06 June 2013

views and perspectives

i know i haven't been here for too long, its because i just met the first person i have ever known with whome i've a venus-mars direct hit.  and so, of course, i'm in love.  but, not so fast.  the direct hit was on the heliocentric synastry chart. 

ahhhhhh, yeah.  sigh.  looking at it down-2-earth, in reality ..... yeah.  definitely great potential.  BUT what is the practical down-to-earth reality of the relationship.

with a heliocentric mars-venus conjunction you must consider what reality says about your chart on the geocentric zodiacs.  If the charts are dynamic enough, you sometimes can see how the aspects form the spiral to maintain the energy generated on the heliocentric venus mars conjunction, as it originates from two sources on the geocentric/

if u do not see the spiral, i just have to say, it is probably a waste of time except to let you know what is possible here on earth.  and if you find yourself frustrated, its probably not a good relationship for you.

if you see the spiral, just be very clear in your feelings in the relationship, be very detached from the outcome of the relationship and concentrate on the moment and allow it to grow from there.  know that the geocentric reality is likely to be the manifestation, but always look to the heliocentric perspective to give context of connections in that context.

those are my thoughts on the mars-venus heliocentric conjunction in synastry.  the video has other thoughts, about which, to be honest, i don't remember what i said during that sound intentioning i journeyed on in that moment!  =) 

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'-nikohl vandel #findNikiV