06 June 2006

06/06/06 ... are u ready?

today is a special day ... its the only reality that exists.

technically, the day is a 2 vibration ... method no. 1: 6+6+2006=2018=11:2
method no. 2: 6+6+(2+0+0+6)=6+6+8=20:2

if you know the tarot, your references would be the high priestess (2), strength (11) and judgment (20). you will note, i use the non-traditional position of strength versus justice as 11, as i use the mother peace tarot and find that resonates more accurately with the numeric vibration.

so ... lesson of the day, 2018 ... 2 harkens to the feminine, receptivity, yin, assimilation. 0, the wonderful 0 of the divine. 1, the beginning, a spark, the expression of 'i am.' 8, the power and the responsibility that comes with it. so as energy flows in cycles, the life lesson does as well ... in sine waves going from 2-0-1-8-1-0-2-0-1-8-1-0-2, etc. this is the class of life for the day ... receive and assimilate all that is going on around you; give god space, make your choice, receive all blessings or consequences and assume your responsibility in what you receive, make your choice, let god have space, receive and assimilate the exerience.

step one: if something gets dropped on you today, receive it as a blessing (even if its disguised as a pink slip).

step two: breathe, allow that which you cannot control happen without any worry or need to control.

step three: make a choice or decision and do it ... you know what you are supposed to do.

step four: see the consequences or the results of your choice and let them be a guide to teach you about your choices. assume the responsibility that you have created everything you experience, and assume the power to change anything you want.

step five: make another choice or decision, its time to take the next step.

step six: breathe, allow that which you cannot control happen without any worry or need to control.

step seven:: receive everything and assimilate it into your life as a blessing, even if its a hard lesson.

repeat steps 2 through 7 ...

if you were born on this day, or any other day that adds together to the number of 2018, that is the cycle of your life lesson. the lesson is one of harmony of the duality through receiving. the master lesson number of the 11, is a difficult and powerful one in that if you do not like to make choices or decisions, life will be constantly throwing you things that will frustrate or overwhelm you. but, if you can make decisions and receive the blessings resulting from your determination of your life, you can use this lesson to achieve great things and create a life of harmony.

so, what a wonderful day to be alive!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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Rob said...

Apparently some biblical scholars insist that 616 is the number of the antichrist and not 666.

Thanks for your tips....very informative.