31 March 2006

... DUK ...

incoming .....

to create something you want, you first have to express what you want.

this works well in both business and pleasure

.......... the coast is clear
its a beautiful day
you are free to
create your
move about the cabin.


sometimes when you don't know what to do next, its time to get abstract

take a hard, close look at your capabilities and realize just how competent you really are.

28 March 2006

boxers or briefs ? ? ?

just what do you wear under that suit?

in your relationships, from the most mundane to the most intimate, always give the people around you food for thought. from the simplest of corporate meetings, to the best networking parties in town -- always have something to give people to think about beyond the exchange of information.

so do a bit of work ... be inspired by a thought or meditation that challenges you, pushes you, feeds you -- then share it with everyone.

it could be the word of the day, the quote on the motivational picture hanging over the receptionist's head, a scripture, a cliche, or just some divine revelation of kindness for you to share. say it. if you do, you just revealed that there's more to you than meets the eye. if you don't ... well, they can guess at the unseen potential of your personal power. i suppose we women have an advantage -- because, if we choose -- we can make everyone around the table wonder what are we wearing under that dress and just how hot is it.

so, give them food for thought, because if you can, you just gave them something to think about as they ...

... consider a new position in their team
... think about launching their next project
... see your name in the trades
... remember you when they dream at night
... be thankful that you made them think of something different, something new, something real

yes, food for thought ... even the boss needs help some days

inspire them to be more than they are

remind them they are not alone

they will be better for it

you will be better

imagine that.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

23 March 2006

'glad to be of service'

with a smile no less.

i suppose one would not have meant anything without the other, but when those exact words are expressed within 5 minutes of each other by two separate people on two different planets of reality, well ... that makes the mind of a mystic run wild.

feigning joy, so far from happiness, in a life that is anything but your's, you continue until someone reminds you of your value. that someone appreciates that you punched the time clock in at their simple job just to be there to process the upc codes of american eats.

after opting out of the 'do-it-yourself' check-out, we stood in the long line for the cashier ... mostly just to say 'hi'! i must admit i was a bit disappointed if not undaunted when she was less than enthusiastic to have to scan my daughter's sunglasses and a pack of gum, and i said "thank you."

i think it took her off guard, 'thank you?'; 'yes, thank you.' 'for what?' the scowl now replaced with a look of bewilderment. 'for being here to say "hi" to, and for you to remind me to "have a nice day".' my words seemed to work, and a smile crossed her face; she even punched in a grocery club number for me saving me 51 cents. and, with a smile, she said, 'glad to be of service.'

i suppose the business voodoo reminder of the day is this:

no matter what you do, no matter what your job is, everything you do is sacred and connected to everyone on earth. if you are 'glad to be of service,' let others feel your joy, pleasure and gratitude.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

22 March 2006


Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!
* * *
you can get so confused
that you'll start in to race
down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace
and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,
headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.
The Waiting Place ...."

from dr. suess' "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"


so you wake up
the dream slips from your mind
but your body is still on fire
a feeling that wants more
unfulfilled and yearning
to be satiated
and you try but
the mind is fixed on the
potential of the dream
and then there's reality ...
and it is just not there yet.

so, until then ....

the first newsheadline i read this morning and {my commentary} ...
• ETA Announces Permanent Cease-Fire {the move to iberia is moving along nicely!}

and these are our Yahoo! News headlines for this day and time....

• Bush: Iraqi leaders must form government {Bush: US to send Rice and troop of peace workers to Iraq (Among them, leaders from The Center for the Advancement of Non-Violence, Peace Corps., Habitat for Humanity.)}

• Iran's nukes concern some Arab countries {GOOD!}

• Israel may be next al-Qaida battleground {If they so choose.}

• Wounded Iraq war vet wins Illinois primary {Nice to have the vets involved!}

• American arrested in Bolivian bombings {the fruit of the tree ... }

• Farming may destroy 40 percent of Amazon {Does not compute.}

• Video: Bunker found in Brooklyn Bridge {... video didn't work .... as if all of new york could fit in it ... things that make you go hmmmmm}

• Colts sign kicker Vinatieri away from Patriots {Dungey ... serious business next year ... my question is how good is the Q.B. coach?}


so the waiting game. the time for planning and logistics, reevaluation and understanding. If the way is not open for you to live the dream at the moment, it is a time to consider ... "why not?" the "why not?" consideration gives a path to the fulfillment of the dream. how fast do you want to deal with the fears or take care of logistics ... well, now, that is a discussion for a different day.

peace & harmony,
'freedom MUST be exercised to stay in shape!'

21 March 2006

the pleasure principle

the pleasure principle

when you feel good
things happen faster

if it doesn't feel good ... in all contextual aspects of that word ...

... e.g., what felt good but got such a negative response from our parents, society, etc., that we decided it was more pleasurable to not deal with the repercussions of our pleasures ...

we need to remember what our deepest pleasures, passions, and desires are so that we can experience them and see, if just, maybe, that experience was just a glimpse into bliss or to find out that it was more hype than value.

remember what you value, what is important, what is true

keep your context fluid and ever changing ... yes, make up the rules as you go along, you find that some rules never should have been and some rules died long ago, and some surprise you and become important.

the pleasure principle: exercise personal freedom, understand true personal responsibility and make up the rules as you go along.

that's it.

peace & harmony,
'freedom MUST be exercised to stay in shape!'

15 March 2006

Rx -- Mercury

So, this is little astrological business voodoo ....

Rx is code for 'retrograde'.
Mercury is Rx right now ... often leading to fumbles ... and a lot of them. Any delays in communication, transportation, movement, instruction are the main indicator of a Mercury Rx cycle. The cycle brings on a snowball effect if you don't consciously flow with the new, shifting currents. How I understand Mercury Rx works is as follows:

If "row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, life is but a dream" -- is what you want ... I mean, who doesn't want the 'dream life'? start rowing gently down the stream. BUT, I always ask, what if I'm heading down the stream, come to a fork, make a decision and then realize its a MISTAKE and I want to go down the other stream instead? My instinct is to turn around, swim against the stream until I make it back to the fork and start down that other stream absolutely EXHAUSTED! So, the doctor orders Mercury Rx. Chances are, if you are locked out of anything (car, house, computer, deal), Mercury is Retrograde!!!

A retrograde period is the one of examination of the most minute details, deepest thoughts and emotions, the clearest truths. For this current retrograde period, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are all retrograde. Communication, transportation, structure and growth are all heavily affected by the retrograde perception. During this time it is a good time to break any habits you have been struggling with or that have been giving you very negative results. Read the thought, memory verse, horoscope, word of the day and when you think you are going to do that same habit again, remember your daily meditation and follow it instead of falling into your negative habit or pattern of habits. (****NOTE ON THE MEDITATION: it is a form of mental focus, use whatever gets you focused, song of the moment is my favorite one ... use something to guide you that is new information or random information. ****)

The key during Mercury Rx is 'feeling', the current is shifting and you have to be able to feel the current to ride it to where you really want to go. This is a great time for reevaluating, reviewing contracts or agreements, completing projects, getting the ducks in a row. This a great time for healing that requires daily attention -- tending to an old nagging injury is best under this cycle. Especially those of Saturn, Jupiter & Mercury related injuries or body systems.

Anyway, I suppose, that's all I have to say on Mercury Retrograde, if you have any questions on this topic, I will answer them the best I can ... and, while you think about all of this ... go to "www.womensaynotowar.com" and tell the world that you would like the war to end. I am sure if we are willing to, they are. I am sure if I am, you are too -- I'm a much better lover than fighter ... really I am!

peace & harmony,
p.s. web station i'm really diggin' ... www.hbr1.com ! DJ Slater from Portugal 2004 BOOM ... awesome ! I too think Spain/Portugal is next!
'freedom MUST be exercised to stay in shape!'

13 March 2006

success key no. 1 - a quote

some ancient american business voodoo:

'human beings whose minds are healthy always desire peace, and humans have minds which enable them to achieve peaceful resolutions of their conflicts.' (from 'a basic call to consciousness')

the best sales person is a master of resolving the conflicts between sales margins and customer need. every great leader is a master of resolving the conflicts between personal goals and the goals of those being led. every successful business orchestrates the resolution of conflicts between its profits and the customer, the employee and the product.

KEY: healthy minds provide peaceful resolution of equal needs to bring success together.

you are in a place of conflict if you are not at peace. sometimes it is the conflict of the bottom line with customer service or research and development, that disrupts the peace, but most dissatisfaction stems from unresolved personal conficts. personal conflicts are rarely if ever truly resolved in corporate environments. they are reassigned, redistributed, relocated, demoted or passed over, unless they are more fortunate, and they are laid off or fired. sometimes, they are left to fester and fester until the spirit and livelihood of everyone around is left to wither and die a very slow death.

are you confident in your position? are you secure to go for your personal success goals? do you avoid people to avoid confrontations? you can be in the most conflict ridden career like the legal business and have peace, and you can be in the most tranquil of holistic healing centers and find conflict. when you are at peace, you have confidence in your direction, focus and movement.

how to have a healthy mind: remember 'GIGO' or 'garbage in, garbage out'. i have two exercises for this key because for some, it will be a matter of 'garbage in' and for others it will be that of 'garbage out.' pick one or do both and note down your observations and measure the changes in your life, at a minimum, after one week, one month, three months, six months and one year.

'garbage out' exercise:
when is the last time you took out the trash? take three piece of paper and, on each piece of paper, write down one thing you know you do that you know you shouldn't do, or something that you do not do that you know you should. ... yes, you know i love to play with fire, but the shredder works almost as good ... and destroy it. whatever you wrote down can no longer be an unconscious act or regret but, in that burning/shredding process, has transformed to a matter of conscious choice. you may not be able to control those of your company, division head, boss, co-worker, spouse, child or even lover, but you can control your choices.

'garbage in' exercise:
unplug all the televisions in the house for three weeks.
some alternatives: tape the remotes to the televisions; watch only pre-recorded materials; watch only PBS.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

10 March 2006

Dreaming of Success?

So you are not dreaming and what does that have to do with being successful?

Within every dream is the way, means and logistics to accomplish reach it. No dream is given without the possibility of accomplishment ... the question comes to you as being 'why not?' that is how dreams work.

Dream of being a millionaire? why not? what is the answer to that question. the answer to that question comes down something that can be, ultimately, described in two ways, either the answer is a "Logistic" or its a "Fear". I, personally, like Fear the most because I have absolute control over what I choose to fear and what I choose to not fear. Logistics, well sometimes that takes patience with others. Mostly, Logistics will spell out the work that needs to be done to make the dream a reality. Sometimes, you need money, sometimes you need to order a piece of equipment from Kentucky, sometimes you need to go as far as India for the information or Logistical help you need to reach your dreams.

When a Logistic becomes the 'cog in the wheel', look back to the Fear list and see where you are on it. Time to focus internally and knock out the Fear to the next level to allow the Logistics to flow smoothly once again. That, it a nutshell, may be the key to success for 90% of homo homo sapiens.

Remember dreams are different than visualizations. Visualization is a part of this process, but do not confuse dreams with visualizations, they are indeed different. But, more on that later.

peace & harmony,
9.3.2k6 09:31a

09 March 2006

March 9, 2006 YAHOO headlines

Ok, so you wonder how effective you are ... look at what the next day's headlines read. Here's my results from yesterday's school project, "Listen: The Key to Peace" .... This is a glimpse of what I see when I read the headlines, see below for details:
YAHOO HEADLINES, 15:21 9.3.2k6
• Dubai firm to give up stake in U.S. ports -- they folded.
• U.S. to hand over notorious prison to Iraq -- they found a way to sneak out of this one.
• Bush signs renewal of Patriot Act -- the wolves are in the walls
• Rumsfeld: Iraqis would deal with civil war -- anyone else remember another war named vietnam?
• Bird flu could appear in U.S. in months -- good time to play a vegetarian
• Tennis dad gets eight years in drug death -- i know a cheerleader's mom he could meet
• Rat-squirrel believed extinct is found alive -- what goes around ...
• Temple upsets No. 6 George Washington -- = )

• Dubai firm to give up stake in U.S. ports - A MAJOR victory for america. I think. Makes me think ... who owns the ports of San Francisco and Los Angeles, those nearest to me. Hopefully, N. Korea is involved!

• U.S. to hand over notorious prison to Iraq - Sneaking out the backdoor isn't always the most honorable thing to do, but sometimes its good to RETREAT!

• Bush signs renewal of Patriot Act - Score one for the other guys. What does "patriot" me to you? This law does a great job of showing how to be a good patriot, but I question what "america" means to you. This law does not reflect patriotic american principles or beliefs. ... who didn't sign it? a couple of people ... a couple of people. And 3 men didn't sign the Constitution because it did not outlaw slavery ... makes you wonder about what could have been, doesn't it. Are we going to vote this time america, or what? or can we just have our civil war be in the ballot box and this time we know we won!

• Rumsfeld: Iraqis would deal with civil war - What does this story mean? ... remember Vietnam, anyone? anyone? anyone? or did we all sleep through our pathetic history lessons in school?

• Bird flu could appear in U.S. in months - A good time to see if we can become vegetarian! Will be interesting to see what this does for the poultry industry ... good time to be invested in organic farms and others who test their meats before slaughter. just check out www.madcowboy.net and tell me if you ever want to eat an american steak that has not be tested for mad cow disease like they do in Europe & Japan!

• Tennis dad gets eight years in drug death
"Not for one second did I think of hurting people. I realize now that I did," the 46-year-old former military pilot said." Why are we shocked? Why are we surprised? He was trained to be a killer, not a warrior -- there is no post-hitler, vietnam, afghanistan, bosnia soldier taught not to kill to achieve the goal -- the by any means necessary type of soldier was created long long ago. So few people realize there is a difference, and, unfortunately, I do not believe that Mr. Bush is one of them either.

• Rat-squirrel believed extinct is found alive -- now, you know this is when the news stories become very interesting and important to someone whose passion is symbols and patterns!

"It has the face of a rat and the tail of a skinny squirrel — and scientists say this creature discovered living in central Laos is pretty special: It's a species believed to have been extinct for 11 million years."

This is what is interesting to me ... in studying the native america medicine cards, there are no rats; in asia the rat is very prominent. In the americas, the squirrel medicine is very powerful -- it was as if, one day the parents had two children, one went one way, and the other went the other way and when they got home, they realized they were one family after all.

About the two parts ... first, the 'rat'
Rats can find success everywhere, even in other's trash. "mom, did you ever notice that everything is 'made in china'?" asks my daughter siobahn.

From "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews
key words - success, restlessness and shrewdness
cycles of power - year round
"A legend tells how at one time Buddha summoned all of the animals to him. Of all the animals, only twelve showed up, and the first was the rat. To honor each of the animals, Buddha named a year after each one, giving the first year to the rat. People born in the Chinese year of the rat are said to be success-oriented, sometimes restless and nervous, but always very shrewd."

Squirrel - 26, an 8 vibration -- power and responsibility
also year round cycle of power.
from "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sams & David Carson, the following is the essence of squirrel energy:
You have gathered
Nuts by the score,
Exactly predicting
If you'll need more.
Teach me to take
No more than I need.
Trusting Great Mystery
to harvest the seed."

In a nutshell, this "Laotian Rat Rock" or "Laonastes," my synthesis is: what goes around, comes around.

• Temple upsets No. 6 George Washington
oh, i dunno, college basketball usually says it clearest!

peace & harmony,
'freedom MUST be exercised to stay in shape!'
.... what we did yesterday ...

are you dreaming yet? - a question

when did you stop dreaming?
think back to the time when you always, every night, dreamed.
did they stop when they scared you too much.
'no. tonight i don't want to be scared, i do not want to dream.'
we secretly wished
when did life make us so afraid our dreams became only nightmares?
when did they become bad?
when did they become shameful?
when was the last time you dreamed?
wasn't it as beautiful as mine?
you were in it!
peace & harmony,

07 March 2006

to be a marionette - a poem

to be a marionette

seemingly impossible this love
to have and to hold until death {blah blah blah}
hhhmmm, death transformation or death grave?

this thing we called marriage now binds me
a blessing, of course
a prison, yes that too

wanting something that used to be free
and now so many strings
to make all the marionettes dance
all of them, that is,
but me

irony is, i am the one who wants to dance
to dance that mating ritual
free of love's responsibility
satiating that part of being when time forgets all else

so, the marionettes dance and i play tag with my conscious
wondering just how and if and why not
until the standoff ends with
you in your bed and i in mine