23 December 2013

Playing the 1s and 0s

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random, pick a number between 1 and 33, then i will pick a 1 or 0.  and we'll play compatibility matches, shall we?

because it is that random. really, life is.  if you do not know that by now, why are you reading my blog (as you will likely get very confused if you are not already)?

And yet, somehow it magically works in this serendipitous way it does through an entire life, and all these random acts transform into a pattern and design with great attention to the details of what becomes your life.  Moving from one period to the next effortlessly, as tym does not struggle to move forward, and so struggle is an illusion except when the moment of life you are in is a struggle and then, what do you feel?  Analyze that and you have your solution to your struggle.

Drawing energy in from the flow of the universe, one can just naturally do it, but sometimes, its nice to use the ancient ways of navigation, the stars.  Mars is transiting Regulus and Jupiter with Sirius -- both planets playing their high energy ways, agitating with a full speed ahead, fuck it attitude, but in a harmonious way one can have skiing down a mountain on the edge of balance but somehow just doing it with distinct channeling of energy which Mars and Jupiter often require (where is Saturn in the chart?).

Playing with the concepts (taken from random search of collective knowledge):
Regulus - (the star of kings) known as being the heart of the lion in the constellation of Leo, it is the most important of these four. The healing Archangel Raphael, the watcher of the North. Certainly, in Royal nativity's, Regulus is very important, regarded almost as a planet itself.  from AquaMoonlightAstrology out of the UK.
And, then there's Jupiter.  With Sirius.  Now, bear in mind, with anything having to do with Sirius that all the teachings on Sirius, until the modern astronomical times, had no way of knowing that Sirius wasn't just a singular star, but in reality was a dual star system appearing to observers on earth as a singularity.  So, with that in mind, consider that when you study Sirius and its symbolic meanings.   This, to me is the root meaning of Sirius:
Sirius - Transition Stage.  Moving consciousness from one reality (frequency) to another.from CrystalLinks.com
So, keep all these things in mind when observing these energies on the charts as you do draw them.  I started by sitting from the sidereal heliocentric perspective in the earth position, and faced the gestalt of my chart and observe where the Galactic Center is in the flow of the natal chart and the larger Cosmic reference of the Fixed Stars with the current transits of the planets of our solar system.

Personally, it comes at me as a southwesterly to westerly crosswind as I head into the basket of my heliocentric chart; those cross-winds coming hard and fast with Mercury's approach, only for the most foolish or most experienced navigators of cosmic storms of transition and shifts.  I, of course, love playing the fool.  =)  And, as kismet would have it, 21 Libra is where my scripted Saturn is chilling.

More reading:
One of my favorite astrologers who writes books, Melanie Reinhart, wrote an article,
and who knew, Yahoo! Answers even had a concise offering while Astrology.com had their more robust technical offering, and for those who do, an offering on tribe.net. that will twist back to this and pick up again where we left off last time I wrote about Sirius.

dimensional phohatting

because for ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction, right?!

if you play in the realm of active and potential energy, then, yes, that would be correct.  and when in this time and place, Gregorian calendar and all, why wouldn't this NOT be the perfect time to stimulate the phohat in a different dimension to ripple, perhaps amplifying, a motion or flow in another dimension in order to shift the moment we are connected to in this grid 3D to the place in which it just manifests.  True love showing up on your front door.

So, the rest of my thought got interrupted by Mavis, she's 99 so she gets priority.  =)

So, then go to the chart and see where that would be indicated, that interdimensional tailwind so to speak -- whether receiving or sending out, but cause through the transits of the universe, we are now with the wind at OUR back, for us to create without plunder, with graciousness of the white knight for everyone.

Remember, vaguely all that hubbub about the Galactic Center and all that jazz, yep, there's your wind pattern.  If you sail or understand the use of sails on a large clipper, you will know just what I am talking about using the transits according to their size and position, in astrologer's terms, angles and aspects.

Oh, who's chart would be fun to run?  Someone famous? or personal? or my own?

17 December 2013

Timing of Love

In the third dimensional world we live in, time is 1/3 of all reality.

Time has an innate consistency yet an ability to be manipulated by schedule or random.

Sequences provide projectable consistencies and then in comes Comet ISON that interferes with the space and vibration of our solar system in its rigid consistent rotation and revolutions, and, well, ISON, truthfully, did not have a chance.  But it did make the scene!

Some lives are like that too.  Randomly too something to not actually come together to find a space, time and vibration for co-existence, if even just for a moment before moving off again in a different direction.

Comparison and contrast of the geo-centric and helio-centric zodiacs help find consistencies in relationship patterns.  It seems that most people really are just looking for their soul mates here on earth and everything else they do is what they do while they search.  Some go about it looking at all the different options and others look for it in one specific option that happens to be there.  I found the nature in the different dispositions to be one of heliocentric perspective vs. geocentric.  I have found in transit, that the consistency of the geo-centric connections can be used to track those comets and find out if one of those can withstand the heat of the Sun as it makes its initial pass-by.

07 December 2013

the helio-centric life

you would be ill-advised to ever love from the heliocentric view of life.

unless, of course, the human beings involved are helio-centric minded in their day-to-day geo-existence.

and, that kind of existence may just be too difficult to maintain unless you have decided to cast all of this reality out the window and go live off grid somewhere.  to find and maintain a helio-centric connected love in the mundane world would be the challenge of a lifetime and would require artists to maintain. 

the mars-venus connections on the heliocentric synastry charts are powerful forces to be reckoned with beyond any such a "hit" would be on the geo-centric chart where the imposition of the other planets are so direct and mother earth herself is often simply too overbearing.

23 November 2013

in a Librarian state of mind

until you realize smashing into Virgo's Gaian skirts of ordinariness no longer requiring the show to do what you came here in your super hero shoes to do.  That's the blessing of the Libran programmed in the Gregorian 8 vibration background noise . . . its a simplier life.  Not all the sun sign shifts are so easy.  But, at least in my perspective, its easier, maybe not for you, but living in the age of actual coordinates and things of that nature, you no longer have to put on a show.  You are the show.  In the course of your everyday life that is really actually perfectly tedious in its routine of creation and your dedication to service.  And not petty service but service to the Cosmos.  Welcome to the #nativeVirgo nightmare.  Because it is not in the flash of how you do things, its how you do the flash and the impact you make in your service and efficiency, and you are well aware of how that flash can be.  For, as you know, it is in the details where your mastery emanates its real beauty.  Just think of your Sun sign to be the true earth fixture in the form in the simple world of 0's and 1's scaled for #cosmicbalance.  Oh, but you already knew all this probably, as I find most people really do know this about themselves if they think about it.

Anyway, it was fun to think about you in that simple "hey baby, what's your sign?" kind of way, and the shift of that day's pinnacle vibration.   Know this.  No matter who you are, if you were born on this day, and your auntie went outside and looked in the stars, the beauty of Virgo's grace brings Venus's ruling veil to task in your role as a Libran for the prevailing world and heliocentric ethics are key.  The cross-wind for the kite configuration for that day comes from the "lessons learned" category of the moon's nodes.  There are a lot of people who can tell you all about that stuff if you were ever specifically curious.  Enjoy your simple life in its complex details.  Its ok to play the balance of both when you are connected at source and you feel like u pretty much just emanate source so i'm likely telling you things no one probably ever needed to and really enjoying floating your beautiful kite. =)  Yet, don't hate with that old Libran sense of fashion and your disdain for the most practical soles for a zombie apocalyptic script; everything is relative.  For #ZombieSlayingShoes you'd totally sport them!  Sometimes, its sexy to be practical.

missing information

I often get asked whether I can do a chart without an accurate birth time.  I say, of course I can, I can take any information that I'm given and run a chart and make it seem real and accurate in that moment and I can find the symbols to given meaning to the understanding I am receiving in the flow of energy in the moment.  Yet, my information doesn't come from the chart.  I can only really, receive information from source.

Starting with numbers as all sounds can be ascribed, we take the flow of the vibrational harmonics from there into the visual of the astrological chart, accurate or inaccurate as it may be in the moment, it is only a tool to be used in the realm of the experience of that tool as it was designed by the random school of meaning and consistency of use in active experience.  I always have the same *caveats* and openness to new flows especially with those of my peer group, us plutonium enriched uranium rocket fuel loving, earth dwellers filled with that which can only and always come from source:  love.  information and its structures in the flow of love can do transdimensional things.

*caveats* like "starting with numbers as all sounds can be ascribed" -- does not, of course, mean seriously that's the most accurate method as we can now ascribe numeric vibrations on any given number of frequencies, etc., I'm just saying, "in general, starting with the basics of vibrational theories in dances like the waltz or house music, unless of course ur 2-stepin or drumming, but no worries at all really Keep It Simple Smartie!!"

17 November 2013

Open Space

This was a draft with no-thing here, so it was open space held by my former self for something to be written in this place at this time.  Why is that important?

In the digital world, time stamps are critical (and, yes, modifiable as well).  but the time stamp is always there, even if it is the only true measure of the space as held through each and every algorithm which, in their own structure, has a moment of its creation and its invasive nature on all the 0s and 1s it encounters.  because even if it has disappeared from the "hard copy," the observer has already changed the outcome.

so, this space was held in "potential" -- potential and active energies are of equal importance to one another because without one another, the phohat of non-engagement of exclusionary realities, would deliver a chaos the actives and potentials could not bear to watch -- a place where the feeding frenzy could stop.

seeding "latergrams" are effective tools to create lines of projection to focus and empower the overall vision.  little tools to help through either the random of chance or used more specifically through the use of projection of transits, harmonic and vibrational patterns.  highly effective in the geo-centric notion of retrogrades and the impact of the 3d space and time vibration we share.

"A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts."  a "rumination" interlude that often reminds me that meditation is the most effective tool we have to counter action being taken in a direction we no longer wish to go.  it also reminds me, that if i take no action on my thoughts to bring about the reality they present to me, that life will continue in the realm of thought only.

the power of experience specific to any one thought is a powerful drive to find the manifestation of the projected thoughts.  which is why your mother always told you, "be careful what you think, it creates your reality."  And, truly, reality is only created by those thoughts your actions are taking.


06 June 2013

views and perspectives

i know i haven't been here for too long, its because i just met the first person i have ever known with whome i've a venus-mars direct hit.  and so, of course, i'm in love.  but, not so fast.  the direct hit was on the heliocentric synastry chart. 

ahhhhhh, yeah.  sigh.  looking at it down-2-earth, in reality ..... yeah.  definitely great potential.  BUT what is the practical down-to-earth reality of the relationship.

with a heliocentric mars-venus conjunction you must consider what reality says about your chart on the geocentric zodiacs.  If the charts are dynamic enough, you sometimes can see how the aspects form the spiral to maintain the energy generated on the heliocentric venus mars conjunction, as it originates from two sources on the geocentric/

if u do not see the spiral, i just have to say, it is probably a waste of time except to let you know what is possible here on earth.  and if you find yourself frustrated, its probably not a good relationship for you.

if you see the spiral, just be very clear in your feelings in the relationship, be very detached from the outcome of the relationship and concentrate on the moment and allow it to grow from there.  know that the geocentric reality is likely to be the manifestation, but always look to the heliocentric perspective to give context of connections in that context.

those are my thoughts on the mars-venus heliocentric conjunction in synastry.  the video has other thoughts, about which, to be honest, i don't remember what i said during that sound intentioning i journeyed on in that moment!  =) 

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'-nikohl vandel #findNikiV

25 January 2013

Random Vibrational Signals

Remember the Magic 8 Ball or the cootie catcher we used as kids to answer the more serious questions of life?  Did that person really just come up to you and tell you exactly what you needed to know before you even had to ask?  And, how did that horoscope just know why kind of week we were having?  All are examples of random vibrational signals.

If you are reading this, you probably already know you are an emitter and receptor of energy vibrations which are connected with all the vibrations of the cosmos, right?!  Good.

And, you probably also know that our thoughts affect our vibrations.  And that our voice and actions also create vibrations that interact with the cosmos and all that is within it.  And that there are two types of energy:  kinetic and potential.

All of this is basic human science in 2013.

So, here we are interacting constantly with the world around us through our energetic vibration.  There are times when we feel "the flow" as it is called, when a thought produces an immediate manifestation of itself in our world.  If you do not know what I am writing about, then you probably do not need to read any further.

While growing up in my house, church was a big part of it.  "God has a plan for you," is a common and constant admonishment.  I say "admonishment" because, to me, it smacked in the face of the whole "free will" concept also introduced in the Bible.  If God had a plan for me, what free will did I really have?  For me, the confused message was that I really had no free will, except to choose to do what the plan says or I would fail as a human being.  Interesting mind fuck.  And then I discovered numbers. 

Numbers, as a system of symbols used to represent vibrations in a form that could be communicated.  Then I discovered astrology, and then I began studying symbols and rituals, words, sounds, everything that has been used by human beings to connect vibration to a meaning that could be communicated.  Use of symbols to manipulate reality, to construct structures and to communicate ideas to become manifest is the human way.  So, why not use symbols as a way to "follow the plan"?  It seemed to me to be a good idea.

What I discovered, along with everyone else since the time of Nerja who was so inclined, is that symbols and their random appearance in our reality have unlimited  cognitive connection to the abstract world of potential energy.  And then there's kinetic energy, the energy that is manifest already, and how can one use symbols to connect the realm of potential with the operation of existence?  Translating random symbols can be a tricky thing, just like any misunderstanding, the fallible perception of an individual can create a understanding that the symbols were never meant to communicate.

Using that energy vibration field and deliberately, consciously interacting with it, can help assemble symbols in a meaningful way.  Realizing that in every moment, all the information you need to maximize the potential energy and/or move potential energy into a kinetic state with the desired results, is the first step to understanding and using random symbols to co-create and manifest.  Attention to details, your thoughts and the details of those thoughts, including emotions, will help you understand the symbols your unique vibrational system is using to interact with that of the cosmos. 

To begin using random vibrational signals to connect the vibrational fields, notice when your mind is questioning something.  Once you realize that your mind is off to search for an answer, take a minute to stop, look around you and take in and notice what you see and hear (feeling, taste and smell to a lesser degree, but sometimes more acutely so), what seemingly random empirical information does the cosmos present to your mind to help it answer the question?  If you can voice the question out loud, your vibrational interaction with your mind and the universe will be even more focused in the answer it can provide.

You do not have to be a numerologist or have to have studied symbols to use this method, but it does help deciphering things like license plates, phone numbers, addresses into meaningful answers, but the mind is a remarkable thing and it operates and works constantly to translate the symbols it sees -- after all, what you are reading here is merely just a collection of symbols that your mind is giving meaning to based on its experience.  Colors, words and even people (sometimes specifically and sometimes in archetypal meaning) can help your mind field the answer it is seeking. Seemingly random vibrational signals can also confirm a direction of the "flow" of the universe as it relates to you.

A practical example.  Red lights on every intersection is a clear, random signal that the universe is adjusting timing.  Notice it.  Acknowledge it.  When you let your mind know that you are acknowledging a connection to the external world and its impact on you, your mind will automatically begin to search for answer -- observe what question your mind wanders or wonders upon.  Just simply acknowledging the interaction of the external world with your movement with it, allows your mind to open its vibrational harmonics to incorporate potential energy to create a more harmonious flow.  Receive what interaction your mind has with itself and see how your mind informs you of information pertinent to your intentioned action.  How does that thought relate to what you are doing?  Are you distracted to the point where the universe wants you to focus on something else first?  Or, are you not focused enough on your intention?

Confirmation is another way using random vibrational signals.  It is a fine line between seeing confirmation from a strongly projected desire, and receiving confirmation of a willed cosmic interaction.  Trial and error are the best teachers to understand the nuanced difference, and in learning how you interpret your world and how you interact with it on an energetic level can help you "leap tall buildings in a single bound," and who doesn't want to do that?

One note of caution when using random vibrational signals with respect to other people, realize that while you may attribute a symbol to a specific person, the universe may be speaking to you in the language of archetypes -- an energy which that specific person personifies in your mind, may not be the cosmically specific answer, but merely a representation of energy that person represents.  So while your mind may be asking a question about Gladys, the cosmos may be speaking about that person in your life that unconditionally loves you and not specifically Gladys at all.

White rabbits, metaphors, symbols, quandary, vibrations -- the universe is always in communication with you, the conscious connection to that language is for you to make.

peace & harmony,
elaine x
'liberties ARE best taken straight up.' - niki v.

13 January 2013

Not ANOTHER Form of Astrology?!!!!

Well, yes there is.  The new child on the block:  Human Design Astrology.  Go on, here's some links -- go run your chart and, you can get some more information about how wonderful you are and the potential you hold and the habits and patterns that hold you back, but you already knew most of the information or did something surprise you?   At first I was very ho-hum about this Human Design thing. 

Sometimes it takes a minute to understand why the universe shared with you what it did with the impact it did brought that gift, information, understanding, knowledge or wisdom.  Human Design Astrology, I believe, is the third form of astrology for me to integrate to have a balanced perspective on the information I realize when I collect all the symbols and tell their stories.  And, we all know that three is the magic number.  So, I'm going with it.

For experienced astrologers, there is the helio-centric perspective of astrology that I believe is best suited for use with the Human Design concepts.  If layered,  the information of Human Design Astrology provides either an underlayment or a top coat to the helio-centric focus of the creative person.  Often more effective than looking at the traditional natal geo-centric chart, the Human Design system offers an alternative perspective of geo-centric everyday life.  This system seems to work best in combination for artists, inventor, creator, gardner, innovative leaders or have strong outer planet or 8th house indicators in your traditional natal chart.

When taken from the helio-centric perspective, the "Sun's view" of your life, you are inviting a perspective beyond just, "What am I here on earth to do?" to a perspective of "What am I here to do for planet earth?"  As a living being giving birth to us her children, the earth gave birth to us to ensure her survival in the solar system, the galaxy and the cosmos.  We can choose to embody that energy with all its unique gifts and attachment to the cosmos.  That is why we are curious.

And, believe it or not, that is actually easier for some people to understand and do.
As the sun, being the center of our solar system has its sphere of influence over its system, the sun is also a part of that Galactic Center reality and it acts and interacts with the Galactic Center (and all that the GC represents beyond that) to empower and coordinate its control, authority and management of its own solar system.

So, what kind of earthling R U?

Seriously.  Without getting into the possible reality that we are not all "pure earthlings", let's start with our familiar zodiac (both for the prevailing energy as well as the true cosmic positions) of our reality from a helio-centric position.  Its a chart option on most programs, and Astro.com, will generate both a Tropical and Sidereal helio-centric chart of your birth data for free.  Where is the earth and moon position?  What sign?  Start with what you know about astrology and go from there, you may want to read the sun sign information for that sign and say, "I am that for the earth."

For 2013, I have committed to writing here once a month.  On this subject, this is the introduction, and I hope to share more thoughts on helio-centric perspectives and more about what I learn for the uses of Human Design Astrology.

peace & harmony,
elaine x
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!' -niki v.