20 June 2007

turning on consciousness

yes, you can turn it on and off at will.

every moment is a choice to be or not to be conscious.

how do you know if you are slipping from consciousness to unconscious habitual or programmed behaviour?

your emotions.

your emotions are your key to knowing and understanding your unconsciousness. why do you think the moon, that reflective heavenly body, is ascribed with the realms of emotions, spirit and the subconscious? it is our bridge, it is our hope, it is our light in the darkness of our unconscious.

as we move knowledge into the light of consciousness from the realm of the subconscious, that which is unconscious moves into the realms of subconscious or even fully into the light of consciousness.

the movement away from the lunar cycle, is a movement away from consciousness. you would think that focusing on the solar cycle would be a focus on consciousness, but in fact it is not. it is a focus on what appears to be conscious. the gregorian calendar and the astrology based on ptolemy's zodiac, is solar in its nature. it is through this orientation that this present world of illusion has been crafted. unless and until one chooses to see reality for its truth, consciousness will remain static and limited in its growth potential, with the majority of its power resting in a potential only state.

relying solely on one notion of truth ties the paths of consciousness we may walk. it is through exploration and curiosity and intuition where we find the truth that unlocks for the one, and hence for all, conscious power to assume an active state.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

02 June 2007

... getting ready for pinnacles

pinnacles are important markers. like the cardinal points on a compass, the pinnacles of the seasons, the vernal and fall equinoxes, the summer and winter solstices, are important if you want to know where you are. only, instead of your physical location as it relates to the earth's magnetic poles, the pinnacles of the seasons relate you to your timing and your life's purpose and destiny.

using the solstice to mark your "pinnacle" of expression for the year -- the summer solstice to express your outward manifestation of the year, and the winter one as the deepest self-examination you will experience -- you can find the context of you to your journey as the events surrounding these pinnacles reveal much of your true purpose and destiny and where you are in relation thereto.

northern hemisphere

so, as we in the northern hemisphere come to experience the summer solstice, we should pay attention to our outer expression in the world -- how far have we expanded our realm of power and influence, how much of our "I am" have we expressed? how have we been called to transform and how much transformation have we actually realized? has the life we envisioned at the beginning of the year taken shape, or are we still where we were?

after the solstice, what you experience in your everyday life will push you to discover the areas of your life that require you to transform. your world will no longer be in transformation, but rather, the transformation energy begins its hardcore focus on you. everything you have experienced up to the solstice is information for what around you needs transformation and how it can transform and your role in the transformation of reality. after the solstice, it is up to you.

you need to focus the "urge to transform" on your personal way of being. you know the things in your life that need to change, now is the time to do the personal work and watch the world unfold your reality as you begin digging into your deepest habit patterns and darkest personal demons and fears.

southern hemisphere

and for those in the southern hemisphere, it is the time where we have been presented with the areas of our life that no one sees but ourselves that are presented to us for transformation. the unburying of that which we must transform in order to create the life we envisioned at the beginning of the year. by the time you reach your winter solstice, all of the areas of life that are ready to transform have been revealed to you. your challenge is to face your "security" of how things are and undertake the transformation in your everyday walk and the life you manifest.

you've seen your demons and have faced them to the extent you are able to at this time, and now you are free to live your life without those demons haunting you and see how much more life can be without those extra bags. drop them off on the 21st and remember, you do not "do that" anymore. those habits no longer serve you and you have transformed them, so the patterns that inhibit you from expressing your "I am" to the fullest extent possible are now conscious for you to make a choice to repeat the old pattern or live in a new way of being.

business voodoo calendar

here's the business voodoo calendar for june 2k7 in pdf format. it highlights the fact that pluto, neptune and jupiter are all still retrograde all month. as well, mercury goes retrograde on 15 june 2k7.

as well, europe, asia, africa & australia will experience a blue moon on 30 june 2k7. see this link for specifics on your area, as the americas have experienced their blue moon last month, and new zealand and other parts of the south pacific will not experienhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifce their blue moon until next month. (the dysfunction of the function of our gregorian calendar and arbitrary timing sequence locked on greenwich time!)

for more on the astrology of the blue moon, check out my MySpace Blog and listen to this:

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'