19 May 2006

... feeling a bit underpowered ...

borrowed and adapted from steven forest's 'the proverbs of hades under the plutonian stimulus ...'

these statements can reveal where one has been "too ..." something. if what is happening in your life is reflected by the circumstances of negativity, look inward to where you need to raise your personal level of power ... if these do not speak to you immediately or need some clarification of how to use power ... i highly recommend a review of the 48 Laws of Power.

gullibility draws lies and liars ... stop looking to others for your truth

naivete draws betrayal ... see the darkness within you

sweetness draws bitterness ... time to stop hiding

vulnerability draws attack ... realize our truly violent reality

modesty draws violation ... you are a sexual being

innocence draws shame ... understand your sexuality

harmlessness draws violence ... set up a boundary or two

generosity draws parasites ... sometimes just being you is enough

nuturing draws vampires ... you control your emotional energy

belief draws disillusionment ... don't be lazy, experience life for yourself

fear draws savagery ... warriors are honorable

spirituality draws embarrassment ... your actions are speaking so loud, i can't hear what you are saying

caring draws dependency ... sometimes they need you to say "no"

your environment will reflect the positive and negative reactions to the life you are leading ... see the signs, see the symptoms and make the internal changes to bring the life you want to reality.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'


A Kookie is A Kookie. And don't question that. said...

Thanks for popping by my blog...yours is deep, sets me thinking!! :)

Cheers babe!

John Spalding said...

Thanks for your comments on my "consulting blog". I will add your blog to my "make a difference" site, because your contributions bring a unique perspective to our world. Thanks. (http://imakeadifference.blogspot.com/)

Keep up the intriguing work. I will make sure to stop in every now and then.