23 September 2008

Living In Transit ...

Transits are wonderful tools to use, either in planning or in retrospection. In planning, you can gauge the focus of the energy reflected in your chart on any particular day as it relates to you. Of course, you have the "x" factor of how the rest of the world is flowing in reaction or response to your energy, but, at least you can go forward with a certain level of awareness of how you are naturally working on a given day.

The more you study your transits in retrospection, the more you can understand them in present time or in prospecting your activities.

One thing I have noticed is the "whammie" transit. The transit over a planet involved in a quincunx or the "inconjunct". I have written quite a bit about that aspect, as it has proven to me to be one of the most powerful aspects to use in the "awakening" process. A transit over any natal or progressed quincunx of two planets produces a major "A Ha!" moment in almost the life of every person's chart I've worked with, including my own.

Imagine, if you will, a planet such as Mercury (or a stellium like our recent Mars/Mercury/Venus conjunction) being the catalyst to bring two energies within you together who know nothing about how to relate to one another ... scary? or exciting?

Recently, I had that stellium (Mercury/Mars/Venus) hit my Mercury-Moon quincunx. Giving a voice to the mom is how it was realized in my life. What I wasn't prepared for was the fall-out from the universe from the integration of those energies in my life. Giving a true voice to the mom, a wholistic mom, was not something the structures that existed around me were prepared to hear, and they silenced it very dramatically.

The recovery from a transit of the planets involved in a quincunx takes time and patience, let the energies represented by the two planets get to know each other in this new light. Understand it will be a process, and allow yourself to naturally go through the process and give it a bit more patience than you normally would for integration of other, more straightforward transits like squares, oppositions, trines, sextiles, etc. Because if a quincunx is anything, it is not as it first appears.

If its a fast moving transit like the personal planets it is a relatively short period of time before you can realize the full integration of the initial experience. As when the transiting planet hits the other planet in the quincunx, and then you will have the "full experience" of the integration of those two planets as introduced (or triggered) by the transiting energy.

If you have a quincunx in your natal chart or are working with one presently (as reflected in the progressed chart), realize that you cannot fear your own personal integration, your own wholeness. Be ready for and conscious of the transits over the quincunx whammie. And, if you have a "yod" or "finger of God" which is created by two quincunxes with a single planet foci, the transits also include the opposition to the foci planet.

The opportunities that get presented to you during those transits are life changing in the increase of your wholeness and integration. These transits are so important now as we individually and collectively work at becoming more aware, more awake, more conscious. As we as individuals become more, so too does our collective consciousness.

The quincunx aspect has similar energy to Uranus, it is sharp, drastic, surprising, sometimes upsetting, and very rarely is it subtle. A quincunx can be a source of a "blind spot" in your personality or ego, but it can also be the source of your greatest, deepest and most complete understanding of your way of being.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'