18 January 2007

2007 in retrograde

2007 is highlighted all year by pluto's retrograde and its play during that time over the galactic center. during the first half of 2007, there will also be a continuance of saturn's retrograde cycle, and mercury, jupiter and neptune will either complete or begin their retrograde cycle as well.

what does all that mean and how can you use that information? if you have ever heard the expression, "those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it," AND you understand the truth in that expression from your own experience, than using retrograde cycles can be highly effective to propel your own personal development.

on THE sideREAL world on 20 jan 2k7 @ 5:30 p.m. pst, i will be discussing the retrogrades for the first half of 2k7 and their practical applications. the below chart is the focus of the discussion with my guest, regina stephano, a healer, mother of 4, interdimensional traveler and friend.

you can call in life on 20 jan 2k7 with your own personal questions relating to the retrogrades you will be experiencing, or just listen to the podcast to learn how to effectively use these reflection periods to help your life.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

13 January 2007

personal year for 2K7

wow! hasn't 2K7 started off well?!

do not expect the speed to change much this year, it should be a fast-paced, exciting year full of adventures and engaging experiences. whatever comes your way this year, it is begging you to make a decision.

2007, which is a "9" year is about transformation. this is the year when decision-making is the focal point of your process. for this 2007:9 year, the decision-making process involves much contemplation (7) based upon what you receive or the response of the universe to your action (2). like in the 7 years preceding this, there's a good dose of that magical "00" energy. infinity lies between that 2 and the 7. where other "9" years may have sought to base decisions on empirical reasoning, this is an excellent year to make decisions based on the tools in your spiritual toolbox: in alignment with the deepest truth as presently known to you. the "00" assures that your faith will not be for naught.

to understand the context of this 9 year, i invite you to look back to 1998 ... that was the last 9 year we experienced. revisit that year and re-collect your memories as they relate to decision-making that year. you can reflect upon the areas of life in which your decision-making was most prominent and impactful.

next, i would invite you to visit 1999 and re-collect your memories as to the areas of life when we last experienced a "1" year. that is the year that began the energy for which decisions will now be presented. what started that year is now coming to completion to transform in order for next year to begin with a "1" once again. often reflective in the commencement of projects, but sometimes its as subtle as a choice you made to express yourself in a way more truthful to your innate sense of self and the attendant reflection of that intimate personal decision on your life in general.

which decisions are most in important to you in the grand scheme of thing can be revealed in your personal year. you can calculate your own personal year by adding the following numbers together (date of birth) + (month of birth) + 2007. e.g., 23 september = (23)+(9)+(2007)=2039. 2+0+3+9=14. 1+4=5. specifically, this date has a personal year vibration of 2039:14:5. a personal year of 5 in general terms. the general relation of the personal years to 2007 are listed below. for master numbers (11-99), read both master numbers as well as the general vibration.

one or eleven ... this is the year where everything begins for you, the beginning of your personal cycle. its possible for you to stay ahead of the curve so long as you care less about what others think. if you are in tune with your instincts and can use the input fro mothers not as a tool of second guessing but as confirmation of or information to inform your instincts, this year should be a fast paced year of personal assertion. especially those 11s, this is a year where the universe needs you to assert and put into action your ideas, thoughts and energy. it is the assertion of your energy that will fuel the transformative process for the planet. if you ever thought you were called to be a unique voice in the world, this is the time to express it ... the world needs to hear from you.

two or twenty-two ... what's happening? what is really going on around you? this year will be instrumental in helping you understand your context to your environment. you will be able to step back from situations and see them in relationship with yourself. emotional detachment will help to accurately see a larger picture and help from an objective source can shed light when your's may need help or confirmation. if one can understand that sometimes what you see is a reflction of what you are not which often defines who one is, then what you see may make more sense this year and the decisions can be based on the reality of who one is.

three or thirty-three ... social butterfly, spread your wings and energy throughout the world. everyone needs you to help them make their decisions, your ideas, opinion and thoughts will be sought out to help everyone make decisions. and, in doing that, you will find your decisions to be easy to make as you can go with what feels right and balanced. and that will be your key, this year, balance. if someone is pulling you too much or pushing you too much, step back and know that unless you are in balance, you will not make a wise decision. you will venture out into the world in ways that may surprise even you. your lines of communication and expression are going to be humming and buzzing, and being a 3 in a 9 year reflects the integral part you play in the trinity of life. it is your responsibility to maintain personal balance and the flow of your life this year will reflect your level of personal balance. if things start getting rocky ask yourself: am i expressing myself enough?

four or forty-four ... people will come to you and ask you for advice, and you will find it naturally flows from your core values and foundations of life. what you will confront this year are decisions based on that upon which your entire life is based. listen to the advice you give to others and follow it in your own life. adjust your life experience so that your values are lived in every aspect of that life. if you are working in a job or involved in a relationship that are not formed in the concrete of your values and principles, expect there to be a decision to be made to transform those experiences this year.

five or fifty-five ... change mixed with transformation is such a wonderful pairing of vibrations. the connection of a 5 year with a 9 year, sets up the culmination of the final years of your personal cycle in a dynamic fashion. as this year is one of expansion and spreading out, the answer to that decision and whether its right or wrong turn will come instantaneously. and how to productively use that is not get attached to negative outcomes or setbacks. be grateful for their assistance in showing where NOT to go. try not to get attached to a particular plan and its projected outcome, rather, if its worth doing, its worth doing well. so decide what you want to do, and give it your all. be resilient and know that if it did not come out the way you expected, something better is coming your way, just keep on keepin' on.

six or sixty-six ... look around you. look at your home, your community and your world. your decisions affect everyone around you, how conscientious are you about the decisions you make and their affect on others? from the smallest decision ... should i shop at walmart? to the largest ... should we buy this house? your decisions will challenge your ability to connect with your home, community and planet. if your experiences or circumstances are negative, ask yourself ... rather than ask "why are they doing that to me?" look in the mirror and honestly ask the question, "how do i do that to others?"

seven or seventy-seven ... hermits can come out of the closet and go on a sabbatical. while this is a self-focused vibration of learning and reflection, there is also the need to share and teach what you yourself are learning. they say, 'you teach what you need to learn the most', so share your life with someone while you remain focused on self-reflection and diving into the parts of you that have been calling for a while, but you've put on hold for other considerations. this is a year to decide that your intimate needs and identity is a priority and other things can wait. sacrificing your time to gain in self-knowledge to other "more important" things, is a decision that you should examine. deciding to structure time alone for your own growth will bear much fruit in your life for years to come. you are worth it ... run a bath, take the vacation, meditate, do something YOU want to do just because YOU want to do it, and commit to it by deciding to do it over something you "need" or "should" do for someone else.

eight or eighty-eight ... go for it ... aggressively pursue that which has been rambling around in your mind. put energy behind those plans you've been making to make your life what you want. if there was ever a time to do what you want to do, this is the year. the universe will match the energy and force you put behind your goals and desires; it will remind you of the responsibilities you will have to assume in order to have the life you want; decide you can handle the work, that you want to dot-the-i's, cross-the-t's and make your life what you want it to be. make decisions to 'go for it' even if you feel lazy, scared, depressed, unproductive, unprepared ... the universe is ready for you to push what you want, but you need to give it the inertia in order for the universe to lend you the hand of luck and fortune of the 8.

nine or ninety-nine ... everything is shifting. this is a year of completion and culmination for you and it is reinforced by everything in the world around you. this is a year of decision making ... what do i really want to continue? what do i want to let go of? what do i need ____ for? is this really important? a great time to go through all the projects taking up space in your energy or mental fields ... go through the garage and have a garage sale. lighten up your life this year ... decide what is important and you must sustain and let go of the things that have been on the back burner. either the soup is ready to go to the next level, or its time to give the stuff that has been stewing in the pot on that back burner to the dog to enjoy.

so, use your personal cycle in alignment with the cycle of the prevailing global energy and see what progress you can make on your journey this year ... keep a diary or a journal ... it will come in handy one day!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

p.s. want to hear more about personal years ... listen to the PODCAST of THE sideREAL world.

06 January 2007

business voodoo calendar for january 2k7

download a pdf of business voodoo's calendar for personal growth and evolution. this calendar is a generic calendar based on major astrological cycles, retrogrades as well as the numeric vibration of each day of the present reality's prevailing energy.

included are suggested exercises, meditations, rituals and tasks that can help keep you flowing in alignment with the universe's energy.


this calendar is intended to be used in connection with a daily diary or journal and personalized calendars integrating individual personal cycles may be requested.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

05 January 2007

Pluto Rx ... playing with the galactic center

Pluto Rx ... what do you want to transform in your life?

well, pluto is not retrograde ... yet. but we are in the retrograde window (which commenced on 12 dec 2k7) of experience which pluto will be revisiting later this spring. so, what can you do to maximize the use of this time ... here are some ideas and suggestions:

1. pluto is in sagittarius so be adventurous in your thinking, ideas and possibilities for the future. pluto wants to help you create "the perfect life" ... getting rid of the things you don't want and expanding into areas that are piqued by your curiosity and passions. now is the time to 'dip the toes' in the new waters and see how it feels, check the temperature and wade in slowly or perhaps just dive on into your new life. whatever your style, now is the time to get into the water.

if you ever wanted a whole new life, this is the time to try it on for size. sometimes the grass is greener and sometimes it is not. but you will never know unless you jump the fence, and take a bite out of what you think you want.

2. pluto's retrograde focus is the galactic center. what that means for you and me may be totally different. the significance of pluto's conjunction (or alignment) with the galactic center is that pluto, as the 'outpost sentry' to our solar system (or as that is represented in astrological terms, the individual), will align itself with the next largest 'system' in our universe: our galaxy.

this process provides an opportunity to identify and bring into alignment those parts of the individual that are uniquely designed to perfect the really big picture. whether you are trying to be a part of something larger than yourself or merely find yourself in a vast universe, this alignment can help excavate that context.

as each individual is a holographic image of the entire universe, the alignment of the individual with the galaxy can help define those unique qualities, drives, ideas and talents that the universe needs you to express to bring harmony and expand the consciousness within your life, your community, your planet, your solar system and out into your galaxy.

3. what you experience between now and 31 mar 2k7, will be revisited, reflected back to you, and you will be afforded the opportunity to "look behind the bushes" as you back your way through your experiences from 12 dec 2k6 through 31 mar 2k7.

they say, 'hind sight is 20-20', well going forward with a conscious eye that you will receive the opportunity to review what you are experiencing these 4 months, can help you live in the moment, pay closer attention, detail your experience so that when you are given the 20-20 view of hind sight, you can use it to your full advantage.

4. beginning 7 sep 2k7, pluto will go over this experience once again. this is the time you truly get to flush out what part of the grass is truly greener and what was better on the other side of the fence, and re-design the fence to encompass the desired greenness of your life.

this is the time for some soul searching, choice making, objective evaluation as to what constitutes the "greenest grass" in your life. likely, the greenest grass will consist of some of what your 'old' life represents, and some of what your 'new' life represents. keep the baby, your favorite toys and games, find the adult that most closely mirrors the baby and throw out everything that doesn't fit into your life anymore: bad, harmful or self-denying habits, expectations and judgments of others, things that do not bring you joy, etc.

5. by 27 dec 2k7, your life as you have redefined it will begin anew.

ironically or not, 2007 is a "9" year in numerological terms ... a year of transformation (more on that in the next entry). pluto, the planet of transformation providing us an opportunity of conscious transformation in alignment with the greatest context we have been able to consciously experience in our life time.

until next time ...

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'