10 May 2006

... why do i care about pluto retrograde ????

ok ...
you have started a buiness ... you've had a business for years ... you have a job ... you are looking for a job ..........

retrograde is code for a period of time when a planet SEEMS to be moving backward ... for pluto, this can last for several months, about 6, give or take depending on where pluto is sitting on its elliptical track around the sun ... when you begin to feel the need to reevaluate.

the planet in retrograde will clue you into what your experiences are trying to get you to reevaluate and look at again. in this case, things will seem to be happening out of nowhere and affect you for no reason ... as pluto deals with things that are unconscious coming into consciousness. e.g., things that are just below the surface that now need to change or the will cause you problems. and while the moon handles this on the most personal levels on a monthly basis in its cycle, the pluto one lasts for months because it is dealing not just with your unconsciousness, but everyone's. however, since we cannot control anyone but ourselves, in general, we are only concerned with that which involves our life.

what area in life is searching for reevaluation and reconsideration depends on what 'house' (or slice of the pie for those of you who have seen as astrological chart, but don't know what the terms mean -- a transit chart will reveal that information) pluto is working in at the moment, as well as what area of life pluto affects for your entire lifetime -- as that is revealed on your 'natal' or birthdate horoscope.

so ... if something is trying to connect you to the entire world ... e.g., a new found desire to join the peace corp. or the marine corp., or ideas of how to save your little piece of the planet get so loud that you just think you might go out and actually do something ... this is the time to do it.

this is a good time to have a pow-wow in the office to contemplate 'how is our company affecting the planet' ... yes, no matter how small your business is ... it affects everything on the planet. for most small businesses, a simple look to see where you are interacting with the local community is a good start -- and i'm not just talking about interacting in terms of business, but in terms of INTERACTING on all levels. do you even bother? do you think you have nothing to offer? do you think no one needs my business to help them, unless they are a customer? well, these are the types of questions that get raised during a pluto retrograde period.

why is it important to interact outside of just the business-customer relationship ... because people make the world go around. if all we want to have in our world is business-customer relationships, then that's all we will have. if you cannot give to the community, the community cannot give to you.

pluto is trying to help you expand. if you choose to expand, life will be begin to unfold in ways you may not have expected. if you choose to adhere to the status quo ... well, sometimes that works, and you can go through your depression, your obstacles and your isolation ... until the phase is over and things smooth out and life can continue as it was only be prepared for next time. because there will be a time, if you are not in the flow, where you can be pushed under so deep, you may actually be forced to change. ... this goes the same for any partnership, business enterprise or project.

pluto is the planet of rebirth and wisdom.

and ... that's why i pay attention to when pluto is retrograde. i am trying to change and transform my life as fast as possible ... if i can take a non-stop flight, why not use it.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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Jane said...

Hey Elaine. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is awesome! This info about the retrograde phase is fascinating... I'm looking for a job (as you know from my blog), after waiting for a work permit for about a year. I've asked myself a lot of questions in the past year, like: what is this obstacle teaching me? (I believe in fate, and that life / a higher power / the universe gives us clues about what what we are meant to do in life...) Your post about Pluto Retrograde resonated with the questions I've been asking...