29 September 2005

habits of death

habits of death
29.09.05 12:26 a.m./02.10.05 12:24 a.m.

so these are the types of questions that float around in my head every now and again, and i wanted to share with you my thoughts and as they relate to one of my favorite subjects, business.

what does death and pluto have to do with business? i have to admit, my first thoughts were very dark indeed.

death -- do you fear it? the ultimate fear.
pluto -- do you understand it? the ultimate mystery.

do you fear it? death that is. i mean, honestly, what about death is actually horrible? its only transformation, a change -- isn't it? oh, come on, let's face it, death absolutely sucks. it hurts in so many ways we cannot even imagine, yet somehow we survive the experience and its pain. but now what?

the interesting thing is that most people are so afraid to be alive, they do everything to ensure a premature demise -- whether we are talking about health, finances, business or relationships. pluto's bottom line is: if you are afraid, you will not succeed -- until you face your fears and overcome them, they will resurface again and again and again.

in the bible, i believe it is paul who talks about 'to die is to gain,' so perhaps death is a key to success even in business. and, if you look at this contemporary world of 2005, it is definitely so. but leaving that darkness behind, and moving away from the literal world ... what kind of death can lead to success? how about, death of bad habits. honestly, if all we did was look at our bad habits and said, 'i'm stopping, cold turkey' and did it, imagine the positive impact on our lives and our success.

transformation can be so simple as a decision, and what is interesting is how easy or hard it was to stick to the decision. can and do you give your decision the support it needs to a fighting chance? can you see the future and change your decision when you didn't make the right one? i have found that the most difficult habits are the one's i created because of fear -- and those are the ones that most impede success in business and life.

so, if you are willing to take on your bad habits, you must:

1. experience them. are you even conscious of them? do you know when they happen? do you know which one's impede your success? see if you can't see them for yourself, use your friends, bosses & co-workers to help you see your habits. if you are having trouble seeing your bad habits, consider engaging a personal life coach to help you see them.

2. understand them. sometimes 'bad' habits are good habits that just need to be modified -- if you understand the habit, you will know if it is helping or hurting you. the fastest way to understand a habit and change it is write about it. immediately begin journalling the habit you are trying to break. i guarantee you within just one week, that habit will be drastrically modified. was the habit emotionally triggered, or was it an automatic response or reaction? even if you do not spend the time writing about it in a journal, spend the time thinking about it -- i just find the writing produces deeper results quicker.

3. you must transform them. what did you really want to do? what do you wish you did? how did you really want to react? why didn't you? once you understand the why, the natural way of your being will begin to flow naturally without the habits that are not serving your highest potential. this can be a process of journalling the habit as well.

as for the mass consciousness, which pluto relates to, the collective, we are currently living in a habit of greed. that is the prevailing negative energy of the united states and, face it, the world. 100,000s of people die every day from greed in its varied forms on this planet. as this comes to a head, it will be interesting, but it is no wonder that union issues are becoming larger and larger every day. our collective consciousness must be with the workers of the world, without them, we are nothing but some really not-so-very nice people who impoverish others for our own ends. we are 'us' and they are 'them' and then we are still at war.

i was taught to share, weren't you? everyone needs to begin to stand up for the impoverished, even in the wal-marts in our communities. if you wonder why you are unhappy in your job or not seeing the success you think you deserve, then it is time to look at your own personal habits and how those play out throughout the entire world. there are all kinds of 'voting' and democratic processes that you experience everyday, they are called choices, and it is time to start making some. start making choices and see what opens up in your professional life. do your homework, follow your instincts and remember, nothing is personal; you are just making choices. perhaps this time its your choice that makes the difference.

astrologically, you can look to the sign and house of pluto in your charts to see where your habits are most deeply rooted, but a reading will only tell you what you already know. the answers in the back of the book are great and help to look at the problem or puzzle from a different direction, but the work is still all your's to do. if you need help, seek it.

peace & harmony,

31 July 2005


this is the new business voodoo blog site.   i used to send out an email, but since a friend turned me on to the 'blog', i decided this may be a better avenue for the 'business voodoo' idea.  and, yes, i'm am commencing this project during the july/august 2005 mercury retrograde. as the mercury retrograde period is for us to reflect, revise and finish projects, i thought it would be a wonderful time to start this new phase of an old project. so, let the blogging begin.

take that from this which resonates with you and leave the rest.  it is, as we are, a work in progress.

peace & harmony,
30 july, 2005 4:38 p.m.