15 December 2006

saturn Rx ... perspective alignment

so, "what is wrong with the intention of doing all these wonderful things because you want to gain personal pleasure and satisfaction, success, fame and fortune from it?"


not a thing.

whatever you do should be done because it makes you happy.

do you think i should add a caveat like, 'so long as its not at the expense of another person'? you know what, i don't honestly know the answer to that question. how i live my life ... the answer is 'i hope so.' i would like to think that the choices i make further my happiness but not at the expense of another person. but sometimes, my perspective is not the same as reality.

"And, of course, it ultimately comes down to how we approach things/what our perspective is.  It is always a choice.  At times, the choice feels more difficult to make--or easier to make.  I'm speaking of the choice to view things from a positive aspect.  I would say that a huge majority of the time I am able to make that choice, but there are times when my emotional life dominates." Elijah Selby

with saturn is retrograde right now, the earth is located between the sun and saturn. so the world or reality is caught between the dialogue of the inner self (the sun) and our awareness of, incorporation of and integration of our boundaries, limitations and structures. our external experiences can reveal the disparities of what we think and what is real.

sometimes that can be a positive thing ... if our perspective is not aligned with reality, often an external situation or person can reveal how reality is much more positive than we perceive our reality. remind us how truly talented we are, how valuable we are, how special we are ... just a simple reminder of what any single individual can accomplish can eliminate self-imposed limitations of denial, fear, guilt, resentment or judgment, challenging us to go to the next level.

sometimes that can be a challenging thing ... if reality is not aligned with our perspective, often an external situation or person can show us how reality is not the positive picture we like to think it is. ultimately revealing that others are not ready to go to the next level. or, providing us confirmation that our job is truly not supportive of our personal aspirations and dreams.

and, sometimes it can just plain hard lessons ... if our perception and reality have no relationship. but, that is when saturn is at his finest, and usually being challenged by another planet like jupiter, uranus, or like in our present case, neptune. saturn will swallow all of his children before a major breakthrough happens and a dramatic change occurs. for instance, many christians have the perception that war and violence is "ok." but reality is that the bombs they pay to build, deploy and drop, murder the innocent people they land on, and their god commanded them not to kill. that reality can be hard to swallow in a world that perceives no alternatives to violence and supremacy.

yes, it is a challenge to align your perception with reality. but once you clarify your perception and its relationship to reality, you can truly make the decisions you need to make, without emotional turmoil, manipulation or deception. if saturn is anything, he is calculating and cold; ruthless and unemotional. for good reason. sometimes the news is just the news, and you can either accept it and make good choices from that point, or get caught up in the drama of the news and start justifying with excuses the past behavior rather than looking toward the future.

as saturn is retrograde, we have an acute view of the reality between our perspective in the areas of life saturn symbolizes. with saturn's singletary retrograde motion, we have an opportunity similar to that of the technical foul free throw in basketball. just you, the ball and the basket. the game stops for a minute while you align yourself, all alone ... adjusting your perception, changing direction, blocking out the noise, and focusing on a single skill in the midst of a game with so many variables ... with the energies of saturn isolated for your reflection, focus and integration in the experiences of the house it presently is transiting to help deepen your knowledge of the area of life where it is natally located.

personally, i'm playing in the 12th house to understand the 8th ... an interesting time.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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