06 October 2012

When One Knows What Its Not

life simply flows in such simple formations.

facing it, you see all the other formations are graceful -- spiraling in such golden ways or replete with brave but symmetrical realities, when all that which is considered is either in or out.  but, u surmise, ur over there where the butterflies and rainbows just seem to miss.  and you try to convince yourself its ok ... its not that bad and then there's _________.  always filling in blanks, aren't we -- the story of our lives is constructed through the filling in the blanks.  choose your highlights wisely when you write your story.

there's nothing more efficient then working the problem from both sides to solve it in the middle somewhere.

so seriously, rather than worrying about death, scipt it out.  look at your life today and see how you are going to get to the moment you die and start with that moment first.  think through the desires of your heart -- who's eyes are the last ones you see before you astral travel without your body to anchor you to earth for another breath here.

and then there's the exclusionary reality that is so arbitrary there's a prize for one who finds its pattern . . . which may be a non-impossible possibly impossible feat. fettering out prime numbers under the trinity's vibration ... those which are left without any other connection than the source itself ... what happens when source collapses in THIS reality of our's ... e.g., "why should i care about any of this shit elaine -- except for that whole gas going up 10 cents over night!" ... i don't know, how well do you know your neighbors and are you ready for the Zombie Apocalyptic Script to go into absolute overdrive?

'live and learn' is the gentle reminder since the next lifetime is simply more of the same ... if you collapse time and space, the relevance of "this" vs. "next" becomes moot.  learn now, grow now, be now.

peace & harmony,
elaine x
'liberties are best taken straight up.'  niki v