26 March 2007

how many vampires do you have?

how, do you ask, do you recognize vampires -- and no, i'm not talking about people who are the creatures of the night who may or may not be amongst the undead, but rather as being the things that suck your energy from you ...

here on the internet you have likely NOT been able to go through this group experience without seeing a video or two on the illuminati or the corporate greed machine ... conspiracy theories abound, but what do those things really have to do with your everyday life?

after all, can you exist in america without a checking account? a social security number? a credit card? those are the tools of the so-called illuminati, the corporations, the "greed machines" ... so, how free can you truly be if you are born into and completely integrated into the system they have created?

every relationship you have, you choose to be in: good ones and bad ones. someone cannot maintain a relationship with you unless you reciprocate energy within the relationship. your engagement with individuals or companies are relationships -- just being a citizen of the united states -- born here or not -- is a chosen relationship. often these relationships, especially those with large organized energies designed with specific intent and purpose, are one-sided -- you are subjected to their conditions or rules or you are penalized, hurt, diminished. often, in relationships with corporate entities, your values or needs have little impact on the way they relate to you or treat you. it is, all about them -- some of the relationships you may inherit just from the happenstance of your birth.

astrologically, the 2nd/8th house and taurus/scorpio polarities are where these types of relationships are revealed. where the 2nd house is "personal resources," "personal values," or, as rob hand ("horoscope symbols", whiteford press, 1981, pp. 343-4) puts it, "the part of the ego that desires to flow beyond the boundaries of the body to attach itself to external entities, making them part of one's being," AND, where the 8th house is "other people's resources," "other people's values," or, as rob hand put it, "inner energies that want to reach out and experience the world, which compel one to shed any attachments that impede them, and which thus force one ahead toward growth and change" .... oh, the things that make me go 'hmmmmm'!

we want to have those carrots, we want the life we see portrayed, we want the things we want, often we want the things we think we have been born to have ... and, to the extent they are not given to us by our happenstance of birth, we go out and seek them. usually, in order to do so, we engage in their rules ... our needs and desires require us to attach ourselves to others to get what we want. the 8th house, "other peoples attachments" become attached to us. when that happened, did we know what exactly what that attachment was? did we care? or did we just want what we want without considering our inner energies' true needs and desires? because it is our inner energies that engaged in the relationship to bring about change and growth. some of the relationships we inherit we inherit for that same inner drive for change, growth and transformation -- even those things we inherit we need to examine to see if they are good relationships based on OUR values.

in her vampire series, anne rice's narrator of the story wanted to become a vampire. he sought it out. did he finally become one? i forget, as i read the books so long ago. but the one thing i remember is that lestat and the other vampires attacked victims at will, ruthlessly taking from 'innocent' victims all the time. yet, somehow, this narrator was 'protected' -- not with garlic or crosses, but with something different -- perhaps it was simply his awareness.

wanting what you want in life is important, knowing what you want in life is even more important. knowing the inner energies that drive you to allow the attachment of yourself to other people, their values and resources -- always remembering that their resources are only powerful if you choose to allow them to attach them to you -- will bring about the true change you ultimately desire. ultimately, everyone wants love -- then there are some who want security, freedom, power, peace, harmony. and the list could go on, but those are some of the basic desires of humans. each of your relationships -- inherited or consciously made -- must be examined.

the first step is to understand your own values and resources. this includes what you will and will not accept, tolerate or do in order to get what you want. you should evaluate each of your relationships and see if your values are being matched by the other person or entity, and how they consider and use their resources and attach themselves to your resources. is it a one-way street? that's not a relationship. is it a "do as i say or you are penalized" relationship? that is master-slave relationship. is a '"we are mutually benefitting" relationship -- where their needs are being filled by your resources and your needs are being filled by their resources, and the value you have is mutual growth and benefit?

i think if we are all honest without ourselves we realize that if the relationship does not fall into that last definition, there's no real reason to engage in the relationship UNLESS you have something else you need to learn about how to value yourself and how to relate to others -- this should be especially true in the area of finances.

and just like that last boyfriend who was no good, any company or organization -- no matter how big it is -- can be dropped off and left standing with their jaw open. of course, most corporations, banks, credit cards, governmental agencies won't really be phased by your dismissal, they may not even notice it or pay attention to it. that's ok because they have their own lessons to learn. the question for you is "am i doing what i need to do and am i worth it?' its not easy to be disengaged from the structure that is created to attach itself to your resources -- it is well designed and huge. it will take you going around things and constructing a life that is free from their attachments and re-making or constructing attachments you choose to make for healthy, balanced reasons -- the narrator in rice's vampire chronicles, sought out the relationship with the vampires, he was not a victim of them.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

23 March 2007

the secret

just in case you have not see it yet ... it is an interesting discussion on the law of attraction ... this is an online video of the movie, THE SECRET.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

11 March 2007

pluto's on the moon

"... and whitey's on the moon" (gil scott heron)

more than any other astrological body, the moon is the part of us that we can most closely examine, know and understand. ok, sure, we all talk about the sun signs and how important they are, don't get me wrong, over all, the sun sign is THE big one ... the one on which all the others have context. but while the sun lights up the days (and nights via its reflection of the moon), and gives context and relevance to all of the other astrological bodies within our solar system, you cannot just stand outside and look at the sun. well, perhaps at sunrise and sunset you have a bit of a window to see a perspective of the sun, but without special tools, you cannot just study the sun directly.

the moon, on the other hand, you can go outside and just look at it ... whether its a new moon, a gibbous moon, or a full moon, you can watch it night after night after night, as it changes with its cycles, as it moves across the sky. there are other human beings who have walked on the moon. we have pieces of the moon in museums and schools that we can touch and feel. but, if your like me, when it comes to the moon, we kinda go "ok, emotions and my mom" ... they are both there a HUGE part of us, but for some of us, they are both enigmas we rather not deal with trying to understand.

so, why is it that the realm of the moon -- emotions in particular -- are so hard to know and understand within us? in our culture emotions are so imbalanced ... they are at either extreme: the only thing that motivates us, or has nothing to do with our motivations.

personally, i thank pluto in cancer generation -- the sign it was tropically placed to when it was discovered in 1930 for the transformative nature of our emotional bodies. (tropically, pluto was in cancer from 1914 and 1939; sidereally as late as 1954.) if pluto is "diminished" through its new designation, this is an interesting notion because while i've always believe pluto to be a process (much like chiron), the attachment of that process to cancer (and even sidereally gemini) is quite important in our present state of being.

the change in pluto's designation gives a different significance to its "birth" in our consciousness and our development, as well as perhaps its purpose. pluto's process would be directed to its birth and natal chart, and it being in cancer for the prevailing energy (tropical world) of the mass consciousness undeniably links it to the moon. as well, in reality, the realm of gemini (basic keyword communication) would be the focus of its work. hence, those who are working on consciousness in the context of reality pluto would be at work in the gemini functions of being.

why do you suppose that as we are getting deeper and deeper into this shift of consciousness every third person has become a "personal coach"? i mean, honestly, there is a coach, workshop, seminar, retreat or dvd package for every aspect of developing and understanding the individual. the pluto process at work.

this process can further be explored in viewing our social structure and the breakdown of the family structure in america in particular, and perhaps the west in general. as we continue on the individual level of personal empowerment, as we have been watching, it will spread into our corporate structures and community consciousness.

whether your consciousness is the process of pluto in cancer or pluto in gemini ... while we all heal our emotional bodies, those who much teach should teach so that collectively we will rise to a healthier emotional body of consciousness ... working together, this pluto process of transformation can be rewarding, empowering and evolutionary.

join me as i further this discussion on 17 march 2k7 on THE sideREAL world. in honor of my mom's birthday, i chose the moon to talk about ... obviously, with my plutonian twist.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'