23 November 2013

in a Librarian state of mind

until you realize smashing into Virgo's Gaian skirts of ordinariness no longer requiring the show to do what you came here in your super hero shoes to do.  That's the blessing of the Libran programmed in the Gregorian 8 vibration background noise . . . its a simplier life.  Not all the sun sign shifts are so easy.  But, at least in my perspective, its easier, maybe not for you, but living in the age of actual coordinates and things of that nature, you no longer have to put on a show.  You are the show.  In the course of your everyday life that is really actually perfectly tedious in its routine of creation and your dedication to service.  And not petty service but service to the Cosmos.  Welcome to the #nativeVirgo nightmare.  Because it is not in the flash of how you do things, its how you do the flash and the impact you make in your service and efficiency, and you are well aware of how that flash can be.  For, as you know, it is in the details where your mastery emanates its real beauty.  Just think of your Sun sign to be the true earth fixture in the form in the simple world of 0's and 1's scaled for #cosmicbalance.  Oh, but you already knew all this probably, as I find most people really do know this about themselves if they think about it.

Anyway, it was fun to think about you in that simple "hey baby, what's your sign?" kind of way, and the shift of that day's pinnacle vibration.   Know this.  No matter who you are, if you were born on this day, and your auntie went outside and looked in the stars, the beauty of Virgo's grace brings Venus's ruling veil to task in your role as a Libran for the prevailing world and heliocentric ethics are key.  The cross-wind for the kite configuration for that day comes from the "lessons learned" category of the moon's nodes.  There are a lot of people who can tell you all about that stuff if you were ever specifically curious.  Enjoy your simple life in its complex details.  Its ok to play the balance of both when you are connected at source and you feel like u pretty much just emanate source so i'm likely telling you things no one probably ever needed to and really enjoying floating your beautiful kite. =)  Yet, don't hate with that old Libran sense of fashion and your disdain for the most practical soles for a zombie apocalyptic script; everything is relative.  For #ZombieSlayingShoes you'd totally sport them!  Sometimes, its sexy to be practical.

missing information

I often get asked whether I can do a chart without an accurate birth time.  I say, of course I can, I can take any information that I'm given and run a chart and make it seem real and accurate in that moment and I can find the symbols to given meaning to the understanding I am receiving in the flow of energy in the moment.  Yet, my information doesn't come from the chart.  I can only really, receive information from source.

Starting with numbers as all sounds can be ascribed, we take the flow of the vibrational harmonics from there into the visual of the astrological chart, accurate or inaccurate as it may be in the moment, it is only a tool to be used in the realm of the experience of that tool as it was designed by the random school of meaning and consistency of use in active experience.  I always have the same *caveats* and openness to new flows especially with those of my peer group, us plutonium enriched uranium rocket fuel loving, earth dwellers filled with that which can only and always come from source:  love.  information and its structures in the flow of love can do transdimensional things.

*caveats* like "starting with numbers as all sounds can be ascribed" -- does not, of course, mean seriously that's the most accurate method as we can now ascribe numeric vibrations on any given number of frequencies, etc., I'm just saying, "in general, starting with the basics of vibrational theories in dances like the waltz or house music, unless of course ur 2-stepin or drumming, but no worries at all really Keep It Simple Smartie!!"

17 November 2013

Open Space

This was a draft with no-thing here, so it was open space held by my former self for something to be written in this place at this time.  Why is that important?

In the digital world, time stamps are critical (and, yes, modifiable as well).  but the time stamp is always there, even if it is the only true measure of the space as held through each and every algorithm which, in their own structure, has a moment of its creation and its invasive nature on all the 0s and 1s it encounters.  because even if it has disappeared from the "hard copy," the observer has already changed the outcome.

so, this space was held in "potential" -- potential and active energies are of equal importance to one another because without one another, the phohat of non-engagement of exclusionary realities, would deliver a chaos the actives and potentials could not bear to watch -- a place where the feeding frenzy could stop.

seeding "latergrams" are effective tools to create lines of projection to focus and empower the overall vision.  little tools to help through either the random of chance or used more specifically through the use of projection of transits, harmonic and vibrational patterns.  highly effective in the geo-centric notion of retrogrades and the impact of the 3d space and time vibration we share.

"A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts."  a "rumination" interlude that often reminds me that meditation is the most effective tool we have to counter action being taken in a direction we no longer wish to go.  it also reminds me, that if i take no action on my thoughts to bring about the reality they present to me, that life will continue in the realm of thought only.

the power of experience specific to any one thought is a powerful drive to find the manifestation of the projected thoughts.  which is why your mother always told you, "be careful what you think, it creates your reality."  And, truly, reality is only created by those thoughts your actions are taking.