25 July 2006

what good is brilliance ...

if it is never polished and shown off?
what if einstein never published a work?
never whispered his wacky theories ... and they were wacky until time proved them brilliant!

so .... tell me, are you brilliant, smart, genius, creator, successful if ...

the flash is never shown outside of the walls of your head?

what if it dies because the unexpected wants to make it better?

life is about fluidity and change ... guage your life not by what it isn't

guage the success in your life on how much of you

you share with the world

the most successful people on the planet all know who they are ... and so do you.

they did not do that not expressing themselves ... on the contrary ...

they did it by FULLY expressing themselves.

lately much as been written about bloggin and getting fired for what you may express about your true self on-line ... let them fire you for who you are ... because SOMEONE will want to hire you for WHO YOU ARE ... think of it as a free head hunting service! working to combine you with the brilliance of you for someone else to polish and use to make both you and them successful. rather than working to create a slave for them to exhaust, exploit and pimp.

because if you are not expressing yourself out of 'what might they do if they knew i was THIS __________?'

... you are THEIR slave ... and you are not free, not even in your mind.
(feel free to fill in the blank with 'brilliant,' 'intelligent', 'inspired', 'genius', 'warped', 'wacky', 'your word')

anyways... at the least, be brilliant so your children can learn how to be successful in this world.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be expressed to stay in shape!'

p.s. ... happy day out of time (from that infamous ancient mayan calendar) ... this is my day to celebrate the earth's place in the galaxy. a day when we adjust for all of our wobbles and pushes from the past year and get ready to impact the galaxy for another year with our unique global matter impact on the rest of the universe ... however small or large that may be. cheers!


Urileye said...

This is interesting. Maybe you would like my last post on Light * Monsters.

Urileye said...

Thank you Elaine (and the mom in you). I'm glad that you have a blog and that you are sharing what you are. *

Rob said...

Good thoughts Elaine. Thanks.

foodkitty said...

A Wrinkle in Time - that brought back memories that were hidden so deep - it surely must be out of print. Was that the first time I ever read the word tesseract, or am I just creating that memory as I go?

kersten4 said...
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business voodoo said...

food kitty ... meow and thanks for stopping by!

ahhh ... a wrinkle in time ... still being published, as ms. l'engle is also still writing and lecturing ... one of the all time best books on the planet ... although when i read it for my daughter, i did forget how many christian references were in the book ... seems so strange to me now, that was one of books my 'christian' parents burned (only because there was a unicorn on the cover) ... i find out later in life that ms. l'engle is a writer, who happens to be christian and has written several non-fiction christian faith based books as well. the irony of ignorance.

peace & harmony,
'there is NO excuse for domestic (or international) violence!'

Craven said...

... and there is no excuse to not knowing. Everyone, even those who do not accept, are under the influence of karma. And many are aware of the burden, but they don't realise why. Keeping doing wrong, bad will we'll get. The opposite is equally true.

As to the book... no comment.


Anonymous said...

We are all far more alike than different. If--for just one day--we awoke to find ourselves in someone else's body, with all their knowledge and experiences to draw upon intact, all war would disappear from the world immediately.

Or maybe I'm just an optomist...

mullet said...

great blog!