29 May 2006

... inconjunction not indigestion ...

i would argue with anyone that inconjunctions are the most powerful transits to use to effect personal transformation. the current inconjunction of mars to pluto(rx) will last for almost two weeks.

for many people, last week was a doosie ... and as certain planets affect businesses more than others, other planets affect relationships more than others ... mars is a planet that affects both quite strongly -- for everyone given its proximity to earth. mars and the energy it represents strongly affects the happenings of interpersonal relationships and material manifestation ...

of all the key words and concepts that are ascribed to mars, the one that sums it all up for me is "the urge to act decisively." so, you can see how that would affect both business and relationships in a most important way. after all, business cannot be done if decisions are not made; relationships become stagnant until someone does something different.

so mars is inconjunct that retrograde pluto ... if you remember earlier this year in mid-late march, pluto was inconjunct with mars just prior to pluto's turning retrograde. so, the current energy is much the same only a bit more intense and even more unconnected.

to use an analogy ... where in the initial inconjunction was like two strangers riding up in an elevator together, unknowingly going to the same office to attend the same meeting on the same subject. the two people would otherwise remain complete strangers never having anything in common or knowing anything about one another, except for this meeting. the meeting is called consciousness. if you are aware that two parts of you do not know each other or how to work with or, for that matter, against, each other, you can introduce them, and coordinate the workings of the energy.

well, now with the retrograde motion of pluto inconjunct with mars, its like the two people are in two different elevators going to the same place, but using different doors and attending a meeting with the same person only using two different conference rooms. not only that, but they do not know about each other or that they are working with the same person. to bring the two together to work on the same project requires much more effort. because of pluto's current location on the 'dark side of the earth', it is very difficult to bring these energies together, but if one is able to do that during this transition, the results are remarkable.

the easiest way to connect the two is to look at the environment around you as your barometer of effectiveness of your decision. any assertion will be responded to by the universe immediately ... it probably will not make sense to you immediately, but use the deepest of self-reflection to understand how that response is relevant to the assertion or the decision you made.

evaluate both positive and negative responses of the universe equally. practice objective self-reflection and honest probing of your intent and desires. soon, you will have both energies in the same conference room talking (perhaps still through translators) and scheming of how to work with each other to achieve your desired future.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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Bliss said...

I must first thank you love, for showing some love. Thank you for coming to my blog and listening to me. You are welcome anytime (spinningwheelofblack). I will post the addresses to the poetry venues that I mentioned and also give you a link to the literary calendar.

You are so right...freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!