11 July 2006

money focus

for some money is just there for others, there is a struggle
examine the source of the struggle
love the source and the
struggle disappears.

value, worth and resources are the keys to your own personal attachments to money as well as your attachment to other people's money.

look to your internal relationship with 'value', 'worth' and 'resources' both of yourself and how others see you in context to those words. after all, if you do not highly value your worth and skills as a resource, how then can anyone else value them?

as an exercise, write down the words "value", "worth" and "resource" and then write down everything you value that is worth more money; next, write down what you find worthy of receiving more money; and, finally, what resources you can offer that remain untapped.

once that is done, write down who would benefit from exploiting those areas of you. also, write down how you can expand those things in your current work environment, with the clients you work for, the people you work with, or what kind of new position it would take to fully exploit those pieces of you currently being under utilized or are lying dormant.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'


Craven said...

Money is everything and nothing. One's may think it is salvation, or condemnation. Being dominated by it, in one way or the other, brings grief. Money it's simply utilitary.

Rob said...

I keep meaning to write these things down and act upon them. I agree with you it is a good idea.