17 November 2006

. . . control . . .

do you control everything?


do you control nothing?

can you really create reality, or can you just get what the universe gives to you? philosophers have been debating that since, well, probably since two human beings were on planet earth had a notion to have a debate. it is a fundamental one, for sure. predestination or free will ... and the fact that both sides are "right" helps make little sense of it all.

this is a question that comes up often in discussion of one's chart and the future. "well, if that's what it is, then i guess, that's all there is for me." yes ... and no. who you were born cannot change; after all, "i am what i am."

out from the core of "i am" flows the energy through the multifaceted you that you are, which flow can be viewed on an astrological chart. the energy flows from that "i am" to the innumerable experiences and levels of consiousness and flows back into the "i am", informing, morphing and changing the energy to be more consistent and closer to the truth of who "i am."

whether its the most outward expression or the most inner soul searching, the source is the same: you. the reality you experience is entirely your choice. you do create your own reality in the universe that you cannot control or change.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'