22 October 2006

... 7 November 2K6 ... Election Day ... MAKE A CHANGE!

because i want to change the leadership of my nation this is my energy flow report for election day 2006, 7.11.2K6.

... remember to vote your conscience ...

numerologically, the day is an 8 ... 8 references power and responsibility. it is critical to remember (1) YOU HAVE POWER, and (2) YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITY. so many people who want things to change sit around, complain and wonder "it is so messed up! what can i do?" well, in this report, based on the energies of the day, i provide some very basic things one can do to help put some "ooomph" behind the power you do have, even though you can only cast one vote.

you can actually do something to energize and increase the power of your one vote; you must take that responsibility on for yourself and encourage others to do the same! there is something here for everyone to do, they are little jobs to undertake in the flow of your day. working together, we can be the change we wish to see.

this election will be battle of emotions and subconscious habits and fears. if you want the leadership of the nation to change as well, wear blue that day. water is the key element of the day, fill a basin or turn on your fountains with intention and a vision of the election results you desire for our nation. every time you turn on a water faucet envision the election results you desire for our nation. water is the direction of the west.

if you like rituals, face the western horizon and repeat "when the sun sets on this day, ________________ will be elected and my vision will manifest." (christians often end such a prayer ritual with, "in jesus' name, amen".) repeat it as often during the day to remind yourself of the importance of this election, this day and your power to change our future.

as the polls open on the east coast, the moon finds itself inconjunct with the stellium in scorpio on the ascendent ... this stellium includes jupiter, venus, mercury(rx), the sun, and mars. the morning finds the moon inconjunct with mars.

men who want to change the leadership of this nation should vote early, as soon as the polls open. the male energy needs to lead the way in this election. this is a great time to make phone calls and remind the men in your life of the election and that their vote has power and importance.

by the time the west coast polls open, the moon has moved to its position inconjunct to the sun. for those who want change, voting early is better. and during this time, is when "responsibility" goes an additional step. from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST), during the moon/sun inconjunction, the key is to encourage people to vote by reminding them that their vote in particular is very important. remind them that their one vote is the one that is going to make a difference this election.

be very vocal about who you voted for and why with everyone you meet. remind them to vote. this day is about 'connecting' the emotions and the subconscious (or unconscious) of those who are uninformed, following habits without reason, etc. to the consciousness you want to bring to this election. use logic, not emotions, and expect the victory of those you voted for and that everyone you meet are going to vote in alignment with you.

after all, deep down at their core, everyone knows how much we need to change our leadership. envelope those you meet into your vision of change, expect them to agree, and respect their right and ability to disagree but share with them the logic of your position, but do not share your emotions. negative or opposing EMOTIONS will strengthen the other side today. let the logic of your argument work in their consciousness until they go to their polls, if they decide to do so. a strong negative emotional argument will send them to the polls in opposition even if they were not going to go, just to "get you back."

lunch time should find NO ONE in the lunch room or working through lunch. bring your blue colors to a mall, a busy grocery store, sitting in front of your building ... talking to everyone and reminding everyone to vote. the moon is exactly conjunct with the sun at 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. EST ... this is "spread the consciousness time" ... the moon is in gemini, so the more people you can talk to, the faster you can talk to them, the better it is. remember, logic NOT emotions.

starting at 4:00 p.m. EST is time for the women to vote! if you get to soccer practice and a mom there has not voted, volunteer to bring their child(ren) home for them. help each other to vote. help each other understand and appreciate how urgent this election is to the future of our children. it is urgent that the women bring this election home. do not go home after you vote. eat dinner out. go walk around the mall. everyone wear blue with the reminders to vote and who to vote for ... who you believe will change the leadership in our nation.

after the polls close ... don't watch the news. do not watch the returns. KNOW that YOUR VISION for the results of the election will be on the morning news, and know you took on your share of responsibility for the positive future of your nation. the positive energy from just being with your family and a restful evening will help those still "pushing" in the same direction you are, to have stamina, calmness, peace and confidence.

if you are called to stay up and watch the returns, do not concede, do not resign, do not give up hope until the officials have closed the election results. if you work with a candidate, encourage them NOT to concede until the election is officially over and certified. there will be many, many, many close elections and it is the battle for energy and victory of wills that propel many 'lost' elections to victories. (i know, i learned that from the republicans.)

"what elaine? you ARE crazy!" you say. no i'm not. i've seen it happen. when the counting begins, there's a lot of logistical things that need to go "perfectly", and mercury is retrograde for this election ... if something is going to go wrong, it will. if you maintain your belief and energy behind your vision ... ballot boxes that 'i thought i counted that one already' actually gets counted. ballot boxes that get left in a car will be discovered when the poll worker get home and ... because you are pushing the energy for your vision to manifest. the ballot ballot box will be driven back to be counted ... even if it just had 10 votes in it. those will be the 10 that determine the election. if you don't have faith and energy behind your desired result, why would anyone else, especially a poll worker who volunteered and worked for over 12 hours at the polling location? it is that minute and tedious aspect of an election that your energy can keep flowing in the direction of your vision.

in every election i worked when i was in high school, whether with the campaign headquarters or at church, a core of people stayed and held the vision for our desired results. from the presidential elections to the local elections, we saw and witnessed the changes our energy made to ensure the best possible chance of our will and vision to succeed. organize a party of like minded people and hold the vision until your vision is manifest. do you always win? of course not. sometimes we do not know what is for the greatest good -- that is the mystery of life. but those who have a vision and put energy behind that vision have a better chance at directing the future than those who do nothing.

wear blue, vote early and remind everyone you know to vote. if 5 people vote because you reminded them, your vote is worth 6 votes ... that is what the republicans refer to when they say "vote early and vote often" ... manifesting votes in others that would otherwise not be cast had it not been for you!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!"

07 October 2006

... for the tekkies ...

ok, for all of you who are 'progressing' the information highway to the next dimension, this is for you ...

current transit: sun inconjunct uranus
this is a rather quick transit that will introduce you to the future your technological advancements are to bring you, it begins today and will last for two more days with the pinnacle being tomorrow ...

are you stressed out because things are not "perfect" ... the hiccups and the bumps are there to help you get to know your future.

the potential of the advancement is not yet realized by you, that is what the inconjunction means. two energies that have no formal relationship to one another. that this inconjunction is occuring 3 weeks before the mercury retrograde is quite helpful, here's how you can use this transit rather than be frustrated by the experiencing the bumps, knocks, inhibitors and otherwise, 'glitches' in your systems.

1. think about the potential of the advancement and progress that you are undertaking.

2. think about how that affect all aspects of your life.

3. visualize how you see or want your future to unfold because of that advancement or progress you are pushing to manifest.

4. look at the bumps and glitches and do some homework. with the mercury retrograde coming up beginning october 26th, for about 3 weeks, realize that these bumps and glitches are a foreshadowing of what *could* go wrong, if you are not prepared for the "overload" that the mercury retrograde period brings to systems, especially those relating to communication, transportation, conductors, transmitters, messengers.

so, enjoy the weekend, and look for things to smooth out next week ... ready or not, its going to happen ... better be prepared than frustrated with what you do not know, understand, see or can control.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

... mystical rectangles ...

this post is kind of a spin-off of my last one, and focus on some very technical astrological thoughts relating to mystical rectangles. not my usual kind of post, but perhaps you will enjoy this too.

these are my thoughts on mystical rectangles ...

like the square, they are 'building' structure in a chart. they are not, like the square, an indication of foundation, but rather one of 'next step' building. the square indicates something fundamental that is 'required' in the energy of the chart. mystical rectangles connote upward building, and is a matter of choice to use it or not. for most people, the mystical rectangle remains dormant, except through transit when something 'surprising' happens that elevates the circumstances of the person's life.

the key to mystical rectangles is the conscious direction of the energy to build through the power of choice. visualization is one of the most useful tools for anyone with mystical rectangles to use to achieve any goal. the focus of the conscious energy or direction is usually most beneficially directed through the opposition, allowing the trine to flow the high energy created then through the sextile to refine and manifest the energy.

through the use of transit timings, the rectangle can empower and infuse the energy of transiting planet and its natal placement and context in the native's chart. the planets transiting along the axis of the trine and sextile will color the progress and manifestation of the energy.

i view mystical rectangles as two pythagorean triangles formed together to create the rectangle. the pythagorean triangle is based on the use of 'powers' (a² x b² = c²) and hence, the use of multi-dimensional energy to create and manifest. the triangles created with a sextile, trine and opposition use multiplication principles as well, e.g., opposition (2) x trine (3) = sextile (6). so, rather than a sequential or step-by-step process, it is a multiplicative, so small actions focused with intent produces exponential results.

as a tool of reflection, the triangles can be superimposed on the divine triangle of life, and used for timing of life experience and the plotting of planets on that blueprint can inform the native of planetary energies at work during specific periods of life. indeed, the mystical rectangle can be a mirror of the chart and the timing of energy integration of the native.

so, if you have a mystical rectangle in your chart or are experiencing one in transit, my suggestions to use it are as follows:

1. study and make yourself informed of pythagorus and the divine triangle. (reference: dusty bunker's book, "numerology and the divine triangle").

2. use the tool of creative visualization (reference: shakti gwain's book, "creative visualization").

3. time and use transits wisely to trigger originating energy and/or to manifest through the energy of a particular planet.

do you have a mystical rectangle ???
do you have a key to working two dimensions to achieve your goals ???
do you understand a word i wrote?
i too am still just trying to understand our world.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

01 October 2006

... working the (tri)angles ...

triangles ... in sacred geometry ... are manifestation.

you start something ... the universe reacts to what you did ... and poof, there it is ... the result.

you and a partner create a project ... a triangle.

you have an idea, you throw it against the wall and then you wait.

... did they like it?
... did they understand it?
... was i clear?

well, you will soon know.

(triangle images courtesy of wikipedia)

life is rarely an equaliateral triangle ... where what you put out is matched equally resulting in a perfectly proportioned, truly centered and balanced manifestation. often that is the goal of something intended to build a career, a successful project, or a balanced relationship. equalateral triangles are what you want to create when you want something to 'run itself' ... which begs the question to you ... 'do you want to create something that CAN run itself?'

sometimes the answer to that question is one answered with conscious behavior, and an honest answer to that may be found in the results from your presentation ...

.......... perhaps it looked more like an isoscoles triangle?
.................... or a scalene triangle?
................................or maybe a right angle triangle?

an isoscoles triangle takes on a life of its own, but requires equal support from both sides ... your effort and the effort of the 'other' must be equal or the isoscoles triangle will not work. are both parties willing to do what it takes to allow the project to take off? are both parties willing to let the project fly? the sharpness of the pinnacle angle implies a dynamic that may or may not be under the control of you (or one side in particular); therefore in projects such as this, a "hold on loosely but don't let go" philosophy is best.

a scalene triangle which may be either an acute or obtuse triangle, is what life usually is ... a little bit of this, a lot of that, and some of this other. your efforts may the 'push' behind the whole project, supporting it, giving it life. on the other hand, you may be just the idea person and others pick up the idea and breathe life into the idea and bring it to fruition.

then there's the right angle triangles. usually with right angle triangles, its the beginning or one half of a bigger whole. two right angle triangles make a square, the major building block of our civilization. two special right angle triangles, the pythagorean triangle, make the rectangle, known on an astrological chart as the "mystical rectangle". having right angle triangles represented is a step towards a foundation for something that is intended to grow to multiples levels over time and, perhaps, dimensions.

when looking at an astrological chart for a project, partnership or business, these are the triangular signatures to look for to see how the energy is working ... what kind of energy is needed, and how to apply your resources to optimize success.