11 May 2006

... pluto retrograde and the individual ...

i love reading things like this ... '[pluto's] direct or retrograde condition has no bearing on personality, nor does it influence your ability to function at a social level.'

cool ... so what does it have bearing on? i mean, for real ... if it does not have any bearing on my personality, where does it come into play?

read on ... 'when retrograde, the need for social reform, demonstrated by your generation as a whole, may be incongruent with the larger role you need to play in life's drama.'

it goes on to say, 'you must experience personal rebirth before finding opportunty play a part in global regeneration.' (taken from 'your hidden powers, intercepted signs & retrograde planets' by joanne wickenburg, published by afa).

and all this means ....

nothing, unless you want to exercise your power on a global level. most people have no desire to do that ... most people don't think they have the ability to do that ... most people think it only happens in other people's lives ...

what is 'rebirth' ... remember the 'letting go', that's what it is .... waking up today a whole, new person that has lost the dependency on bad habits, has released old patterns and is living in the moment of creation.

its simple, really. it takes work and discipline and lots of help, but it really is simple to be yourself.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'


Polyman2 said...

Freedom comes from within.

jitpunkia said...

wow . ur comment . was like . wow . yea go ahead with d link . ^^ wonderful blogs u have ., iv never seen someone updating as many blogs so frequently at one time

Sarah Lane said...

awesome blogging!

rebirth is good. more people should exercise it and use their powers on a global level. the playground would be alot more fun that way. =)

thanks for the comment on my site! and about your question, yeah i get bored easily...so cleaning and surveys are exciting.

peace and take care.

fjl said...

Hi Elaine, I agree with your sentiments here. There are too many sweeping statements around, and far too little real advice. We have to work at finding friends who'll see into our lives.

David N. Scott said...

Nice layout, but I must confess a lack of knowledge as to precisely what the significance of Pluto Retrograde is...?

business voodoo said...

thank you for your comment ... just in case, this is my reply to your comment:

significance ... none.

just as "summer" in and of itself has no significance. except that today, most people have now ascribed meanings like 'vacation', 'hot', 'corn on the cob', 'the time after final exams', or 'the months of june, july & august' with the word "summer" ...

to the extent 'pluto' has significance it is in the concepts and ideas it represents: transformation, renewal or rebirth, new perspectives. pluto represents the subtlest internal energy that only you and perhaps your intimate partners or therapists will ever realize in your life. it can bring the smallest shifts of personal perspective to make the largest shifts in how you experience and interact with the world around you.

an good illustration that is not applicable to most people, is perhaps one of say someone who is transsexual ... the day they 'realize' or shift their perceptions that "i am a woman in the body of a man" they can begin to empower that personal perception and, for some, begin to transform their physical appearance with the outside world to manifest their inner truth.

for most, it is a shift in how i see the world and my relationship in it ... e.g., i used to wake up every day and go to work and do my life but i realized i was not happy at all or only rarely. TODAY, i wake up, i realize that i can choose to be happy ... and i make the choices no longer out of compromise to my happiness, but in support of my happiness. then decisions start manifesting the things in their life that bring personal happiness ... sometimes its eliminating people, a job, a cycle of relating ... i think you can get the picture.

to the exent 'retrograde' has significance it is the concept and idea of a reflection, reevaluation, correction ...

i always describe 'retrograde' periods for any of the planets as such ...

if we are to 'row, row, row our boats gently down the stream ..." and you come to a fork and you make a choice to go to the left and your rowing gently down the stream once again and ... well, maybe i should've made a right instead ... this is not what i was expecting ...

the retrograde period represents the 'back wash' that happens in a fork, that can easily carry you back against the stream's current, back to where the fork happened and you can have a 2nd look at the options, reality and context of your previous decision.

SOME times, you realize yes, I made the right decision, I just needed to clarify, understand or readjust something in my mind or boat to make the trip down the left side profitable, manageable, or pleasurable.

OTHER times, you say ... yeah, i do want to go down the right side after all, and you have the opportunity to change your mind.

KEY ABOUT RETROGRADES ... if you continue trying to row down the stream while in the backwash, many obstacles and interruptions and a very difficult time errupts. the gentle rowing is more like swimming up stream or fighting against the flow. if you feel that, examine it in terms of, in this case, pluto's intent to bring a whole new you to life.

... the significance to you ... i don't know, but, on some level you do ... for my clients, i look to the areas of life (as shown on an accurate astrological chart) that pluto is affecting and that helps give conscious clarity as to what the symbols personally mean.

p.s. ... loved the superman suit!!!!!!!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'