26 May 2006

Rx for jupiter retrograde ...

DUK ALERT: chiron and neptune have recently slipped retrograde ... to join pluto and jupiter on the 'dark side of the earth'.

jupiter keywords: expansion, growth, big picture
sun keywords: me, me, me, me, me; the ego ... the piece of you that is unique to all of the universe

jupiter has completed its solar opposition and is moving to a position that will cause perhaps the most amount of stress during its retrograde process, the inconjunct to the sun ...

layman's terms: the planets have moved from a place where at once they were opposed to each other: where they could see eye to eye and air their grievances and perhaps agree to disagree, if necessary; to a place where they are no longer in relationship ... they no longer understand or have the ability to understand each other's needs, energies or relationship.

but it is a time 'alone' so to speak for jupiter and the sun, to sort out exactly our expansion (jupiter) from who i am (sun) ... "the retrograde movement emphasizes what we do not have, and we come face to face with all the hopes and dreams that have been suppress during the first half, now released in inflated, overdramatic display which cathartically clears the air." (erin sullivan "retrograde planets", p. 337). some people may be strongly affected and others not at all, if jupiter is affecting an area of life that is unfamiliar or is near overload already the manifestation can be something completely out of left field. this transit will be especially strong if a chart has a strong jupiter or sagittarian emphasis. depression is a familiar state during the jupiter retrograde -- as one reconciles what one wants with what one has.

if you are dealing with major upsets, disruptions and shifts, remember that the universe is merely adjusting you to perfect alignment for your purpose. perhaps you had started to expand in a way that the universe did not want to you go ... perhaps there is a deeper level of consciousness at work that is trying to come to the surface and become your reality.

personally, i believe that the impact being felt by many during this retrograde period has to do with jupiter ruling sagittarius, pluto retrograde in sagittarius, turning retrograde just before conjunction with the galactic center, all of this in sagittarius.

THE PRESCRIPTION ... start over. open a new book and begin an outline for your plans for the future, revise and adjust the path of expansion you were following.

perhaps yesterday, all of your focus on expansion was within the context of your job, and now -- the job is just gone (or the security of the job that used to be a given is now gone: a stock repurchase setting up a merger or acquisition of your company in the near future; perhaps there was an announcement of new projects and you were not in the planning loop).

time to look at what you really want to be doing ... use your current situation as the beginning and your desired life as the ending. write an outline for the plan to get you there. start today.

in a couple of weeks, jupiter will move trine the sun and you will begin to get a glimpse of what can actually materialize and what may need to wait until the dreams and plans are laid in a solid foundation that structure is completely integrated with you and your destiny.

this is the prime time to really transmute your ideas of what your future is based on everything you have learned and have been programmed that your future is to be and what your true destiny is. those two things can be as different as apples and ladders. shedding years and years of terran, social, parental and self programming is not easy, and the degree to which these retrograde periods are affecting your mundane life is to how far off you know you are off track in the direction of your journey.

jupiter returns to direct movement on 7 july, 2K6 ... if your current adjustment is attached to jupiter's transit, expect to be able to begin work on the new plan then. use the expectation and excitement energy to motivate and energize the extra work that it may take as you put your nose to the grindstone and start the work to lay the foundation for your life.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'


TheSleeper said...

For the first time in a long time, perhaps I've finally done something in harmony with the universe...quit my job. Yesterday. Sun-Thurs work week where I'm living, one of its many flaws... Love the moon phase minder.

Maurissa said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment. It is definitely inspiring!