14 December 2008

Quantum Paralysis

The standoff in the cosmic skies of Uranus and Saturn ... both moving forward now until Saturn about faces in retrograde on 31 Dec 2K8, when it will shift its direction, angle and strategy. This time until the 31st has all the planets moving direct ... this is "clear sailing" time so to speak, allowing the energy to flow and go with it because its not presenting anything you need to "look back on" to move forward. Being in the moment is critical with an eye forward, this is driving on the interstate freeway or the autobaun.

But as Uranus and Saturn stare each other down in opposition, circling each other, flexing their hands over their cocked and readied weapons of choice, they shadow the conspiracy and intentions of their wills: Saturn to 'make him pay' and Uranus to 'detach from it all' . . . playing out in our everyday lives. Which side are you on? Where is the balance of those two energies in your (and our collective) conflicts?

Because this is about conflict. And it is about facing it, dealing with it until you come to resolution ... that is, if there is resolution to be found and an evolution to experience at this time in your life.

Remember, it wasn't created overnight and its not going to mysteriously disappear overnight as the picture which the resolutions unveil internal conflicts that are larger and deeper over this process for the next two years. But pay attention well as this critical time, here at the beginning of the process, reveals the nature of this conflict for your process in this ourney that will continue into 2010. Paying attention now, will pay dividends later when it seems as if there's no clear vision, no hope or path to resolving any thing whatsoever.

There is a bit of paying the piper (Saturn) that needs to happen in order for one to detach (Uranus) from the situation.

Here's where the opportunity for evolutionary growth comes. Because the one thing we can control, is what are we going to pay the piper? In the tragic dramas of the myths, its always something horrendous, a just punishment for the "evil" done . . . but what about in this new paradigm we are shifting into? Can we "pay it forward" as we pay the piper in a new way?

"Forgive them father they know not what they do," is the kind of evolutionary thought that we can embrace, rather than the disbelief, disgust, anger, resentment, disconcordant feelings that are a natural (or programmed) response of creating some form of "equality" through revenge, judgment and punishment.

BUT, will the piper receive that new form of payment and go on and detach? Because it takes two sides to stay in this opposition relationship that feeds each other in the scenario to perpetuate the cycles of revolution in which we choose to remain locked. Can we accept that which seems "too good to be true" and create a new pattern of freedom that requires no struggle and strife to obtain our liberty?

So, as much as that Saturn wants to seek retribution, if Saturn creates a new structure of forgiveness, understanding and love, will Uranus accept the blessed send off into its freedom, or will Uranus' turn and attach the chains of dependency on its control of how freedom is attained and not just simply receive the freedom so easily and lovingly offered.

Find your balance in the sides of the opposition, look with eyes to both, be the arbitrator of the balance of acceptance and receipt ... choose what you receive as much as you choose what you give . . . 2009 is about those choices, start now in your personal reflection while the planets are moving forward in this first round of negotiation ... it will set the tone for this 2 year period.

What a wonderfully perplexing world we are living in right now!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'