20 February 2006

a poem - 'residual self imaging'

'residual self imaging'
when i consider the tropical chart, that is what i see.
to 'know thyself' is what reality is all about
the sidereal look of the zodiac
the difference is the mind
to release all that you think is real
to embrace the truth you seek
in the circle of life
changing to bring it back
to the one it always was
peace & harmony,
22 july 2k5 10:09 p.m.

10 February 2006

2006 - Focus on Life Lessons & Personal Year

Life Lessons / Personal Year for 2006
by elaine

*** see how to calculate your Life Lesson and Personal Years below ***

2006 is an 8 year. A year that bestows collective reaping in the world using the operaton of the Gregorian calendar. Personally, look back to 1998 and see where you were, what you were planning, what you were spending your energy on during that year. That was the year the collective energy began this current cycle. Look at your life as a part of that energy and receive the abundant return of that focus -- the harvest that will be examined and evaluate next year -- this year just enjoy the abundance and receive every opportunity, experience and relationship as part of your harvest.

1 in an 8 year -- if your life lesson is a '1' or an '11', the 'I am' asserting energy of the essence of who you are is the modis operendi for you. And, know that you will not be rejected because the assertion of you into the 8 cycle of the prevailing energy, because it is your lesson to do that as positively and effectively as possible. Obstacles and challenges are learning the tools to hone and clarify your intent and direction. The beginning of your expression is what will help you understand your purpose and intent within this prevailing energy. personal year? what you see is who you are and what you are creating. This is a great year for personal development because you are able to see your projection into the world and accept it, analyze it, adjust it and keep trying.

2 in an 8 year -- if your life lesson is a '2' or a '22', the 'response' to who you are is the name of the game. Your ability to receive everything as a blessing is imperative to perfect the love you are here to show. This is about receiving: throw away the cliche, it is better to give than receive. It is just as sweet to receive as it is to give love. A 2 in the 8 year, you are to receive the energy of the 8, that is the response to you. Through work with others, you can receive all of the power, fortune and responsibility that comes your way with the 8 energy year. Remember, to receive the extremes as equal blessings of fortune from the universe. personal year? others will be your mirror, your helping hand, your way to understand yourself more.

3 in an 8 year -- if your life lesson is a '3' or a '33', the manifestation of who 'I am' and who 'you are' is what the prevailing energy will manifest. 3 is often referred to the 'manifestor' -- a year of inspiring, expressing and creating. A 3 in the 8 year, you see 'what is manifest' as it comes to life in the 8 year; often your creation is strictly for the benefit of others. Whatever you are to do, it is through the deepest, most personal communication and expression of yourself that is part of your lesson. personal year? this is the year to create, to get out and show the world what you are about; this is a very extroverted year for you.

4 in an 8 year -- if your life lesson is a '4' or a '44', the structure becomes important. this is especially so, for the '44' vibration, as an evaluation of the spiritual structure is as important as the physical structure. Integration of values and morals in the structure are as critical as dotting the 'i's' and crossing the 't's'. In an 8 year, power, protection and responsibility are sown into the fabric of the structure. personal year? work on building your dream, focus on the mundane -- whether it is building a building, constructing a legal formation for your company, or creating a standard of ethics on which your future rests. Especially if you have a small business and are evaluating systems and process and designing the platform for future growth. This is a great year to look at what is working well and what is not. Looking at the business headlines ranging from the Walmart debacles, Exxon/Mobile's record profits, Enron, that guy Libby from Cheney's cabinet, it is obvious that this first 8 year of the 2000 millenia is all about ethics and, another one of 8's favorite catch words: justice.

5 in an 8 year -- if your life lesson is a '5' or a '55', progress is the key word. A 5 in an 8 year just screams "ANYTHING BUT WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING!" A year when anything new or just wanted to try is welcomed with open arms. Tired of the same old thing, live a little -- change jobs, change careers, change your mind -- under the protection of the pentagon (under your control and not Rumsfelds!), you get to do whatever you think you should do next. personal year? your turn to be the fickle one; change your mind so that whatever you are doing is what you want to do most. Let go of other's expectations of you, because they need you to change your mind as much as you need to change your mind. Just remember to be considerate and honest in your fickleness, everyone goes through a 5 year and you would want them to do the same for you!

6 in an 8 year -- if your life lesson is a '6' or a '66', your key word is 'domestic'. I recently learned that Route 66 is called the 'mother road,' and that is what 6 is all about: the glue that holds the family (community, world) together. Think of all the things 'mom' or 'dad' [notice i write 'mom'/'dad' and not 'female'/'male'] stand for, that is the lesson of the 6. A 6 in an 8 year is to harmonize the abundant and divergent energies of the year. You are to take action to equalize and harmonize the power being distributed within your family, community and planet. personal year? you are the meeting point for otherwise disparate energies on the planet, you are the peacemaker, the healer of relationships; when you use this energy for others, you will bring peace to your own places of disharmony.

7 in an 8 year -- if your life lesson is a '7' or a '77', the main principle of the 7 is the development of the mind. While 7 harkens to the biblical Sabbeth and the walls of Jericho, it is the integration of spiritual power that is the key to the life of the 7. And by a 'spiritual life' I am not speaking to religion or even necessarily anything mystical. It is seeking of your own truth within your understanding. But it is the lesson of the seeker -- keep looking, knock at every door that appeals to you. I am reminded of that simple nursery rhyme, 'row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream,' that is the essence of the life lesson of 7. personal year? listen, learn, take a class. when you speak, be thoughtful as your words will have much power to those who hear you -- and they are listening to you this year. For me, as I have a 7 personal year in an 8 year is one to fully live life according to all the spiritual laws I know and understand and the power and fortune of the year comes to me perfectly; allowing you to learn more, enjoy more and take the time to be with myself.

8 in an 8 year -- if your life lesson is an '8' or an '88', what a fascinating year for you. Every experience, every nuance of this year epitomizes what you are here to learn. This is a year of very hard work for the 8's. Your work for the year is to read all of the other life lessons and evaluate your life and everything you see in the aspects of all of the other vibrations at work. Pick the year and your experiences apart; see the 'I am' energy you started 8 years ago, see the 'response' of the universe, see what you manifested, see your structure, see the progress, see the harmony, see the pleasure, see the power and your responsibility, and begin to see the transformation for the future. personal year? all those plans -- work through the logistics and excuses to make them come to fruition. Doors swing open, help comes from all kinds of unexpected places; maintain an open mind to how things will actually materialize -- as the "how's" and "way's" may surprise you.

9 in an 8 year -- if your life lesson is a '9' or a '99': you are the butterfly. You are the lightning bug, the rebel with a cause ... your lesson is to be a walking example of transformation. A 9 in an 8 year, must transform the power of the 8 -- whether it is internally or externally, the lesson is the continual action of becoming the butterfly. The 8 year is the year the butterfly emerges. Fight your way out of the cocoon and fly baby, fly. personal year? a year for weighing everything -- immediately let go of that which does not work for you, things that are not the truth for you. This is a year to see clearly what helps you transform, and what holds you back. The more you let go, the more of you will come into power.

life lesson = birth month + birth date + birth year (e.g., September 17, 1967: 9+17+1967 = 1993 = 1+9+9+3 = 22 = 2+2 = 4, life lesson, 1993 : 22 : 4.
personal year = birth month + birth date + current year (e.g., 2006, September 17 = 9+17+2006= 2032 = 2+0+3+2 = 7; personal year 2032:7.

1: original or originating, independent, leadership, individual, aggressive, pioneer
2: receptive, adaptable, cooperation, diplomacy, gestation, collection, assimilation
3: manifestation, expansive, social, communicate, creative, self-expression
4: structure, form, practicality, construction, endurance, discipline, planning
5: freedom, change, progress, adaptability, resourcefulness, travel, promotion
6: conscientious, harmony, service, compassion, counseling, beauty, creativity
7: seeks answers, 'know thyself', introspective, analytical, inspirational, scholar
8: power, responsibility, recognition, judgment, ability, methodical
9: transformation, selflessness, patience, completion, universality, release
0: divine, nothingness, all-ness, chaos, inspiration, muse, wholeness