25 May 2008

time sequencing

every four years we have (in this 12:60 ratio based time sequence aka calendar system) a 'leap day' ... a day that is supposed to realign us with the cosmos as best it can, but in reality and truth, it fails miserably to do that.

the problem is, that "failure" is calculated and those that know how to manipulate energy use it to their pleasure and whim ... or is it just a coincidence of our collective consciousness/unconsciousness that is merely rhythmically and naturally aligned with the sequence.

i have to believe its the former, despite my rose colored glasses wanting so much the latter to be our reality. the 5 is just so integrated into the structure that controls time/prevailing energy today, its too perfect in the coincidences that the odds of all those things happening randomly just is unfathomable ... perhaps not impossible, just not reasonably logical.

so as i work through these ratios and find their relationship with one another and my reality ... i'm taken back once again to that chakana ... there lies the answer to the mystery yet to be revealed.

chakana ... by business voodoo

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'