29 July 2008

The Deep Shi(f)t

living in midst of it, you sometimes forget the basics.

you find yourself wondering, "just how deep is it going to get?"

well, i take a bit of comfort understanding that pluto has eclipsed the galactic center and we are on a cycle for another 200+ years to our next realignment with our next largest cosmic marker. so, we have already experienced the deep shi(f)t.

that doesn't mean its not going to get uglier ... after all, the last time we experienced this deep alignment was in the late 1770s. here in america, there was a really nasty war or two after that happened, and almost 100 years later, we collapsed ourselves from within through one of the greatest deceptions of political history (e.g., the dissolution of the republic, creation of the new corporate america embattled in our "civil" war).

have you read "the shock doctrine" by naomi klein? i suggest that every person who is interested in the form and structure of our new reality that is being created as we read these words, read that book. to understand how this new structure is establishing itself, what it is sacrificing and what its potential is for creating the reality that we want.

oh, yes, while we are in the deep shi(f)t, you may want to remember, its our shi(f)t, and we can control how it smells and what it contains.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'