09 June 2006

the raccoon ... reversed

today's meditation for bringing money into the home ...

'raccoon ... protector of the underdog,
provider for those who have none.
do you wear the bandit's mask
to hide the good deeds that you've done?

teach me to turn away from
rich rewards or worldy acclaim,
knowing that my generosity allows
my warrior spirit to be reclaimed."

-- taken from the medicine cards, by jamie sams & david carson

the card was reversed, or upside down, which indicates something is not right.

more than once this week this issue has arisen. people feeling guilty or bad because they had to say "no" to someone who was asking for more than you wanted to or were willing to give.

one of the greatest deceptions of our time is the "it is better to given than to receive."

it is not 'better' to give than receive ... it is good to give and receive in equality. then you have balance. you feel good about yourself, you feel good about others.

creating boundaries when you have been giving for so long often involves an inner struggle of self worth. sure, there is as much energy off balance in the 'taking' department as there is the 'giving' department, but, i think the number of people who inappropiately given too much is greater than those who would just take and take and take. those who are truly just takers are few and far between, and most people have some modicum of self-worth and will establish a boundary and send the vampire away.

so, be kind to yourself. say 'no'. send the vampires of your life searching for some new blood, while you regenerate your own. give only when you want to give and not when you are guilted, tricked or bambooselled into giving. employer can be the most notorius vampires. your home life and your job are equal, and give to them equally and you will have greater success. being the company door mat or 'go to guy' will, in the long run, effectively render you powerless to achieve your own goals and aspirations.

it is just as good to receive as it is to give.

live in the balance you want to see.

the life is your's to create.

saying 'no' helps you

and them to see

the value you

believe in

is 'i am'.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'




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