23 April 2006

...can i help it if i was born on a soap box... ^?^&^A^

music: drops of jupiter by train
news: did you know that the new king of nepal opened fire on his people the other day?
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  • rayana ...
    your welcome ...

    ^?^ >>>I wish there was a way I can get more people to see my blog. <<<

    ^a^ "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." the bible.

    how i found your blog, is that every night i update my blog, i click on that magic "next blog" button ...

    i follow that magic rule : 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.' but i try really hard to find something nice to say about the blog .... even if the blog is written in a different language and i just like the pictures, i make a comment ... sometimes more. something to encourage that person's expression to the world and let them know how it interacted with me. i expect the same in return.

    keep on expressing yourself ... and if someone says your complaining ... just tell them, "can i help it if i was born on a soap box," take what they said for what positive, constructive value it has to you, and leave the rest (because it may be for someone else).

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'


    KarTunes said...

    Well, I guess that answers the question of "how you found my blog." :)

    Rest assured that slowly but surely, if even only one fellow blogger at a time, as long as you continue this (admirable) practice of posting on "random" blogs, more and more people are seeing your blog.

    Though it's unclear to me whether it originated with Confucius or Lao-tzu, you must remember the Chinese proverb: "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

    zimin said...

    Follow the link in the comment you left on my blog, I found you place.

    Glad to know you. you look like a musican.
    I had planned to go to Nepal for travelling. Now it seems that I should better stay here in Singapore.
    best wishes.

    vergelimbo said...

    Vergelimbo has determined that the shortest distance between two points is the path you know.

    PS: When did soap come in boxes that you could stand on?


    business voodoo said...

    ...kartunes ... = ) thanks for the sponge bob decorations!

    ...zimin... glad to know you too!

    ...vergelimbo... i suppose so, unless, of course, you don't know your path ... in which case, i suppose the shortest distance is the path between you and oblivion ... in which event, you may discover your path after all isn't the hard one you've been traversing ... as for soap boxes ... before i was born ...

    thank you for sharing your expressions with the world!

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

    Pinkbury said...

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    Keep up the good work.

    Mirthilo said...

    Thanks for stopping by. My name is Sofia and you Knew me as Mirthilo, here in Lisbon, Portugal.
    Have a nice journey and feel free to stop whenever you want to

    MexAmer said...

    Thank you for your kindness. The positive energy will not halt here-thanks for the reminder- I’ll keep it going. Have a wonderful day!

    Jesus H, Christ Esq. said...

    Amen, sister. Your random commenting method is a swell one, I'm gonna give it a shot next time I update.

    Stay cool, have fun and don't die.

    Kind regards,