17 April 2017

2017 - Rise Up Response

2017 = 10 = 1

The 2-0-1-7 form of an initializing sequence we experience because we use numbers to count years on the geopolitical scene with the Gregorian Calendar here on earth, not taking the implication of this sequence in consideration with any other calendaring system, I challenge us all with that "2" first:

2 - Respond. Yes, what do you think? There's an entire world of life here and what is it you are thinking about? What is compelling you to do something, what do you feel like you are here to respond to?

0 - god/fool energy gives us the freedom to try anything, especially if it involves communication or experience. Space is always important to remember here with the zero; Space and nothing in it to interfere or complicate what you have come to create.

1 - Just do it. The 1 energy doesn't understand wait or no, it just does out of need to initiate. Calling up the initiation of the "2" -- removing the voice from the proclamation to the response -- empowers the journey of the "7".

7 - Sanctuary and safe places find the seeker perfectly placed while looking for the balance within the community. Such need to find a new balance is coming from the discord of the chaos that called for a response.

This initiation process, incorporating the "7", brings the individual response to the community, and the response will be shared, grow and live for ten years until it transforms itself in 2025 for 2026 to initiate even more intensively for community communications and balance.

How much of the world do you allow into your life? How much of you do you give to the world everyday? How do you make your decisions to entrust your time between personal and community?

Create your world in a balance that amplifies your happiness on a healthy planet.