30 April 2006

report card

yahoo! news headlines 1:11 p.m., Sun. Apr. 30
• powell forces rice to defend iraq planning
• defiant iran warns against u.n. sanctions
• some immigrants reluctant to boycott
• ywca votes to allow male leaders
• malawi vice president charged with treason
• l.a. times discontinues reporter's column
• renown economist galbraith dies at 97
• nba • nhl • baseball • nfl draft • soccer

well, now ...
• powell vs. rice ...... about time, IF -- and that's a big IF -- he is willing to accept his personal responsibility for what he allowed to happen in the first place. i don't even want to hear the chatter and analysis on this one ... it is what it is ... focus on the truth and leave the people out of it ... PLEASE OBJECTIVE, DETATCHED REPORTING ...

• defiant iran ... we, people over here got your people's back ... over 300 THOUSAND people in NEW YORK CITY marched to support the end to the war ... the people of this land are a peaceful people ... our government will change or it will be impeached and removed from office.

• immigrants ... hell, some americans are reluctant to do anything but be fed the lies of propaganda ... its the 'american standard' right now.

• ywca ... i don't know if this is good or bad ... if the man was like my husband ... its GREAT ... if its like that dude from fox news who was on the colbert report ... its getting darker by the minute.

• malawi VP charged with TREASON ... Mr. Cheney is next ...

• silence of the press ... oops ... and the age old ... there's no such thing as 'bad' publicity ...

• galbraith ... time to re-read the affluent society ... a book that changed a lot of perceptions in the late 50's ... ushering a powerful motivation for the 60's and what happened then. i did not know he was kennedy's ambassador to india ... interesting to see who came next and their focus ... us relations with india are amongst the most dynamic in the world right now ... interesting its not more in the mainstream news ... oh well, things i guess i don't need to worry about that, now do i ... that's for someone else to be monitoring.

• sports ... thank god for sports. the PERFECT rating for our event:

reggie bush to new orleans ... well, perhaps this bush can be and do what the other one couldn't ... empower this young man ... give him a team to carry him and the city to restoration. i hope i'm not the only one who see the absolute beauty in the potential of this pick.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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