07 October 2006

... mystical rectangles ...

this post is kind of a spin-off of my last one, and focus on some very technical astrological thoughts relating to mystical rectangles. not my usual kind of post, but perhaps you will enjoy this too.

these are my thoughts on mystical rectangles ...

like the square, they are 'building' structure in a chart. they are not, like the square, an indication of foundation, but rather one of 'next step' building. the square indicates something fundamental that is 'required' in the energy of the chart. mystical rectangles connote upward building, and is a matter of choice to use it or not. for most people, the mystical rectangle remains dormant, except through transit when something 'surprising' happens that elevates the circumstances of the person's life.

the key to mystical rectangles is the conscious direction of the energy to build through the power of choice. visualization is one of the most useful tools for anyone with mystical rectangles to use to achieve any goal. the focus of the conscious energy or direction is usually most beneficially directed through the opposition, allowing the trine to flow the high energy created then through the sextile to refine and manifest the energy.

through the use of transit timings, the rectangle can empower and infuse the energy of transiting planet and its natal placement and context in the native's chart. the planets transiting along the axis of the trine and sextile will color the progress and manifestation of the energy.

i view mystical rectangles as two pythagorean triangles formed together to create the rectangle. the pythagorean triangle is based on the use of 'powers' (a² x b² = c²) and hence, the use of multi-dimensional energy to create and manifest. the triangles created with a sextile, trine and opposition use multiplication principles as well, e.g., opposition (2) x trine (3) = sextile (6). so, rather than a sequential or step-by-step process, it is a multiplicative, so small actions focused with intent produces exponential results.

as a tool of reflection, the triangles can be superimposed on the divine triangle of life, and used for timing of life experience and the plotting of planets on that blueprint can inform the native of planetary energies at work during specific periods of life. indeed, the mystical rectangle can be a mirror of the chart and the timing of energy integration of the native.

so, if you have a mystical rectangle in your chart or are experiencing one in transit, my suggestions to use it are as follows:

1. study and make yourself informed of pythagorus and the divine triangle. (reference: dusty bunker's book, "numerology and the divine triangle").

2. use the tool of creative visualization (reference: shakti gwain's book, "creative visualization").

3. time and use transits wisely to trigger originating energy and/or to manifest through the energy of a particular planet.

do you have a mystical rectangle ???
do you have a key to working two dimensions to achieve your goals ???
do you understand a word i wrote?
i too am still just trying to understand our world.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'