11 December 2012

Mental Guessing Games

There are some things that are always and will forever be unknown.  And not because it is not known, it is because it is a secret. 

But, if SOMEONE knows it, we all know it in the collective consciousness, or at a minimum, within the unconsciousness.  So, how is your mind power serving you?

Mind power?  How do you measure that?

By guessing.

Perhaps not something you want to hear from someone writing a blog with the name "business voodoo," but I am serious.  Guessing isn't for the faint of heart.  Guessing is the genius of creative people and business people alike.  Some people would say that guessing is another form of using your instincts, but the truth is, when you use your instincts, you KNOW; you are not guessing.

Guessing comes from the synthesis of personal intellectual knowledge, a natural understanding of momentum and an innate ability to collect the mental ether relating to your subject.  You do remember that time when you were in elementary school and you raised your hand because you knew you were going to have the answer.  (Instinct.)  But then the question didn't turn out the way you projected it was going to, but there was your hand, up in the air and poof, the answer you had didn't answer the question that was asked.  Of course, your hand was up first, so you are chosen to answer and you are left with the dilemma:  "I don't know" or a guess.  Right before you make your decision, a classmate raises their hand.  They have the answer to the question, and all of a sudden so do you.  You make your guess, it was right or wrong -- more likely dependent on your mental relationship with that classmate.

Some people have mental compatibility and can function fluidly, and sometimes there's a mental incompatibility.  You know this because there are always those people in your life that you do not have to finish sentences for, they already know.  And then, there are people you can explain what you are thinking more ways than you even thought were possible and they still do not get it.  Poor communication?  Maybe, but what if you are otherwise an excellent communicator?   Its less of a verbal communication breakdown and more of a mental "wave length" breakdown.

You should guess often and a lot because that is perhaps the only way that you can shift your mental
"wave length" to any environment you happen to find yourself.  By expressing a guess, right or wrong, two things happen:  You receive a response, and you release your mind to search for an answer within all of its realm.  And since we know, that the mind has a electro-magnetic field it uses to interact with everything else in our reality, and since your mind has no way to choose to not answer the question, unless you consciously tell it not to answer the question, your mind is going to go to fetch the answer, even if its only in the mental ether of the room.  Since we are all one, and truly the mind has no way to distinguish where the answer is coming from, nor does it care, your mind power can be assessed, unscientifically, by your guesses.  .

I have found those who guess best are those who pay attention to the most details in their reality and circumstances, and, of course, those who practice the most.

As for the thing that's hidden in the dark, guess if you want .....

peace & harmony,

'liberties are best taken straight up!' niki v

06 October 2012

When One Knows What Its Not

life simply flows in such simple formations.

facing it, you see all the other formations are graceful -- spiraling in such golden ways or replete with brave but symmetrical realities, when all that which is considered is either in or out.  but, u surmise, ur over there where the butterflies and rainbows just seem to miss.  and you try to convince yourself its ok ... its not that bad and then there's _________.  always filling in blanks, aren't we -- the story of our lives is constructed through the filling in the blanks.  choose your highlights wisely when you write your story.

there's nothing more efficient then working the problem from both sides to solve it in the middle somewhere.

so seriously, rather than worrying about death, scipt it out.  look at your life today and see how you are going to get to the moment you die and start with that moment first.  think through the desires of your heart -- who's eyes are the last ones you see before you astral travel without your body to anchor you to earth for another breath here.

and then there's the exclusionary reality that is so arbitrary there's a prize for one who finds its pattern . . . which may be a non-impossible possibly impossible feat. fettering out prime numbers under the trinity's vibration ... those which are left without any other connection than the source itself ... what happens when source collapses in THIS reality of our's ... e.g., "why should i care about any of this shit elaine -- except for that whole gas going up 10 cents over night!" ... i don't know, how well do you know your neighbors and are you ready for the Zombie Apocalyptic Script to go into absolute overdrive?

'live and learn' is the gentle reminder since the next lifetime is simply more of the same ... if you collapse time and space, the relevance of "this" vs. "next" becomes moot.  learn now, grow now, be now.

peace & harmony,
elaine x
'liberties are best taken straight up.'  niki v


28 June 2012

8 Breaths 2 Strength

i had the following thought:  if 'knowledge is power', strength is fueled on knowing.  and not knowing "that," but knowing that you know "that."  until knowledge is integrated through strength, power remains in potential.

so, in contemplating the foregoing thought, i contrived through complete randomness 8 thoughts to breathe if you are finding you want to exercise power with a strength to manifest your agenda, by creating it in that moment of power, fueled by the strength the choice renders.

i suggest, initially, using a ten count breath (e.g., count 10 seconds on the inhale and then exhale for 10 seconds), but once you practice this exercise, the 8 'steps' can be as simple as a thought of them.  Think the following questions and thoughts as you breathe in with nu air to create a new reality in your body, as it pushes out and you let go of old breathe and energy on the exhale.

1.  "Now that I know "that," how may I use "that"?

2.  SILENCE - listen only to your own inner voice.

3.  "At the end of the struggle, I am required to release it."

4.  "I know my power I hold in potential, and I know I choose to use it or reserve it."

5.  "I remember the emotion is only a passing feeling of one experience in this moment."

6.  "I am free to go as deep as I want to and know there's always deeper still."

7.  Enjoy the rush.

8.  "When I am making the decisions, others can adjust to support my actions, position and vision."

the acknowledgement of desire is the key strength.  one always feels desire.  when you acknowledge you have that desire you free yourself to action inspired by the passion of that desire.  the actions you choose after acknowledging desire, is the dance of power and strength with the rest of the cosmic design.

use the meditation daily to build strength as you enter the "final phase" of a project or are completing a major imprint along your journey.  this meditation is also ideal as a quick grounding and balancing meditation before meetings where power and integration are the core issues.

peace & harmony,
elaine x
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'