30 April 2006

DUK ... this may sting

incoming ...

every one is a slave to the master of their mind . . . or . . .
you get out of life what you put into it . . . or . . .
you reap what you sow . . .


restrictions belonging to yourself, your family, tribe, nation, society, planet ...

judgments and rules of right and wrong (which you do not subscribe to) ...

limitations of reality and illusions ...

faith in your ability to change ...

courage to try again ...

hope for peace ...

love for all ...

patience ...

truth ...

lies ...

me ...

u ...



peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

if you could read my mind .... gordon lightfoot
any major dude will tell you .... steely dan
one .... U2 ... play jesus to the lepers of your mind ...
chaotic .... britney spears ...
battleflag (lo-fidelity allstars) .... pigeonhead ... i'm gonna launder my karma ...

** THIS IS A DUK ENTRY ... 'DUK' aka 'did u know?' or ... 'look out, duck' ... or 'this one is going to hit you right up side the head because it is something you know very very very very very well but are waiting for something before you live it.' this is DUK No. 2 ... and it may sting although it is just a quick little reminder of fundamental principles, but for someone in particular, this is salt on their wounds because until its healed, you need to lick them. to the extent it stings, i am sorry and i am blowing on it to help soothe the process, but sometimes you need to do what it takes to heal. ... besides, aren't you tired of not living YOUR life?

report card

yahoo! news headlines 1:11 p.m., Sun. Apr. 30
• powell forces rice to defend iraq planning
• defiant iran warns against u.n. sanctions
• some immigrants reluctant to boycott
• ywca votes to allow male leaders
• malawi vice president charged with treason
• l.a. times discontinues reporter's column
• renown economist galbraith dies at 97
• nba • nhl • baseball • nfl draft • soccer

well, now ...
• powell vs. rice ...... about time, IF -- and that's a big IF -- he is willing to accept his personal responsibility for what he allowed to happen in the first place. i don't even want to hear the chatter and analysis on this one ... it is what it is ... focus on the truth and leave the people out of it ... PLEASE OBJECTIVE, DETATCHED REPORTING ...

• defiant iran ... we, people over here got your people's back ... over 300 THOUSAND people in NEW YORK CITY marched to support the end to the war ... the people of this land are a peaceful people ... our government will change or it will be impeached and removed from office.

• immigrants ... hell, some americans are reluctant to do anything but be fed the lies of propaganda ... its the 'american standard' right now.

• ywca ... i don't know if this is good or bad ... if the man was like my husband ... its GREAT ... if its like that dude from fox news who was on the colbert report ... its getting darker by the minute.

• malawi VP charged with TREASON ... Mr. Cheney is next ...

• silence of the press ... oops ... and the age old ... there's no such thing as 'bad' publicity ...

• galbraith ... time to re-read the affluent society ... a book that changed a lot of perceptions in the late 50's ... ushering a powerful motivation for the 60's and what happened then. i did not know he was kennedy's ambassador to india ... interesting to see who came next and their focus ... us relations with india are amongst the most dynamic in the world right now ... interesting its not more in the mainstream news ... oh well, things i guess i don't need to worry about that, now do i ... that's for someone else to be monitoring.

• sports ... thank god for sports. the PERFECT rating for our event:

reggie bush to new orleans ... well, perhaps this bush can be and do what the other one couldn't ... empower this young man ... give him a team to carry him and the city to restoration. i hope i'm not the only one who see the absolute beauty in the potential of this pick.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

doesn't remind me ... audio slave
rainy night in georgia ... brook renton
december ... collective soul
linger ... the cranberries
ohio ... crosby, stills, nash & young
future shock ... curtis mayfield
common man ... david ruffin
the best of you ... foo fighters
what's going on ... www.funkthis.biz
on and on ... gladys knight & the pips
sundown ... gordon lightfoot
one love ... hootie & the blowfish

28 April 2006

playing the numbers ...

... 'playing with fire and not getting burned' ... seal .... or 'in a world full of people, only some want to fly', yes, that's crazy!

so, here they are ... a mystic's rules for gambling

to win at gambling, you have to know you are going to win.

you could hope to win or you could just win.

to know you are going to win, you have to practice.

so, if you start winning ... keep going until some thing in your head surprises you and tells you to stop.

rest and relax ...

until you feel like winning again.

do not play if you do not know you are going to win.

you should always feel sexy when gambling.

if that bothers you, play the slot machines ...

remember ... 'what happens in vegas, stays in vegas.'

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

23 April 2006

...can i help it if i was born on a soap box... ^?^&^A^

music: drops of jupiter by train
news: did you know that the new king of nepal opened fire on his people the other day?
  • read this ...

  • rayana ...
    your welcome ...

    ^?^ >>>I wish there was a way I can get more people to see my blog. <<<

    ^a^ "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." the bible.

    how i found your blog, is that every night i update my blog, i click on that magic "next blog" button ...

    i follow that magic rule : 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.' but i try really hard to find something nice to say about the blog .... even if the blog is written in a different language and i just like the pictures, i make a comment ... sometimes more. something to encourage that person's expression to the world and let them know how it interacted with me. i expect the same in return.

    keep on expressing yourself ... and if someone says your complaining ... just tell them, "can i help it if i was born on a soap box," take what they said for what positive, constructive value it has to you, and leave the rest (because it may be for someone else).

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

    20 April 2006

    WhEEl of FORtuNE ...

    twists of fate ...
    how do i connect with you ...
    let me count the ways ...
    i spin for you ...

    little gears turn big wheels ...
    individual changes that make the wheel go round ...
    working too hard or cruisin' at light speed ...

    what are you ready for ?
    what are you waiting for ?

    fortune is everywhere if you control the wheel ...

    can remember a time you experienced that ...

    complete instantaneous manifestation ...

    remember how good it felt ...

    you can do it again ...

    if you choose ...

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape'

    **i use the motherpeace tarot deck ... www.motherpeace.com ... i hope they don't mind i used their image for this peace of digital art intended for use only in this display.

    19 April 2006

    living sidereally in a tropical world

    ... welcome to the retrograde of the ages

    we are in the dawning of the age of aquarius, but FIRST, the death of the age of pisces, then the dawn of the aquarian age.

    without getting into the debate when the ages shift ... anywhere from it already happened in the 1920s, to it won't happen until the 27th century ... i think its clear that whether this is the precursor to the actual dawning or the dawning already happened, individually, we are all in various stages of the shift. and to be truthful, i choose not to subscribe importance or righteousness to any one philosophy over the other, they all exist, they all are sound, they all have flaws ... so, i accept them all for the insight they give me.

    in this transition, i believe its important to consider the rulers of the ages we are discussing to understand the transition taking place. neptune, discovered 23 september, 1846, is a most remarkable planet in that the belief of its existence and discovery was based on mathmatical calculations based on the orbits of uranus, saturn and jupiter. although viewed as early as 1613 by galileo, it previously was viewed as a star. neptune is considered to be the ruler of pisces, having wrestled that position from pisces' traditional ruler, jupiter, amongst modern astrologers.

    notably about this ruler is his existence. for those moving into the aquarian age sooner rather than later, they are among the first believers in the 'speculative' existence of neptune. the idea that this planet, male control of femine energy working together to bring an integrated, beautiful, spiritual reality is, for most people, impossible. but, there are others that look at the math, the numbers, the hypothesis and the theory of its existence and say, "YES! I see it too. I have faith that it exists and is real." i would speculate that all those that oppose say gay marriage would still subscribe and pay hommage to jupiter as the ruler of pisces and remain in the judgment/sacrifice pattern of the piscean age.

    traditional teachings describe neptune to govern everything that should be fun, but isn't because it messes "reality" up for you. everything from drugs to hallucinations, un'realistic' views of the world that must be illusion or delusion, fantasy or just simply dreams. things like television and the movies fall under neptune's resources, some say to use to create someone else's reality for the rest of us to experience. and, in a sense, poisidion created a whole new realm of reality under the water ... but there are those who remember the sky and jupiter who once ruled pisces, but that was before the symbol for pisces was changed. the true difference is a fully integrated male energy dealing within the complete feminine energy of the water; whereas jupiter tried to rule the feminine watery realms from 'on high.'

    in most astrological texts, i find the treatment of neptune to be diminutive, at best. most often described as the 'dreamer' or the 'unrealistic' planet of the zodiac, it is used mostly to determine how bad of a drug addict or alcoholic you will become.

    the purpose of neptune and pisces is to create reality. choice is the tool to create reality. first, you see what reality you want. then, you see what reality is. then, rather than living in the reality that is, you live in the reality you choose and then you are living in the reality you are co-creating. the biblical (and other scriptures) teachings on this issue are numerous. the reason i believe neptune's energy has been so demonized is because of its ability to allow the simple human to be self-sourcing -- but neptune does it outside the personal ego alone, so it is self-sourcing through god (or the collective energy of the universe). its connection outside the ego gives it its immense power and ability to create reality in the form the ego desires, a power that cannot be controlled or usurped by ego-based power structures. enter the transition to the age of aquarius.

    the aquarian age will no doubt start with the reconcilliation of its co-rulers, uranus and saturn. ouranus/uranus was castrated and de-throned by his son, kronus/saturn. what is interesting is uranus represents the father of saturn ... its kind of like meeting a person and knowing them for a while, and then you meet their parents. you become enlightened as to the 'source' of that person. i believe chiron is the key to the reconcilliation of the rulership issues of the age of aquarius.

    what was that berlinski proposed, 'it follows that the philosophers who argue that it is fire that burns or blackens or scorches are quite mistaken. consider a ball of cotton that has been ignited. is the cause the match, and the effect the charred cotton?' it is not the fire that we can control, it is the match."

    so, during this retrograde period we will be experiencing for a couple of months or years, or even centuries for the masses, in all that you do, the first question you MUST ask yourself is "what is my intent?" ... make money? ... be happy? ... have fun? ... all of the above? bear in mind the more focused the intent, the more purposeful the action you can take. as you begin to make choices, observe the results and reflect again on your intent and reconcile your effectiveness at manifesting your truest intent. this time in history will give immediate feedback and information to help you see through your conscious choices to underlying or unconscious habits, fears and desires. it is through the exercise of choices that can bring you the freedom from the structures containing and controlling you.

    your attachment to time and the changing of the age, happens in your perspective first. bear in mind that not just the western world are attached to the gregorian calendar; as well, even before officially adopting the gregorian calendar in 1929, the jesuits modified the chinese calendar in the 1600s to align it with the gregorian calendar. the world, globally speaking, has never had such an attachment to one system of time. not that there's anything wrong with that, but it is the coming together of the end of the pisces age of 'oneness' -- even if it is a limited to an under water kingdom, to the age of aquarius when the desire to be free will manifest the past millenia's process of 'individualization.' personally, i believe that no matter the calendar or system of time you subscribe to, everyone's perception of reality is based on their own individual eternity time piece.

    to be continued ...
    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

    18 April 2006

    spinning plates bring focus

    music: hbr1.com

    are you spinning plates high and fast

    is your question 'will they fall?' ?

    focus on the plates, they will keep spinning for as long as you want, happiness is your's.

    don't look for the future to disappoint you ...

    if it is going good now, it can get even better ...

    keep looking 1/2 full and the glass will soon
    hold the plate for you ....

    so you can go and spin a new one!

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

    13 April 2006

    a hot proposal

    "Proposals are supposed to be romantic, exciting, passionate and memorable." Dr. Ava Cadell

    how was your last presentation ?
    did you test it first?

    did it sizzle?

    what made it work?
    what needed help?

    did you have sex before?

    did you have sex after?

    what are you waiting for?

    a key to success: keep learning

    1. have you evaluated your last presentation? 'you are only as good as your last movie' .... objective evaluation of anything in hind sight will prepare you for the next one. when working with others, this is when you can truly see how strong a team you have.

    2. did you test it first? i use my six year old and people who have no idea what i am talking about ... if they can understand me, so can everyone in an 'educated' room. people receive information and ideas differently. if you are able to convey your message to every single person in the room in their unique way of receiving information, you have won. whether or not the time is right for your proposal ... go back to no. 1 learn some more ... use the feedback and try again.

    3. did it sizzle? if ginger is the spice of life ... use all the ginger you can muster. appeal to the 'venus' in everyone ... the planet that loves beauty and order more than anything else, rules taurus ... a very important area of life when you are talking about business. color can tease the eyes and mind and convey feelings and ideas that remain unspoken (well, except perhaps behind closed doors!).

    4. what made it work? did the rush come? where you even able to feel what was happening or were you too nervous and anxious ... see no. 6 below.

    5. what needed help? content? creativity? context? clarity? commitment? the five c's will help you see where you need help. as you build yourself, built your team and resources to match your vision of what you want.

    6. did you have sex before? something about having sex before any major anything is the most freeing thing on the planet. the connection between power, money and sex ... well, come to las vegas if you need a workshop on how that works.

    7. did you have sex after? you control that one. because if you have sex 'after', it really is the same as sex 'before' the next time. the whole neptune/pisces/12th house thing, for those that know the astrology codes.

    8. what are you waiting for? a written invitation to your life?

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'
    [slowly learning html ...]

    08 April 2006

    mistakes ... keys to success

    ... walk it off and get back on that horse

    taking a fall, a defeat or a misstep and turning it into your power is a key to success.

    if you do not feel the flow of timing for evaluation or revisiting past actions, using astrology, you can use retrograde periods of the planets to help the process -- a process by which, from earth, a planet appears to be moving backward. no, the planet doesn't actually stop, start moving counter-orbit, and then resume their solar orbit again, but from earth it looks as if that is happening.

    interesting what perception can do to energy.

    saturn ... the seemingly omnipotent father or 'wet blanket' of the solar system ... the planet who represents structure, rules, limitations has just finished several months of the retrograde process. not too surprisingly, that after saturn turned direct we have Yahoo! news headlines like this: "Leak-Hating President As Leaker-In-Chief?" [http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060408/ap_on_go_pr_wh/leak_politics].

    oh yes, saturn is a huge help in business and life as the energy of structure gives form and substance to ideas and desires. saturn's arbitrary limitations you see in your job and life challenge you to tap into the 'transpersonal' energy of uranus, neptune & pluto to overcome obstacles in your way -- the cliché of "thinking outside the box" is the epitome of this process.

    if you get trapped in a habit of say .... not listening .... when you are trying to break the habit of poor listening, remember the fall you took. if you can see where you failed, realize you are that much closer to conscious living. forgive yourself for being human -- the embodiment of your habits -- and 'walk it off.' go back to the drawing board and do it better with the lessons you learned.

    the horse of success is still standing there, wondering if you are going to ride it once again.

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

    04 April 2006

    doing it

    'playing with fire and not getting burned' - seal

    how much of who you are and what you have accomplished just happened?

    i mean, some days do you wake up and wonder 'what am i doing here? i was supposed to be .........'

    but, you did what your parents told you; graduated from school, got a job. you are conscientious and do well because you work hard and are more than competent at your job. you are 'successful,' have co-workers who like and respect you, and you work hard for a company who 'values' you.

    something you always wanted to be when you grow up ... right?

    hmmmm ... interesting.

    do you even know why are you working where you are? besides the obvious answers, try to think of five reasons you are working for the company you are working for; and, just push it a bit more, and think of five reasons you are doing the work you do for them.

    honestly answering that question may give you the way back to what you truly want, if you are not on your way there already.

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

    01 April 2006

    on being 38 ...

    '... act your age not your shoe size ...' prince

    i've been 38 for six months ... reminded today that i will be 39 in just less than 6 months ... what a beautiful day.

    being an age such as 38 has really cool implications, and some great challenges, but mostly it is one of fun. i started off being 38 in 2005 (vibration of 7), when my new year's 'resolution' was 'party more'! so, when 2006's 'resolution' came to me (e.g., the question 'why not?'), the whole 38 vibration i started in september, 2005 took on a whole different meaning.

    3-manifestation, trinity and 8-power, fortune. the age 38 vibrates to the master vibration of 11. 11 is the master teacher of the '1' energy that resonates as a 2 (spiral skipping potential). the energy of the '1' is just that: initiatory, the idea to be asserted, the yang energy to be put out in the universe. ... ask a question for a more technical discussion.

    so, in a nutshell, in this year, 2006, an 8 year, you have the power to do what ever you want ... if you are not clear about what you want, think about this question posed by a teacher of mine:

    "how can it get better than this?"

    once you have that visualized, ask the question of 2006: why not? deal with the logistics or let go of the fear to make that reality appear before your eyes.

    working with others? most logistics need communication.

    working with others? most fears need communication.

    the more you ask yourself 'how can it get better than this?', the sooner you will be able to see what you want manifest in your life.

    use your passions ... do want to play golf? do it. soon, the night driving range won't be good enough, and the hunger and thirst to hit the courses will help transform your life to facilitate that passion of your's.

    'how can it get better than this?'

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'