07 October 2006

... for the tekkies ...

ok, for all of you who are 'progressing' the information highway to the next dimension, this is for you ...

current transit: sun inconjunct uranus
this is a rather quick transit that will introduce you to the future your technological advancements are to bring you, it begins today and will last for two more days with the pinnacle being tomorrow ...

are you stressed out because things are not "perfect" ... the hiccups and the bumps are there to help you get to know your future.

the potential of the advancement is not yet realized by you, that is what the inconjunction means. two energies that have no formal relationship to one another. that this inconjunction is occuring 3 weeks before the mercury retrograde is quite helpful, here's how you can use this transit rather than be frustrated by the experiencing the bumps, knocks, inhibitors and otherwise, 'glitches' in your systems.

1. think about the potential of the advancement and progress that you are undertaking.

2. think about how that affect all aspects of your life.

3. visualize how you see or want your future to unfold because of that advancement or progress you are pushing to manifest.

4. look at the bumps and glitches and do some homework. with the mercury retrograde coming up beginning october 26th, for about 3 weeks, realize that these bumps and glitches are a foreshadowing of what *could* go wrong, if you are not prepared for the "overload" that the mercury retrograde period brings to systems, especially those relating to communication, transportation, conductors, transmitters, messengers.

so, enjoy the weekend, and look for things to smooth out next week ... ready or not, its going to happen ... better be prepared than frustrated with what you do not know, understand, see or can control.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'