07 October 2009

2010 here we come . . .

now, many of you may wonder . . . 'elaine doesn't even use the gregorian calendar anymore, why is she writing about that time cycle?' . . . i write about it because it is the time sequence the prevailing world exists on, and if you do not understand the energy of that sequence, you can never bring that energy into a new time sequence -- your timing, your existence, your journey's sequence. bringing energy, money, whatever, into the world you live in because you are doing what you love.

besides, this is the time we begin to feel the pull of the new energy we are being pulled toward in 2010. think about how much energy is built up to the new year cycle. just think about the fact that almost all corporate financial sequences begin again each 01 january. this is the time when the pull from future is definitively stronger than the pull from the past (unless of course, you are running with a severe temporal deficit, then the past is probably overwhelming you, but that's a discussion for another day!).

working to maintain 'beingness' in this futuristic magnetism stream is a challenge as we make so many future plans ... what am I going to be Halloween? what do I want from Santa Claus? And, the push from our external environment to be future orientated is a blessing if you use that time connection while maintaining the ground to this present moment of being.

2010 is a 3 year . . . but its a 3 year after a master 11 vibration 2 year, which 2009 still has to play out. that master 1-1 is that which one must walk fully and completely in the being that is you.

so, 9 months done, are you a master or are you still thinking you *should* be one, or trying to convince yourself that you are one . . . or are you simply a master. masters no longer have to try, they just do it. 3 more months of training and discipline, and this is where you can believe in just about anything to be possible, as we are being pulled into a year of manifestation.

the 3 vibration is, obviously, related to the trinity, the triangle ... when that which consists of "god" came together to exist as "god" in the form prescribed and optimized for existence in this third dimension. less singularly in belief structure, 3 is the manifestation of the sum of the parts in the third dimension, call it god, the cosmos or merely our feeble attempts to understand our existence and connection to that which is infinite or is, perhaps, only chaos under our defined terms.

so, as you consider today what you want to manifest in 2010, ask yourself these questions . . . how would the person i am be if that which i am working to manifest was manifest today in this moment? 'act it until you are it' . . . besides practice makes perfect, even when it comes to being you.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

03 July 2009

Living Sidereally in a Tropical World No. 2

DUK: There are no rules in life. So make your own and live by them, you'll be happiest that way.

No. 2: The Seed of Conception

The more we understand, the less we fear.
The less we fear, the more we risk.
The more we risk, the more we trust.
The more we trust, the more we love.

(from "Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening," by Kay Lindahl)

If you can know the 'seed' of conception, the source of the fruit, the full intention of the truth, you may be one step closer to understanding the answer to "why?"

In business, there is the time the idea is born and then the time the idea is 'incorporated' and the interaction between those two energies is knowledge that one must understand to be successful.

Similarly, running a transit chart for your birth's conception gives a "snap shot" of what was being planted into the natal chart. If you are one of those moms who know when you conceived, this is the kind of information that astrologers can use, so keep that information in the baby book!

On personal levels, take a look at the psychology of the relationship between the seed and the birth. Was the fruit born out of the seed of love, commitment, dreams, hope, faith, conflict, power struggles, insecurity, desperation, guilt . . . you name it. A good dose of all of it was sown into you in order to transform and elevate the family's survival and evolution on all levels. While you are an individual, you are still human and humans have that intense and basic need to survive, your family thread can sometimes be cut, but its still the same thread.

Success in this world requires an integrated being on all levels of existence. Leave one of the levels out, and well, there's this saying about "a couple of cards short of a full deck." In which case, you will find yourself working against the "deadly sins" rather than rowing gently down the stream in the dream that is your life.

Flipping out of the matrix contraption requires a new navigation system. The poles have shifted -- or rather, will shift whenever you are ready for them to do so -- and before you know where you are going in this reality you want to create, you have to understand and know where your "center of gravity" is. [Ref. Ouspensky's "The Fourth Way."]

In astrology, its the cardinal compass points of the zodiac. And, just using basic astrology, the midheaven can really stand for your external achievements, career, standing in society, etc. The nadir or opposite of that, would be your internal grounding and the depths of your roots. "The deeper the roots, the taller the tree."

Looking at the Ascendant and Descendant axis, the questions comes to balance of "me" and "the other." "Do unto others as you would have them do to you," and "be the change you wish to see," and "you reap what you sow," all those realizations can instantly change your perception on any number of levels at any moment in time. The balance between "you" and "the other" . . . moving into this Aquarian age, this becomes a major point of transition.

How to be fully you while being fully integrated into the whole?!

We are coming from Pisces culture programming, and the end of it at that, so there is the best of teachings and the worst of its teachings, and that's why our choices are OUR choices and not our parents, etc., and our choices need to be clear and aligned with our highest good for our survival and that of our children.

Finding that balance and the imbalance of your "programming" is the goal of viewing the "conception" transits, and applying that information to the shifts in your "zodiac compass."

If you make the decision to "be" in the reality you want to create, you have to know how to navigate and read your compass.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

21 May 2009

Adrift in the After Life of the Titanic

The Titanic is sinking. You are sitting in a row boat with several other people. This is the new reality, what now?

There is never an easy answer when you are working in the world of symbols until hindsight can reveal the truth from a new perspective. At best, we can glean a glimpse of understanding in the present moment from the symbols we see and their connection in life. Because life is what each of us gives our own unique definition to that which we experience -- truly the meaning of symbols are in the eye of the holder.

The "given" meaning of symbols sometimes mean very little until life experience provides a backdrop for a connection to the collective definitions we give to one symbol or another. To some, something as simply as nursery rhyme can provide the ultimate direction in life:

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Gently Down the Stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily
Life is but a dream!"

For others, its just a song we sing as children and it has no meaning. But, if you will and see it as such, all our experience in our world is, in essence, a symbol. You are a symbol of your presently incarnated history, perception, understanding and knowledge. Everything you experience is a symbol.

The Sabian symbols are a new tool I've begun to integrate in my synthesis of astrological symbols, and the Sabian symbology for the current Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron conjunction, which planets are sidereally calculated today at Aquarius 2º28", 2º1", and 2º11", respectively, is:

A deserter from the navy stands suddenly aware of the dawning truth that freedom is never the result of compromise.

The synthesis of this conjunction is that which expands or digs deeper into the illusion or the illumination of cosmic truth for the self to heal. Jupiter which took the wounded centaur, Chiron, is his patron. Jupiter placed Chiron in the stars after Chiron sacrificed himself for Prometheus, hence ending his immortal suffering. Neptune provides a cosmic infusion of cosmic haze in which this stellium is crafting a new reality to be revealed only after the haze is blown away.

Chiron is about the places in our lives that we are rejected just because of who we are. Chiron was rejected by his mother because although, being the son of Kronus (Saturn) he was born an immortal, he was born a centaur. From the cradle we are adjusted so that our expressions and actions are "acceptable." But it is in that cradle when we know ourselves the most intimately . . . what we truly think, what we truly desire to express, who we truly are. As we look now to try to heal the areas we rejected because of our socialization, we must focus our love to accept the parts of us that are us that may have not been what others accepted in us.

A tall order, and definitely one of those "easier said than done," but we have help. Neptune is the cosmic lover, and the planet that dissolves the illusions we have when it comes to our understanding of ourselves. Neptune knows no shame. If others are misunderstanding where you are coming from, laugh.

If its a stressful and serious time with a lot of old patterns of judgment and shame being experienced, Neptune may incite you to indulge in your favorite mind medication, but use this wisely. Medication must be undertaken with the intention of healing, not hiding. The negative affect of hiding through medication can amplify the illusions that have crafted this wound, and you may be digging a deeper hole and you may never find your way out.

Don't you wish you could have laughed at your parents the first time they shamed you because you just said how fake Uncle John's toupee looked? Everyone knew it was funny, probably even Uncle John, but you were shamed because you saw and expressed the humor of innocent observation. The shame is not in what you said, but they felt shame because of what they perceived as an intention you couldn't possibly have.

People do this to one another all the time. "You are guilty because you were doing X." When in reality all you were really doing was Y. But, because the other ascribed what would be their intention on your actions, the projection of shame and guilt results. As an adult, your best response is laughter. If you get on the defensive, you have to ask yourself why you are there? And then, go and take the memory trip to the place the wound began . . . likely that's back to your childhood. What triggered that defensive mechanism?

Tropically, the Sabian symbol at 27º Aquarius is:

In the quiet of afternoon in the cool of an art connoisseur's library is an old pottery bowl with fresh violets.

Applying this healing process to the world that is entrenched in the prevailing energy of our time, is this symbol -- fresh violets in a place where the old is revered, honored and sacred -- and held onto.

Being the breath of fresh air and a shocking bit of the "new vision" for those still living in the reality that is the past (the one that no longer works), reveals this is a time for you to grace that reality with burst of color, life and truth that only you can embody.

So many of us who have become aware of what we are to do, this is the time to do it no matter the ridicule, judgment, shame or guilt others use to cripple our movement, growth and healing. They need us to be bold, obnoxiously and perhaps even laughably ourselves. If they take you wrong, laugh at the absurdity of their projections of your intentions! Soon, they too will recognize how far from the truth they were, and will laugh along with you. For those that do not, you will help them best by "keep on keeping on" in the journey that is unapologetically your's!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

30 March 2009

Compass Cardinals of Different Hues

Understanding a new reality requires the shift in perception that accommodates a new structure for be-ing.

"Be-ing" meaning the full existence of
creative energy in the present moment.

As you awaken to the notion that you create the reality you see around you, you can appreciate the nuances of your creative source and incorporate more and more of those which lie below the surface of the consciousness. Hidden deep within the crevices of the subconscious lies the source for all you do not understand or for that which you choose to deny your authorship of such creation.

Abdication is a choice that denies the human experience
from truthful information and reality.
It empowers the falsehoods of the programming to
establish their foothold patterns in our mental processes.

When we abdicate or deny the energies of our source for the first time to the programmed prevailing energies, we learn a new mental process by which our personal habits are created to deal with the world as we experience it. The shift of the mental patterns require conscience and deliberate retraining for us to seek grounding in reality despite the view we see through our patterned vision.

But if one can begin to see the patterned view, then one can begin to see the difference our true sight brings to the world around us. Then, we can begin to create in our truth the world in which live.

Astrologically, the vision of our world is seen through the cardinal points of the zodiac, our compass as you will. Imagine if you will that "true north" has shifted by several degrees but our maps are all aligned with a "north" that no longer registers on our compass. How can we possibly go through life with a map with the reference point of "north" is not reflected by "true north"? The shift of the polar centers of reality cannot possibly allow us to view the map accurately . . . unless, of course, you use the map with an eye incorporating a "correction" of the compass.

Similarly, we must now view our lives in the astrological context. To look exclusively at the tropical zodiac as being the "map of the individual" ... of the true individual ... demands that we stay in the old reality (that of the Age of Pisces) that was crafted long ago and has been used for the purposes of creating the structure of our present reality. Which has its place and context, but as this shift to enter into the new Age of Aquarius, we must too shift our perspective of astrology concept and cardinal points of reference.

The Age of Pisces is dependent upon our Gregorian time structure and the tropical zodiac, hence its applicability with the current prevailing energy that is giving way to the new Age of Aquarius. For most people, this tropical zodiac and structure as it is will be all that their lifetime will experience, understand and know. For others, a new realization and way of viewing the astrological symbols must be engaged and employed, lest the map be based on a reality with which they have no connection. And for others, a hybrid of the two to allow the bridge to be built, the understanding of operations within both realities and the transition between the two can facilitate exponential development and growth.

Understanding the context of the Great Age within any individual's life is a tool of the precession of the equinoxes and the impact of that on the cardinal points of the astrological chart. The integrated use of several schools of astrology (such as tropical, sidereal or actual) dependent on the individual and their connection with the structures that exist on the many levels of our reality, is the task of the astrologer who undertakes the facilitation of the "alignment of the compass" for the individual.

For the intrepid astrologer, I encourage you to experiment in the schools of thought that once were thought to be so separate and unconnected. You will soon find a thread of integration to help bring a shift to the consciousness of our humanity through the individual way your integrate the symbols to find greater depth of experience for a new way of be-ing.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

19 February 2009

A Primatic Future

"Hero of Alexandria defined [gnomonic expansion] as follows: 'A gnomon is any figure which, when added to an original figure, leaves the resultant figure similar to the original.' The contemplation of this figure leads to an understanding of one of nature's most common forms of growth, growth by accretion or accumulative increase, in which the old form is contained within the new." From Robert Lawlor's Sacred Geometry.

Gnomonic growth . . . the concept of growth that comes through the inclusion of that which existed before it. Phi, the golden ratio/spiral, or the Fibonacci sequence are a classic example of gnomonic growth. That, gnomonic, is the most common form of growth in the universe, it is a "past" based generative system of growth.

The "stimulus package", the "bailout" and all the things that Obama is trying to do, is a form of gnomonic growth.

Perhaps its time we take a different lesson from the economic universe, one that our entire economic system runs on . . . primatic expansion. "Primatic" in reference to the prime number sequence, is the unpredictable system of security for the operation of our economic system. It is claimed that without these complex systems of security based on the prime numbers, all economic systems based on credit will be destroyed.

The primatic expansion is a form of exclusionary growth or expansion. Once a prime number is found, that number and all its multipliers are now forever deleted from the system. It is, a "future" projective growth model. It is an exclusionary form of growth -- it excludes all that may exist based on that which becomes once it comes into existence.

And, it is an inverse model of our present economic structure (and as this is representative of the universally accepted context, philosophy, reason and thought form which constructs our global operating matrix) from which our solutions -- economically, systemically and philosophically -- are sourced. The past (gnomonic system) should provide the security for what "exists" and expansion should be based on that which is yet to be discovered (primatic expansion).

And now, to get into my other favorite "back burner" subject (the first of which is the prime number sequence), time.

"In gnomonic time, all phases exist in ever-present layers, like the light-year structure of galactic space which makes every glance into a starry night sky a view into the past of distant bodies, while the layers of light just behind the visible light are the future energy waves which will strike and influence the earth. All aspects of the material world, including our own bodies, are therefore in the past tense, existing in a residual gnomonic layer already bypassed by inflowing cosmic energies." Again, from Lawlor's Sacred Geometry.

For us to begin to traverse the fourth dimension of time and space, we must assume and exist in primatic time. Once a prime number, reality, space or time is experienced, it and all of the gnomonic futures that will occur based on the multiples of that instance will be experienced in the oneness of existence and hence be forever excluded from ever sourcing any further growth or expansion of our sequence of numbers, reality, experience or existence based on a 'past.' Hence, erasing the concepts of time or space and our existence as being anything but singular and infinite.

This, primatic growth, is, perhaps, the beginning of our stepping into a practical tool for co-existence in the fourth dimension -- the bridge from the third dimension into the fourth. A construct to allow the use our third dimensional awareness and be-ing-ness in a context of a new dimension we cannot innately understand, and from which we can begin to explore the fourth dimension (and perhaps beyond that) in the universal comfort zone of gnomonic growth and expansion.

I think that made sense.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

25 January 2009

Saturn Rx . . . Solar Eclipse

whoosh goes the wind.

a slight gust lifts your hair as you sit down, you know that tonight was just a bit different.
well, if you didn't, then don't bother reading this, or do . . . because just like everything in life, what you do now is your choice . . .

make it and do it.

so, we've been making choices. haven't you during 2009? lots of choices, and when you don't you are willing to submit to the choice of others for all of you.

that's the juxtaposition that saturn as the ruler of capricorn and co-ruler of aquarius represents.

and its turned retrograde. always lots of dad issues when saturn turns retrograde. if you have it natal, father issues will likely be the parental theme of your life especially in the house that it plays in on the morning of your birth. me, lucky me, saturn rx in the 8th. but this is not about me, is it?

so the prescription for this Saturn Rx which started on 31 dec 2k8, yes, this past new year's eve (sends the memories running back to 'what was I doing?'), is: the solar eclipse in 'aquarius' . . . ok, sure, really the moon's in capricorn, but what's the big difference in its remedy for what ails you this Saturn Rx/Mercury Rx . . . = )

(and not to mention, the fact that saturn is still doing the fun uranus opposition
thing . . . and will be coming into its 2nd opposition the first week in february!)

as the moon blocks the sun, intuition is being called upon at its highest level. listen to your small inner voice louder than ever -- shuffle through the voices of the ancestors and others who think they know what you should do, and find your own voice and listen to it.

know that what you know to do is your destiny
and you can either live it today (like our new
president is doing it) the best way you know how.

you can wait until tomorrow, but why? stick to the details of your life today, and as you cross of the things you "have to do," the truth that, 'this is what i want to do' becomes your mantra and your life.

saturn retrograde, attention to the details of the structure that exists around you is your success. mercury retrograde is helping you REALLY understand which details you are supposed to being paying attention to . . . me, on New Year's Eve, eating a Trader Joe's French Truffle on the hour until we watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve for 3 times zones until Daddy's New Years in Las Vegas @ the MGM Grand's Arena as for the 3rd year in a row, he brought in the New Year's Show's Midnight "Shout" . . . we heard it all the way in Detroit! (Oh, my . . . did you see how i slipped in to 'proper' capitalization?!!! i must be writing too much for the 'structured' world lately!)

happy 2009!
thank you everyone for your love and support.

my trial is scheduled for 6 april 2009. so, i have been called to play the idealist for another couple of months here in las vegas . . . after which i will be relocating . . . to keep up-to-date on the latest developments, visit my "Parent's Summer School" blog . . . that's where I will post all my thoughts on the current case of 1st degree kidnapping and conspiracy which carries a sentence of 'life in prison'.


peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'