15 November 2006

. . . sowing seeds . . .

welcome to fall, the time of the harvest in the northern hemisphere and the time of planting in the southern hemisphere ... regardless of the season you see outside your door, there is one thing we all are looking at ... the seeds.

in the fall, you harvest the seeds from the past season's crop ... throwing out the weak or 'bummer crop' seeds, and saving only those from the best you have experienced. in the spring, you look again to the seeds to decide which one's you want to sow for next year's crop.

this is the 'transition' time of year ... where the energy of the 8 of 2006 begins to morph into the 9 energy of 2007. a time to reflect on the past year and the new year that is coming in less than two months now. most people are beginning to feel the shift as we start with our new organizers for 2007 and our schedule begins to expand to the early months of the next year, so too do our thoughts. yet, there is still time in 2006 and things that need to be finished.

ending the 8 year, this is a time to reflect on three things:

1. when, where and how was i most powerful, useful and effective?

2. how well did i fulfill my responsibilities?

3. what do i need to finish?

looking forward to the 9 year, this is a time to reflect on these two thing:

1. what is the one thing in my life i want to change the most?

2. what in my life is NOT working the way i want it to?

as 2007:9 is all about transformation, it is a very powerful year to actualize the changes you've been contemplating, debating, thinking about, dreaming would happen ... some of those transformations may be "miraculous" events that "just happen" or they can be brought about by deliberate, conscious planning and focused hard work.

are you ready for 2007? you can start today or it can just happen to you ...

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'