20 November 2006

. . . MOVE . . . FORWARD . . . NOW!

its time ... starting today until 5 december, 2006, all of the main planetary bodies are moving direct! not a very common thing, but a wonderful thing to experience ... everything in your life, all areas are moving forward ... there is nothing to reflect on at this time, its "GAME TIME" so to speak ... 3 weeks of GAME TIME ... leave it all on the court ... BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE FOR 3 WEEKS ... YOU CAN SLEEP WHEN YOU'RE DEAD ... after 5 december, 2006, anyway ...

use your teammates, use your talents at their pinnacle, play your role, know your objectives and execute flawlessly and recover quickly! this is the time you have been preparing for, now its time to shine!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'


17 November 2006

. . . control . . .

do you control everything?


do you control nothing?

can you really create reality, or can you just get what the universe gives to you? philosophers have been debating that since, well, probably since two human beings were on planet earth had a notion to have a debate. it is a fundamental one, for sure. predestination or free will ... and the fact that both sides are "right" helps make little sense of it all.

this is a question that comes up often in discussion of one's chart and the future. "well, if that's what it is, then i guess, that's all there is for me." yes ... and no. who you were born cannot change; after all, "i am what i am."

out from the core of "i am" flows the energy through the multifaceted you that you are, which flow can be viewed on an astrological chart. the energy flows from that "i am" to the innumerable experiences and levels of consiousness and flows back into the "i am", informing, morphing and changing the energy to be more consistent and closer to the truth of who "i am."

whether its the most outward expression or the most inner soul searching, the source is the same: you. the reality you experience is entirely your choice. you do create your own reality in the universe that you cannot control or change.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

15 November 2006

. . . sowing seeds . . .

welcome to fall, the time of the harvest in the northern hemisphere and the time of planting in the southern hemisphere ... regardless of the season you see outside your door, there is one thing we all are looking at ... the seeds.

in the fall, you harvest the seeds from the past season's crop ... throwing out the weak or 'bummer crop' seeds, and saving only those from the best you have experienced. in the spring, you look again to the seeds to decide which one's you want to sow for next year's crop.

this is the 'transition' time of year ... where the energy of the 8 of 2006 begins to morph into the 9 energy of 2007. a time to reflect on the past year and the new year that is coming in less than two months now. most people are beginning to feel the shift as we start with our new organizers for 2007 and our schedule begins to expand to the early months of the next year, so too do our thoughts. yet, there is still time in 2006 and things that need to be finished.

ending the 8 year, this is a time to reflect on three things:

1. when, where and how was i most powerful, useful and effective?

2. how well did i fulfill my responsibilities?

3. what do i need to finish?

looking forward to the 9 year, this is a time to reflect on these two thing:

1. what is the one thing in my life i want to change the most?

2. what in my life is NOT working the way i want it to?

as 2007:9 is all about transformation, it is a very powerful year to actualize the changes you've been contemplating, debating, thinking about, dreaming would happen ... some of those transformations may be "miraculous" events that "just happen" or they can be brought about by deliberate, conscious planning and focused hard work.

are you ready for 2007? you can start today or it can just happen to you ...

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

11 November 2006

. . . surviving scorpio's sting . . .

well, in case you didn't know, mercury's retrograde and it, along with mars, venus, jupter and the sun, is hanging out in scorpio. with those five heavenly bodies, which with the lone exception of the moon, comprise the "personal planets", this period of transit has been quite personal and revealing.

with the tropical stream flowing through scorpio, the past is something that has been coming back to challenge people to realize their present consciousness and the direction it is heading. scorpio can have a sting like no other. it can derail and destroy plans faster than you can spin around and touch the ground ... OR ... it can release you from all the things that have been holding you back from experiencing life for so many years.

examine if you will the two rulers of scorpio -- mars and pluto. traditionally, the ruler of scorpio is mars but most modern astrologers readily accept pluto as its ruler (either in tandem with mars or as its solitary ruler with mars left to rule aries). mars is the energy of 'pushing'. pluto is the energy of 'transformation'. and now, with pluto being redefined, we cannot just examine pluto in singlarity, we must also incorporate the energy of charon as well. charon's energy has always been there with pluto, only know we can define the pluto processes better with the inclusion of the "other side" of the dual planetary system.

with pluto/charon comes the process of transformation ... that which requires experience to become wisdom, and in that wisdom, a filter leading one to the path of letting go or charging deeper into the areas where the light has just begun to glow. one can truly identify where one's consciousness level is current developing by looking at how one is responding to the circumstances of this scorpionic stellium passage. because in reality, as you look up at the sky, jupiter as the leading planet of this stellium is the only planet in scorpio, the remaining planets are still traversing in libra.

what's the difference and how can you tell the various levels of consciousness you are experiencing ... what are you feeling? if your circumstances are dredging up emotional baggage and that is pushing you down negative paths or dark spirals of self-defeating patterns, then you are likely attached to the prevailing energy that has power over you and your life. BUT, if you are able to receive these circumstances in the intellect (libra is an air sign), and evaluate the memories of the past or your circumstances for what they are, rather than folding into a mess of emotions, you are likely connected more to the truth of your reality rather than that which is struggling to be imposed on you.

honestly evaluate how you are responding to this rather intense time. look to see where its hitting your consciousness ... is it giving you much useful information to use in the transformation process or is it giving you a swirl of darkness that wants to hide, or worse, seek revenge on someone?

as pluto moves closer to the galactic center toward the end of december and that stellium begins to elongate, but truly move into scorpio as the planets may be seen in the sky, keep watching yourself and your reactions to your circumstances and past memories that surface during this winter of our discontent. because there is much discontent that will revealed as pluto aligns with the galactic center and things that used to be 'ok' in your life will no longer be tolerated or accepted. the status quo will be abolished one way or another. the choice, as always, is whether you do it consciously the way you want to change the status quo or whether someone else's idea of the status quo is imposed on you.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

p.s. on this day, we remember those who have sacrificed for reasons beyond themselves.