28 October 2008

Life is Baseball, Baseball is Life

A boss of mine once told me, "Elaine, all you need to know about life you can learn from baseball." Being a sports agent (and an avid Phillies fan I may add), he may have been right. Of course, I see the magic number 5 there, the number that represents 'change,' 'movement' and elevation as it is the 5th point that creates pyramidal power from the square of 4.

But, honestly, I stopped watching baseball after the last baseball strike. I no longer worked for the sports agent, and well, that strike just kind of left me without the stomach for the other part of the game that most people did not see when they watched the players take the field. The magic of the game I loved since I was a child has been gone for a while now.

I watched a few innings of Game 4 to see if any of the magic was there, and it still wasn't. Baseball has yet to fix what they broke so many years ago. This story about last night's game was profound to me this morning because I just thought ... "how like life this is. Arn was right."

We are so looking forward to the 'what ifs' and the 'what about ...' that we start manipulating and creating a reality that just gets more and more confusing because we are trying to figure out everything that "could" happen rather than being in the moment and dealing what "is" happening.

With the current Saturn-Uranus opposition in the cosmos around us, we are reminded about "pre-emptive" realities. The minute you start plotting or planning what you do based on the 'what ifs' ... ESPECIALLY if those 'what ifs' include other people or authority figures ... STOP! Stop right there in your tracks and ask yourself these questions:

Why am I really making these plans?
What do I really want to achieve?

Likely the answers will stem from energy sourced in the desire for more personal freedom. Freedom that you do not perceive you can have simply by being who you are. Most of us do not feel we have the "right," "permission" or even "worth" to assume our freedom, so we go about taking freedom through maneuvering the circumstances or people in our lives to "find" our freedom. Sometimes we just bail the situation and "start over" new and think we will have our freedom that way. For a time, perhaps ... but if we do not own our freedom for our own sake, we will forever be in the cycle of trying to "create it."

Issues of freedom will recur several times as the Saturn-Uranus opposition will continue through 2010. Its first "direct hit" of opposition happens on our election day. This first initial "hit" will foreshadow the struggle on a national level we will experience over the next couple of years as we discover just how free we are not AND what we are willing to do about it ... individually and as a collective.

How we define freedom for ourselves and how we define it for others will highlight this conflict we experience. As tropically, the planets are posed as follows: Saturn in Virgo, Uranus in Pisces. Using 'sidereal' or actual astrology, Saturn is in Leo, and Uranus in Aquarius. The "push-and-pull" of the Virgo-Pisces will be played out on our television, played out by people who are asleep and still in the collective unconscious living. The "push-and-pull" of the Leo-Aquarius will be the experience of those who are conscious in their lives ... and its to those I am speaking.

The Leo-Aquarius push-and-pull of the Saturn-Uranus opposition polarity is giving you an opportunity to redefine the authority of Saturn based on your own personal authority. In Aquarius, the individual is an equal part of the collective -- the collective is made up of individuals but the collective is NOT more powerful or has more control than the individual. If the individual chooses to be equal to the collective, the power of Aquarius is that the individual and the collective are equal.

This is not SO in Pisces, where the individual is "lost to" or completely immersed in the collective energies -- without the collective, there is no individual. This is where the majority of energy on the world presently is existing and from which disruption will re-occur until the transition to the truth is enlarged for more and more individuals.

Being a conscious person in this time of this opposition, requires the individual standing-up for those who know that Saturn in Leo means, my authority is "the" authority. The way I see things should be "are" the way they are to be for me ... not caring whether they are that way for anyone else, but for me, this is the truth.

Here in America, our founding documents were in alignment with this belief: all beings are created equal. If this is true, then the collective is NOT greater than the individual. It was not a "majority creates the authority" construct our founding organizers manifested, it was an "individual" is equal until and unless that individual impedes on others the same rights they are choosing to assert.

This is the struggle of the individual and our collective at this time. If you understand this, you can be aware when you must take action to stand up for that individual freedom and equality in all areas of your life: at work, at school, in relationships, in the community, on the street, in Washington D.C., at the Hague, before the G8, the WTO and the IMF.

These shall be some interesting years before us, who's ready?

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

13 October 2008

Aries New Moon's White Rabbit Hunt

Today has been a quest to quiet the choir of voices from the day's global news headlines that ringing choruses of 'futility' in my head ... because, everything our past has taught us to do to adjust, fix, correct or change what we are experiencing is, in truth, futile.
Marching and protesting is futile. What worked in the 60's, isn't going to work. There is no "movement"; there are no leaders; there is no organization.

Violence is not an option ... not just because my non-violent principles, but because the powers that be have all the armaments and legalities in place (FEMA camps and all) to deal with anything of that nature.

The direction we are heading is the direction we are going to go. Like it or not, the collapse is upon us; the "New World Order" is in place, and its just a matter of manifesting it in everyone's everyday reality.
Now, I'm not one of those that think the whole "One World" thing is bad or evil. I actually like the thought of eliminating nation-state designations, and just viewing ourselves as "human" or even more cosmic yet, "beings." But this yucky "New World Order" stuff that is based on greed, oppression and human degradation ... I'm not digging that!

Since I did not have any ideas that were not futile, I took off after the white rabbit this morning. The little bugger came into site while I was checking out my bulletins on MySpace this morning: Here he is, the one that enticed me down this hole:

That bulletin was from my MySpace friend, Musicians Say No! to Bush New World Order. I have not been able to find any independent confirmation of the claims and information in this video, but this is the related website.

This next video I received was in a bulletin from my MySpace friend THINK PEACE WORLD ... This is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ... notice the emphasis he places on "economics" as the definer of power.

OK ... now for some internal bells and whistles to start going off in my head: enter the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America (aka "SPP"). The SPP is the embryonic version of the American Union. Check out the website. Earlier this year, nothing before 2006 was on the website. Now there's all kinds of information ... even "facts" to dispell the "myths"! Now you too can start to see how this "New World Order" is coming into being for us here in North America. Lou Dobbs talked about it a few years ago in this news clip:

So, you don't think its happening. Really? The briefings and materials from the 22 April 2008 SPP leader summit indicate that the Partnership is on track for their initiatives to be in full effect by 2010. (Please take note of the 22 April date ... it connects to a future dot.)

Then, a tangential tea party in this headline: "Morgan Stanley gets lifeline, is ready for deals." And why would Mitsubishi invest in Morgan Stanley? To capitalize on the fire-sale of other US banks and financial institutions, of course. The Japanese have recent experience in how to navigate and capitalize on this situation: remember the early 1990's in Japan? This is another interesting NY Times article I read ... the year of this article was written: 2005.

OK, now for the astrological part of the chase ... time to try those mushrooms!

If we step back from our myopic earth point of view to our next largest perspective, using a helio-centric view, Pluto entered Capricorn on Sunday, July 20, 2008. For more insight to Pluto in Capricorn check these out:
The Merriman Market Analyst's Jan. 2K8 presentation: "Pluto in Capricorn"

Blogger.com's AstroTableTalk posts Dharmaruci's 2004 Article (posted in 2006) on the Astrology of 2008-2015.
So, what did happen on July 20, 2008?

George Bush was at his ranch in Crawford, flew to the White House later that day to say good-bye to yet another staff member. Not that interesting. Hmmmmm.

How about this:

1,600,000 human beings participated in the LOVE PARADE in Germany!!! How awesome is that?! What a wonderful thing to have happened over that weekend! From the earth's perspective, the Moon and Neptune were conjunct ... how appropriate for this type of 'love in'! And, NO! the symbolism that it was Germany is not to be overlooked.

And then, what happened? Russia and China finalize a border treaty ... "Correspondents say the deal is the latest sign of warmer ties developing between Russia - a big energy exporter - and China, a big energy consumer." Again, the theme of economic power is everywhere.

From the 7/21/08 White House briefing: "Also today, a U.S. delegation led by the U.S. Trade Representative, Susan Schwab, is meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, along with other major trading nations at a ministerial level meeting in an effort to make progress in the Doha round of global trade negotiations. As you heard President Bush emphasize at the recent G8 meetings, it is critically important that we conclude the Doha round. We want the world to trade freely and we want to make sure markets are open for American agricultural goods, manufacturing goods and also the services that we can provide." (Check out her name: "Schwab"!)

So, that was the view from the Sun, the center of our solar system, our next "bigger picture" perspective as Pluto moved into Capricorn (based on the tropical zodiac on which foundation our entire time sequence is presently based).

But, what about the smaller picture, the more intimate, earth-based view? From our view, Pluto entered Capricorn back in January, went retrograde and has slipped back into Sagittarius for a bit, and will enter Capricorn on 26 November, 2008 (after keying in on the chart for Washington D.C., Pluto will hit 0ÂșCap.0'00 just after 8:00 p.m.).

Then I searched for connections, and this where all this came together for me.

This is a mid-point chart is a combination of two times that seemingly do not have a relevant connection. One time being the day Pluto moves into Capricorn (26 Nov. 2k8), and the other time is 22 April 1864, the date that the Civil War Congress passed the "Coin Act of 1864." (Please take note of the 22 April date. Here's the other dot.)

Visit Astrodienst for your own free chart!

This act was the first time "In God We Trust" was introduced on our money. Things that make you go "hmmmm": If you read the history in the link above, you will notice that the acting Secretary of the Treasury in 1864 was Salmon P. Chase.

But, let's rotate the chart a bit ...

That's better ... does the symbol made by the aspects I highlighted look familiar?

Well, now, almost everything comes back to the Masons, now doesn't it. This image I found on a rather interesting German website about "The Longest Crusade".

I hope you had fun too. Its always kind of fun when you can link everything back to the masons, its kind of reassuring in a way. Much like the Kevin Bacon seven degrees of separation!

Now, I don't know if I have an answer for the calling the feelings of futility agitate deep in my being, but I'm a bit closer to it, I can feel it. Maybe, I'll just encourage you to check out Cynthia McKinney for President. Yes, I know this is not her time because we are not ready for that kind of change, but at least I am, so I will vote for her. Maybe you are too!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'