next step.

step six: breathe, allow that which you cannot control happen without any worry or need to control.

step seven:: receive everything and assimilate it into your life as a blessing, even if its a hard lesson.

repeat steps 2 through 7 ...

if you were born on this day, or any other day that adds together to the number of 2018, that is the cycle of your life lesson. the lesson is one of harmony of the duality through receiving. the master lesson number of the 11, is a difficult and powerful one in that if you do not like to make choices or decisions, life will be constantly throwing you things that will frustrate or overwhelm you. but, if you can make decisions and receive the blessings resulting from your determination of your life, you can use this lesson to achieve great things and create a life of harmony.

so, what a wonderful day to be alive!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

03 June 2006

... moving forward ...

after your life is derailed
right yourself ... get help if you can't get up by yourself
put yourself back on track ... get help if you can't get on by yourself
check all the systems ...
check the fuel level ...
check the map ...
restart the engines ... ask for a push start if necessary
begin moving again ... ask for someone to go along with you if you want company
get back up to speed ...

continue the journey
with great purpose
with new focus
with wisdom
with love
with joy
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

01 June 2006


progress and change

a symbol of sacred geometry from south america

time is holographic


peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

29 May 2006

... inconjunction not indigestion ...

i would argue with anyone that inconjunctions are the most powerful transits to use to effect personal transformation. the current inconjunction of mars to pluto(rx) will last for almost two weeks.

for many people, last week was a doosie ... and as certain planets affect businesses more than others, other planets affect relationships more than others ... mars is a planet that affects both quite strongly -- for everyone given its proximity to earth. mars and the energy it represents strongly affects the happenings of interpersonal relationships and material manifestation ...

of all the key words and concepts that are ascribed to mars, the one that sums it all up for me is "the urge to act decisively." so, you can see how that would affect both business and relationships in a most important way. after all, business cannot be done if decisions are not made; relationships become stagnant until someone does something different.

so mars is inconjunct that retrograde pluto ... if you remember earlier this year in mid-late march, pluto was inconjunct with mars just prior to pluto's turning retrograde. so, the current energy is much the same only a bit more intense and even more unconnected.

to use an analogy ... where in the initial inconjunction was like two strangers riding up in an elevator together, unknowingly going to the same office to attend the same meeting on the same subject. the two people would otherwise remain complete strangers never having anything in common or knowing anything about one another, except for this meeting. the meeting is called consciousness. if you are aware that two parts of you do not know each other or how to work with or, for that matter, against, each other, you can introduce them, and coordinate the workings of the energy.

well, now with the retrograde motion of pluto inconjunct with mars, its like the two people are in two different elevators going to the same place, but using different doors and attending a meeting with the same person only using two different conference rooms. not only that, but they do not know about each other or that they are working with the same person. to bring the two together to work on the same project requires much more effort. because of pluto's current location on the 'dark side of the earth', it is very difficult to bring these energies together, but if one is able to do that during this transition, the results are remarkable.

the easiest way to connect the two is to look at the environment around you as your barometer of effectiveness of your decision. any assertion will be responded to by the universe immediately ... it probably will not make sense to you immediately, but use the deepest of self-reflection to understand how that response is relevant to the assertion or the decision you made.

evaluate both positive and negative responses of the universe equally. practice objective self-reflection and honest probing of your intent and desires. soon, you will have both energies in the same conference room talking (perhaps still through translators) and scheming of how to work with each other to achieve your desired future.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

26 May 2006

Rx for jupiter retrograde ...

DUK ALERT: chiron and neptune have recently slipped retrograde ... to join pluto and jupiter on the 'dark side of the earth'.

jupiter keywords: expansion, growth, big picture
sun keywords: me, me, me, me, me; the ego ... the piece of you that is unique to all of the universe

jupiter has completed its solar opposition and is moving to a position that will cause perhaps the most amount of stress during its retrograde process, the inconjunct to the sun ...

layman's terms: the planets have moved from a place where at once they were opposed to each other: where they could see eye to eye and air their grievances and perhaps agree to disagree, if necessary; to a place where they are no longer in relationship ... they no longer understand or have the ability to understand each other's needs, energies or relationship.

but it is a time 'alone' so to speak for jupiter and the sun, to sort out exactly our expansion (jupiter) from who i am (sun) ... "the retrograde movement emphasizes what we do not have, and we come face to face with all the hopes and dreams that have been suppress during the first half, now released in inflated, overdramatic display which cathartically clears the air." (erin sullivan "retrograde planets", p. 337). some people may be strongly affected and others not at all, if jupiter is affecting an area of life that is unfamiliar or is near overload already the manifestation can be something completely out of left field. this transit will be especially strong if a chart has a strong jupiter or sagittarian emphasis. depression is a familiar state during the jupiter retrograde -- as one reconciles what one wants with what one has.

if you are dealing with major upsets, disruptions and shifts, remember that the universe is merely adjusting you to perfect alignment for your purpose. perhaps you had started to expand in a way that the universe did not want to you go ... perhaps there is a deeper level of consciousness at work that is trying to come to the surface and become your reality.

personally, i believe that the impact being felt by many during this retrograde period has to do with jupiter ruling sagittarius, pluto retrograde in sagittarius, turning retrograde just before conjunction with the galactic center, all of this in sagittarius.

THE PRESCRIPTION ... start over. open a new book and begin an outline for your plans for the future, revise and adjust the path of expansion you were following.

perhaps yesterday, all of your focus on expansion was within the context of your job, and now -- the job is just gone (or the security of the job that used to be a given is now gone: a stock repurchase setting up a merger or acquisition of your company in the near future; perhaps there was an announcement of new projects and you were not in the planning loop).

time to look at what you really want to be doing ... use your current situation as the beginning and your desired life as the ending. write an outline for the plan to get you there. start today.

in a couple of weeks, jupiter will move trine the sun and you will begin to get a glimpse of what can actually materialize and what may need to wait until the dreams and plans are laid in a solid foundation that structure is completely integrated with you and your destiny.

this is the prime time to really transmute your ideas of what your future is based on everything you have learned and have been programmed that your future is to be and what your true destiny is. those two things can be as different as apples and ladders. shedding years and years of terran, social, parental and self programming is not easy, and the degree to which these retrograde periods are affecting your mundane life is to how far off you know you are off track in the direction of your journey.

jupiter returns to direct movement on 7 july, 2K6 ... if your current adjustment is attached to jupiter's transit, expect to be able to begin work on the new plan then. use the expectation and excitement energy to motivate and energize the extra work that it may take as you put your nose to the grindstone and start the work to lay the foundation for your life.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

19 May 2006

... feeling a bit underpowered ...

borrowed and adapted from steven forest's 'the proverbs of hades under the plutonian stimulus ...'

these statements can reveal where one has been "too ..." something. if what is happening in your life is reflected by the circumstances of negativity, look inward to where you need to raise your personal level of power ... if these do not speak to you immediately or need some clarification of how to use power ... i highly recommend a review of the 48 Laws of Power.

gullibility draws lies and liars ... stop looking to others for your truth

naivete draws betrayal ... see the darkness within you

sweetness draws bitterness ... time to stop hiding

vulnerability draws attack ... realize our truly violent reality

modesty draws violation ... you are a sexual being

innocence draws shame ... understand your sexuality

harmlessness draws violence ... set up a boundary or two

generosity draws parasites ... sometimes just being you is enough

nuturing draws vampires ... you control your emotional energy

belief draws disillusionment ... don't be lazy, experience life for yourself

fear draws savagery ... warriors are honorable

spirituality draws embarrassment ... your actions are speaking so loud, i can't hear what you are saying

caring draws dependency ... sometimes they need you to say "no"

your environment will reflect the positive and negative reactions to the life you are leading ... see the signs, see the symptoms and make the internal changes to bring the life you want to reality.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

17 May 2006

... pluto retrograde significance ...

David N. Scott
"....but I must confess a lack of knowledge as to precisely what the significance of Pluto Retrograde is...?"

thank you for your comment ...

significance ... none.

just as "summer" in and of itself has no significance. except that today, most people have now ascribed meanings like 'vacation', 'hot', 'corn on the cob', 'the time after final exams', or 'the months of june, july & august' with the word "summer" ...

to the extent 'pluto' has significance it is in the concepts and ideas it represents: transformation, renewal or rebirth, new perspectives. pluto represents the subtlest internal energy that only you and perhaps your intimate partners or therapists will ever realize in your life. it can bring the smallest shifts of personal perspective to make the largest shifts in how you experience and interact with the world around you.

a good illustration that is not applicable to most people, is perhaps one of say someone who is transsexual ... the day they 'realize' or shift their perceptions that "i am a woman in the body of a man" they can begin to empower that personal perception and, for some, begin to transform their physical appearance with the outside world to manifest their inner truth.

it is a shift in "how i see the world and my relationship in it" ... e.g., i used to wake up every day and go to work and do my life but i realized i was not happy at all or only rarely. TODAY, i wake up, i realize that i can choose to be happy ... and i make the choices no longer out of compromise to my happiness, but in support of my happiness. then decisions start manifesting the things in their life that bring personal happiness ... sometimes its eliminating people, a job, a cycle of relating ... i think you can get the picture.

to the exent 'retrograde' has significance it is the concept and idea of a reflection, reevaluation, correction ...

i always describe 'retrograde' periods for any of the planets as such ...

if we are to 'row, row, row our boats gently down the stream ..." and you come to a fork and you make a choice to go to the left and your rowing gently down the stream once again and ... well, maybe i should've made a right instead ... this is not what i was expecting ...

the retrograde period represents the 'back wash' that happens in a fork, that can easily carry you back against the stream's current, back to where the fork happened and you can have a 2nd look at the options, reality and context of your previous decision.

SOME times, you realize yes, I made the right decision, I just needed to clarify, understand or readjust something in my mind or boat to make the trip down the left side profitable, manageable, or pleasurable.

OTHER times, you say ... yeah, i do want to go down the right side after all, and you have the opportunity to change your mind.

KEY ABOUT RETROGRADES ... if you continue trying to row down the stream while in the backwash, many obstacles and interruptions and a very difficult time errupts. the gentle rowing is more like swimming up stream or fighting against the flow. if you feel that, examine it in terms of, in this case, pluto's intent to bring a whole new you to life.

... the significance to you ... i don't know, but, on some level you do ... for my clients, i look to the areas of life (as shown on an accurate astrological chart) that pluto is affecting and that helps give conscious clarity as to what the symbols personally mean.

p.s. ... loved the superman suit!!!!!!!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

11 May 2006

... pluto retrograde and the individual ...

i love reading things like this ... '[pluto's] direct or retrograde condition has no bearing on personality, nor does it influence your ability to function at a social level.'

cool ... so what does it have bearing on? i mean, for real ... if it does not have any bearing on my personality, where does it come into play?

read on ... 'when retrograde, the need for social reform, demonstrated by your generation as a whole, may be incongruent with the larger role you need to play in life's drama.'

it goes on to say, 'you must experience personal rebirth before finding opportunty play a part in global regeneration.' (taken from 'your hidden powers, intercepted signs & retrograde planets' by joanne wickenburg, published by afa).

and all this means ....

nothing, unless you want to exercise your power on a global level. most people have no desire to do that ... most people don't think they have the ability to do that ... most people think it only happens in other people's lives ...

what is 'rebirth' ... remember the 'letting go', that's what it is .... waking up today a whole, new person that has lost the dependency on bad habits, has released old patterns and is living in the moment of creation.

its simple, really. it takes work and discipline and lots of help, but it really is simple to be yourself.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

10 May 2006

... why do i care about pluto retrograde ????

ok ...
you have started a buiness ... you've had a business for years ... you have a job ... you are looking for a job ..........

retrograde is code for a period of time when a planet SEEMS to be moving backward ... for pluto, this can last for several months, about 6, give or take depending on where pluto is sitting on its elliptical track around the sun ... when you begin to feel the need to reevaluate.

the planet in retrograde will clue you into what your experiences are trying to get you to reevaluate and look at again. in this case, things will seem to be happening out of nowhere and affect you for no reason ... as pluto deals with things that are unconscious coming into consciousness. e.g., things that are just below the surface that now need to change or the will cause you problems. and while the moon handles this on the most personal levels on a monthly basis in its cycle, the pluto one lasts for months because it is dealing not just with your unconsciousness, but everyone's. however, since we cannot control anyone but ourselves, in general, we are only concerned with that which involves our life.

what area in life is searching for reevaluation and reconsideration depends on what 'house' (or slice of the pie for those of you who have seen as astrological chart, but don't know what the terms mean -- a transit chart will reveal that information) pluto is working in at the moment, as well as what area of life pluto affects for your entire lifetime -- as that is revealed on your 'natal' or birthdate horoscope.

so ... if something is trying to connect you to the entire world ... e.g., a new found desire to join the peace corp. or the marine corp., or ideas of how to save your little piece of the planet get so loud that you just think you might go out and actually do something ... this is the time to do it.

this is a good time to have a pow-wow in the office to contemplate 'how is our company affecting the planet' ... yes, no matter how small your business is ... it affects everything on the planet. for most small businesses, a simple look to see where you are interacting with the local community is a good start -- and i'm not just talking about interacting in terms of business, but in terms of INTERACTING on all levels. do you even bother? do you think you have nothing to offer? do you think no one needs my business to help them, unless they are a customer? well, these are the types of questions that get raised during a pluto retrograde period.

why is it important to interact outside of just the business-customer relationship ... because people make the world go around. if all we want to have in our world is business-customer relationships, then that's all we will have. if you cannot give to the community, the community cannot give to you.

pluto is trying to help you expand. if you choose to expand, life will be begin to unfold in ways you may not have expected. if you choose to adhere to the status quo ... well, sometimes that works, and you can go through your depression, your obstacles and your isolation ... until the phase is over and things smooth out and life can continue as it was only be prepared for next time. because there will be a time, if you are not in the flow, where you can be pushed under so deep, you may actually be forced to change. ... this goes the same for any partnership, business enterprise or project.

pluto is the planet of rebirth and wisdom.

and ... that's why i pay attention to when pluto is retrograde. i am trying to change and transform my life as fast as possible ... if i can take a non-stop flight, why not use it.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

08 May 2006

Rx for Pluto Retrograde and Jupiter Retrograde

... breathe ... breathe ... breathe ... repeat 10x 3x a day, but at a minimum, once in the morning and once at night ...
with all this retrograde action ... of pluto & jupiter ... breathing, relaxing, being is the most critical thing ...

there's such a urgency in the retrograde cycles ... you feel EVERYTHING so intensely ... remember ...

rome was not built in a day ... nor

was it deconstructed overnight ... there is time for everything that is to be.

relax and breath.

dream time has been interesting ... be sure to journal and learn from your dreams ...

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to get into shape!'

music: hbr1 ... thanks "Tropenfrischler Einmal Mond und Zuruck" ..

04 May 2006

letting go . . . .

well, tell me, please ....

just how can you have the life you want if you don't let go of the life you have?

a commitment to the status quo prevents you from controlling your life and its dynamics.

if your life is not everything you want it to be, first let go of all the things you don't want ...

... sometimes you can put it in storage, first ... (things like 'friends' who don't always act like friends are good for this option).

... sometimes you can fill up the trash cans and take them to the curb ... (things like your parent's ideas for your life)

... sometimes you need to build a bon fire and just burn it up ... (things like your draft card ... what? you don't think that's coming?!)

... sometimes you just need to walk away ... (like when the disrespect is just too much or the compromise is too great).

TRUST THE UNIVERSE ... if you let go of what you don't want, the universe is READY to fill it up with what you do want ... so understand yourself and what you want and be free.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

01 May 2006

... power of words & thoughts ...


words have meanings
meanings spawn intents
intents devise plans
plans generate actions
actions reflect truths
truths reveal disparities
disparities expose inequalities
inequalities breed disrespect
disrespect fuels war
peace & harmony,
6/6/03 3:54pst

words have meanings
meanings are changeable
change needs direction
direction follows intent
intent underlies truth
truth is individual
individuals need leadership
leadership teaches respect
respect fuels love
peace & harmony,
30.3.06 10:30 pst

i received one of those chain emails today ... i didn't know if was supposed to be funny or not, i happen to find it particularly profound as it taught the basics of success, especially in a work environment. first, it plays off my DUK #2 blog, so its timing was particularly interesting to me. IF you are at a job where the "original" thoughts or expressions listed are common or an everyday occurrence ... QUIT NOW! IF you are in a job that you cannot quit ... like its actually a good job, but lately it has become a cycle of one of the following 'original' thoughts, try to transform in to the suggested alternative. because, in truth, your job is only as good as your words, attitude and respect (both for yourself and others). if one or more of the entries particularly hit you ... work at consciously changing your THOUGHTS so that your words will reflect the positive alternative to the dis-empowering reactionary response. anyway, i don't know who wrote it, but 'gina stephano' sent it to me ... here's the email. p&h, elaine, fmbe2sis!!!


Dear Employees:

It has been brought to the partners' attention that some individuals
throughout the firm have been using foul language during the course of
normal conversation with their co-workers. Due to complaints received
from some employees who may be easily offended, this type of language will
no longer be tolerated. We do, however. realize the critical importance of
being able to accurately express your feelings when communicating with

Therefore, a list of 18 New and Innovative "TRY SAYING" phrases have
been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue
in an effective manner.

1) TRY SAYING: I think you could use more training.
INSTEAD OF: You don't know what the f___ you're doing.

2) TRY SAYING: She's an aggressive go-getter.
INSTEAD OF: She's a f___ing bit__.

3) TRY SAYING: Perhaps I can work late.
INSTEAD OF: And when the f___ do you expect me to do this?

4) TRY SAYING: I'm certain that isn't feasible.
INSTEAD OF: No f___ing way.

5) TRY SAYING: Really?
INSTEAD OF: You've got to be sh___ing me!

6) TRY SAYING: Perhaps you should check with...
INSTEAD OF: Tell someone who gives a sh__.

7) TRY SAYING: I wasn't involved in the project.
INSTEAD OF: It's not my f___ing problem.

8) TRY SAYING: That's interesting.
INSTEAD OF: What the f___?

9) TRY SAYING: I'm not sure this can be implemented.
INSTEAD OF: this sh__ won't work.

10) TRY SAYING: I'll try to schedule that.
INSTEAD OF: Why the f___ didn't you tell me sooner?

11) TRY SAYING: He's not familiar with the issues.
INSTEAD OF: He's got his head up his a__.

12) TRY SAYING: Excuse me, sir?
INSTEAD OF: Eat sh__ and die.

13) TRY SAYING: So you weren't happy with it?
INSTEAD OF: Kiss my a__.

14) TRY SAYING: I'm a bit overloaded at the moment.
INSTEAD OF: F__ it, I'm on salary.

15) TRY SAYING: I don't think you understand.
INSTEAD OF: Shove it up your a__.

16) TRY SAYING: I love a challenge.
INSTEAD OF: This f___ing job sucks.

17) TRY SAYING: You want me to take care of that?
INSTEAD OF: Who the f___ died and made you boss?

18) TRY SAYING: He's somewhat insensitive.
INSTEAD OF: He's a pr_ck.

Thank You,
Human Resources

30 April 2006

DUK ... this may sting

incoming ...

every one is a slave to the master of their mind . . . or . . .
you get out of life what you put into it . . . or . . .
you reap what you sow . . .


restrictions belonging to yourself, your family, tribe, nation, society, planet ...

judgments and rules of right and wrong (which you do not subscribe to) ...

limitations of reality and illusions ...

faith in your ability to change ...

courage to try again ...

hope for peace ...

love for all ...

patience ...

truth ...

lies ...

me ...

u ...



peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

if you could read my mind .... gordon lightfoot
any major dude will tell you .... steely dan
one .... U2 ... play jesus to the lepers of your mind ...
chaotic .... britney spears ...
battleflag (lo-fidelity allstars) .... pigeonhead ... i'm gonna launder my karma ...

** THIS IS A DUK ENTRY ... 'DUK' aka 'did u know?' or ... 'look out, duck' ... or 'this one is going to hit you right up side the head because it is something you know very very very very very well but are waiting for something before you live it.' this is DUK No. 2 ... and it may sting although it is just a quick little reminder of fundamental principles, but for someone in particular, this is salt on their wounds because until its healed, you need to lick them. to the extent it stings, i am sorry and i am blowing on it to help soothe the process, but sometimes you need to do what it takes to heal. ... besides, aren't you tired of not living YOUR life?

report card

yahoo! news headlines 1:11 p.m., Sun. Apr. 30
• powell forces rice to defend iraq planning
• defiant iran warns against u.n. sanctions
• some immigrants reluctant to boycott
• ywca votes to allow male leaders
• malawi vice president charged with treason
• l.a. times discontinues reporter's column
• renown economist galbraith dies at 97
• nba • nhl • baseball • nfl draft • soccer

well, now ...
• powell vs. rice ...... about time, IF -- and that's a big IF -- he is willing to accept his personal responsibility for what he allowed to happen in the first place. i don't even want to hear the chatter and analysis on this one ... it is what it is ... focus on the truth and leave the people out of it ... PLEASE OBJECTIVE, DETATCHED REPORTING ...

• defiant iran ... we, people over here got your people's back ... over 300 THOUSAND people in NEW YORK CITY marched to support the end to the war ... the people of this land are a peaceful people ... our government will change or it will be impeached and removed from office.

• immigrants ... hell, some americans are reluctant to do anything but be fed the lies of propaganda ... its the 'american standard' right now.

• ywca ... i don't know if this is good or bad ... if the man was like my husband ... its GREAT ... if its like that dude from fox news who was on the colbert report ... its getting darker by the minute.

• malawi VP charged with TREASON ... Mr. Cheney is next ...

• silence of the press ... oops ... and the age old ... there's no such thing as 'bad' publicity ...

• galbraith ... time to re-read the affluent society ... a book that changed a lot of perceptions in the late 50's ... ushering a powerful motivation for the 60's and what happened then. i did not know he was kennedy's ambassador to india ... interesting to see who came next and their focus ... us relations with india are amongst the most dynamic in the world right now ... interesting its not more in the mainstream news ... oh well, things i guess i don't need to worry about that, now do i ... that's for someone else to be monitoring.

• sports ... thank god for sports. the PERFECT rating for our event:

reggie bush to new orleans ... well, perhaps this bush can be and do what the other one couldn't ... empower this young man ... give him a team to carry him and the city to restoration. i hope i'm not the only one who see the absolute beauty in the potential of this pick.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

doesn't remind me ... audio slave
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december ... collective soul
linger ... the cranberries
ohio ... crosby, stills, nash & young
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28 April 2006

playing the numbers ...

... 'playing with fire and not getting burned' ... seal .... or 'in a world full of people, only some want to fly', yes, that's crazy!

so, here they are ... a mystic's rules for gambling

to win at gambling, you have to know you are going to win.

you could hope to win or you could just win.

to know you are going to win, you have to practice.

so, if you start winning ... keep going until some thing in your head surprises you and tells you to stop.

rest and relax ...

until you feel like winning again.

do not play if you do not know you are going to win.

you should always feel sexy when gambling.

if that bothers you, play the slot machines ...

remember ... 'what happens in vegas, stays in vegas.'

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

23 April 2006

...can i help it if i was born on a soap box... ^?^&^A^

music: drops of jupiter by train
news: did you know that the new king of nepal opened fire on his people the other day?
  • read this ...

  • rayana ...
    your welcome ...

    ^?^ >>>I wish there was a way I can get more people to see my blog. <<<

    ^a^ "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." the bible.

    how i found your blog, is that every night i update my blog, i click on that magic "next blog" button ...

    i follow that magic rule : 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.' but i try really hard to find something nice to say about the blog .... even if the blog is written in a different language and i just like the pictures, i make a comment ... sometimes more. something to encourage that person's expression to the world and let them know how it interacted with me. i expect the same in return.

    keep on expressing yourself ... and if someone says your complaining ... just tell them, "can i help it if i was born on a soap box," take what they said for what positive, constructive value it has to you, and leave the rest (because it may be for someone else).

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

    20 April 2006

    WhEEl of FORtuNE ...

    twists of fate ...
    how do i connect with you ...
    let me count the ways ...
    i spin for you ...

    little gears turn big wheels ...
    individual changes that make the wheel go round ...
    working too hard or cruisin' at light speed ...

    what are you ready for ?
    what are you waiting for ?

    fortune is everywhere if you control the wheel ...

    can remember a time you experienced that ...

    complete instantaneous manifestation ...

    remember how good it felt ...

    you can do it again ...

    if you choose ...

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape'

    **i use the motherpeace tarot deck ... www.motherpeace.com ... i hope they don't mind i used their image for this peace of digital art intended for use only in this display.

    19 April 2006

    living sidereally in a tropical world

    ... welcome to the retrograde of the ages

    we are in the dawning of the age of aquarius, but FIRST, the death of the age of pisces, then the dawn of the aquarian age.

    without getting into the debate when the ages shift ... anywhere from it already happened in the 1920s, to it won't happen until the 27th century ... i think its clear that whether this is the precursor to the actual dawning or the dawning already happened, individually, we are all in various stages of the shift. and to be truthful, i choose not to subscribe importance or righteousness to any one philosophy over the other, they all exist, they all are sound, they all have flaws ... so, i accept them all for the insight they give me.

    in this transition, i believe its important to consider the rulers of the ages we are discussing to understand the transition taking place. neptune, discovered 23 september, 1846, is a most remarkable planet in that the belief of its existence and discovery was based on mathmatical calculations based on the orbits of uranus, saturn and jupiter. although viewed as early as 1613 by galileo, it previously was viewed as a star. neptune is considered to be the ruler of pisces, having wrestled that position from pisces' traditional ruler, jupiter, amongst modern astrologers.

    notably about this ruler is his existence. for those moving into the aquarian age sooner rather than later, they are among the first believers in the 'speculative' existence of neptune. the idea that this planet, male control of femine energy working together to bring an integrated, beautiful, spiritual reality is, for most people, impossible. but, there are others that look at the math, the numbers, the hypothesis and the theory of its existence and say, "YES! I see it too. I have faith that it exists and is real." i would speculate that all those that oppose say gay marriage would still subscribe and pay hommage to jupiter as the ruler of pisces and remain in the judgment/sacrifice pattern of the piscean age.

    traditional teachings describe neptune to govern everything that should be fun, but isn't because it messes "reality" up for you. everything from drugs to hallucinations, un'realistic' views of the world that must be illusion or delusion, fantasy or just simply dreams. things like television and the movies fall under neptune's resources, some say to use to create someone else's reality for the rest of us to experience. and, in a sense, poisidion created a whole new realm of reality under the water ... but there are those who remember the sky and jupiter who once ruled pisces, but that was before the symbol for pisces was changed. the true difference is a fully integrated male energy dealing within the complete feminine energy of the water; whereas jupiter tried to rule the feminine watery realms from 'on high.'

    in most astrological texts, i find the treatment of neptune to be diminutive, at best. most often described as the 'dreamer' or the 'unrealistic' planet of the zodiac, it is used mostly to determine how bad of a drug addict or alcoholic you will become.

    the purpose of neptune and pisces is to create reality. choice is the tool to create reality. first, you see what reality you want. then, you see what reality is. then, rather than living in the reality that is, you live in the reality you choose and then you are living in the reality you are co-creating. the biblical (and other scriptures) teachings on this issue are numerous. the reason i believe neptune's energy has been so demonized is because of its ability to allow the simple human to be self-sourcing -- but neptune does it outside the personal ego alone, so it is self-sourcing through god (or the collective energy of the universe). its connection outside the ego gives it its immense power and ability to create reality in the form the ego desires, a power that cannot be controlled or usurped by ego-based power structures. enter the transition to the age of aquarius.

    the aquarian age will no doubt start with the reconcilliation of its co-rulers, uranus and saturn. ouranus/uranus was castrated and de-throned by his son, kronus/saturn. what is interesting is uranus represents the father of saturn ... its kind of like meeting a person and knowing them for a while, and then you meet their parents. you become enlightened as to the 'source' of that person. i believe chiron is the key to the reconcilliation of the rulership issues of the age of aquarius.

    what was that berlinski proposed, 'it follows that the philosophers who argue that it is fire that burns or blackens or scorches are quite mistaken. consider a ball of cotton that has been ignited. is the cause the match, and the effect the charred cotton?' it is not the fire that we can control, it is the match."

    so, during this retrograde period we will be experiencing for a couple of months or years, or even centuries for the masses, in all that you do, the first question you MUST ask yourself is "what is my intent?" ... make money? ... be happy? ... have fun? ... all of the above? bear in mind the more focused the intent, the more purposeful the action you can take. as you begin to make choices, observe the results and reflect again on your intent and reconcile your effectiveness at manifesting your truest intent. this time in history will give immediate feedback and information to help you see through your conscious choices to underlying or unconscious habits, fears and desires. it is through the exercise of choices that can bring you the freedom from the structures containing and controlling you.

    your attachment to time and the changing of the age, happens in your perspective first. bear in mind that not just the western world are attached to the gregorian calendar; as well, even before officially adopting the gregorian calendar in 1929, the jesuits modified the chinese calendar in the 1600s to align it with the gregorian calendar. the world, globally speaking, has never had such an attachment to one system of time. not that there's anything wrong with that, but it is the coming together of the end of the pisces age of 'oneness' -- even if it is a limited to an under water kingdom, to the age of aquarius when the desire to be free will manifest the past millenia's process of 'individualization.' personally, i believe that no matter the calendar or system of time you subscribe to, everyone's perception of reality is based on their own individual eternity time piece.

    to be continued ...
    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'