30 March 2009

Compass Cardinals of Different Hues

Understanding a new reality requires the shift in perception that accommodates a new structure for be-ing.

"Be-ing" meaning the full existence of
creative energy in the present moment.

As you awaken to the notion that you create the reality you see around you, you can appreciate the nuances of your creative source and incorporate more and more of those which lie below the surface of the consciousness. Hidden deep within the crevices of the subconscious lies the source for all you do not understand or for that which you choose to deny your authorship of such creation.

Abdication is a choice that denies the human experience
from truthful information and reality.
It empowers the falsehoods of the programming to
establish their foothold patterns in our mental processes.

When we abdicate or deny the energies of our source for the first time to the programmed prevailing energies, we learn a new mental process by which our personal habits are created to deal with the world as we experience it. The shift of the mental patterns require conscience and deliberate retraining for us to seek grounding in reality despite the view we see through our patterned vision.

But if one can begin to see the patterned view, then one can begin to see the difference our true sight brings to the world around us. Then, we can begin to create in our truth the world in which live.

Astrologically, the vision of our world is seen through the cardinal points of the zodiac, our compass as you will. Imagine if you will that "true north" has shifted by several degrees but our maps are all aligned with a "north" that no longer registers on our compass. How can we possibly go through life with a map with the reference point of "north" is not reflected by "true north"? The shift of the polar centers of reality cannot possibly allow us to view the map accurately . . . unless, of course, you use the map with an eye incorporating a "correction" of the compass.

Similarly, we must now view our lives in the astrological context. To look exclusively at the tropical zodiac as being the "map of the individual" ... of the true individual ... demands that we stay in the old reality (that of the Age of Pisces) that was crafted long ago and has been used for the purposes of creating the structure of our present reality. Which has its place and context, but as this shift to enter into the new Age of Aquarius, we must too shift our perspective of astrology concept and cardinal points of reference.

The Age of Pisces is dependent upon our Gregorian time structure and the tropical zodiac, hence its applicability with the current prevailing energy that is giving way to the new Age of Aquarius. For most people, this tropical zodiac and structure as it is will be all that their lifetime will experience, understand and know. For others, a new realization and way of viewing the astrological symbols must be engaged and employed, lest the map be based on a reality with which they have no connection. And for others, a hybrid of the two to allow the bridge to be built, the understanding of operations within both realities and the transition between the two can facilitate exponential development and growth.

Understanding the context of the Great Age within any individual's life is a tool of the precession of the equinoxes and the impact of that on the cardinal points of the astrological chart. The integrated use of several schools of astrology (such as tropical, sidereal or actual) dependent on the individual and their connection with the structures that exist on the many levels of our reality, is the task of the astrologer who undertakes the facilitation of the "alignment of the compass" for the individual.

For the intrepid astrologer, I encourage you to experiment in the schools of thought that once were thought to be so separate and unconnected. You will soon find a thread of integration to help bring a shift to the consciousness of our humanity through the individual way your integrate the symbols to find greater depth of experience for a new way of be-ing.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'