05 December 2006

Saturn Rx ...

most people have heard about mercury retrograde and the troubles that it can cause ... cars breaking down, computers crashing, communication wires getting crossed on a myriad of levels ... but saturn retrograde, just what exactly does that affect? this is a unique period because saturn is presently the only planet retrograde, so you can feel it in isolation and observe the affect of this cycle on your life.

retrograde periods are great times to learn and understand how things like 'critical point analysis' works in your every day life ... "critical point analysis is a technique derived from the fact that in any highly complex system there is a specific, critical point at which the smallest input will result in the greatest change." (from Power vs. Force, David R. Hawkins, p. 45.)

saturn retro is a time to truly listen to yourself rather than what the world offers in the way of limitations and boundaries. the world may try to throw you a limitation or obstacle and you CAN let it be one for you, sometimes limitations help you see what's in your immediate surroundings more clearly ... other times, its dropped there just to see how you respond to it and whether you pull out your tools and make short work of it with the sledge hammer or whether you chip away at it with the hammer and chisel.

either way, through mid-april, saturn will be retrograde in leo and this will be an awesome opportunity to discern how the world affects you and how you effect the world in relation to the realm of saturn. being in leo, saturn will present the structure of your life to consider. too often leo is "do as i say, not as i do," but the reality is, what you do is what you are. with saturn retrograding in that fire sign, it is structuring thought into action. any action is prefaced by intention, and saturn retrograde time will present you with the mirror of personal intention within your actions.

evaluate the reception of the world to your action and see if the reaction is in alignment or a product of what you 'say' your intention is, or whether it is more closely aligned to your true, perhaps unconscious, intention. and think about your true intention versus the one you say ... often the intention we "say" isn't our true one, but rather what we think is the 'correct' one. reality is, that your true intention is more correct than what we think is the right one. you may say you want to do all of these wonderful things to save the planet ... and that may be true. but what is wrong with the intention of doing all these wonderful things because you want to gain personal pleasure and satisfaction, success, fame and fortune from it?

as you ponder that last question ... here's the prescription for the beginning of saturn Rx ...

check your tool cabinet, remind yourself of your tools and resources available, make your tool choice wisely, and get back to work creating your reality!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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