01 October 2006

... working the (tri)angles ...

triangles ... in sacred geometry ... are manifestation.

you start something ... the universe reacts to what you did ... and poof, there it is ... the result.

you and a partner create a project ... a triangle.

you have an idea, you throw it against the wall and then you wait.

... did they like it?
... did they understand it?
... was i clear?

well, you will soon know.

(triangle images courtesy of wikipedia)

life is rarely an equaliateral triangle ... where what you put out is matched equally resulting in a perfectly proportioned, truly centered and balanced manifestation. often that is the goal of something intended to build a career, a successful project, or a balanced relationship. equalateral triangles are what you want to create when you want something to 'run itself' ... which begs the question to you ... 'do you want to create something that CAN run itself?'

sometimes the answer to that question is one answered with conscious behavior, and an honest answer to that may be found in the results from your presentation ...

.......... perhaps it looked more like an isoscoles triangle?
.................... or a scalene triangle?
................................or maybe a right angle triangle?

an isoscoles triangle takes on a life of its own, but requires equal support from both sides ... your effort and the effort of the 'other' must be equal or the isoscoles triangle will not work. are both parties willing to do what it takes to allow the project to take off? are both parties willing to let the project fly? the sharpness of the pinnacle angle implies a dynamic that may or may not be under the control of you (or one side in particular); therefore in projects such as this, a "hold on loosely but don't let go" philosophy is best.

a scalene triangle which may be either an acute or obtuse triangle, is what life usually is ... a little bit of this, a lot of that, and some of this other. your efforts may the 'push' behind the whole project, supporting it, giving it life. on the other hand, you may be just the idea person and others pick up the idea and breathe life into the idea and bring it to fruition.

then there's the right angle triangles. usually with right angle triangles, its the beginning or one half of a bigger whole. two right angle triangles make a square, the major building block of our civilization. two special right angle triangles, the pythagorean triangle, make the rectangle, known on an astrological chart as the "mystical rectangle". having right angle triangles represented is a step towards a foundation for something that is intended to grow to multiples levels over time and, perhaps, dimensions.

when looking at an astrological chart for a project, partnership or business, these are the triangular signatures to look for to see how the energy is working ... what kind of energy is needed, and how to apply your resources to optimize success.