13 March 2006

success key no. 1 - a quote

some ancient american business voodoo:

'human beings whose minds are healthy always desire peace, and humans have minds which enable them to achieve peaceful resolutions of their conflicts.' (from 'a basic call to consciousness')

the best sales person is a master of resolving the conflicts between sales margins and customer need. every great leader is a master of resolving the conflicts between personal goals and the goals of those being led. every successful business orchestrates the resolution of conflicts between its profits and the customer, the employee and the product.

KEY: healthy minds provide peaceful resolution of equal needs to bring success together.

you are in a place of conflict if you are not at peace. sometimes it is the conflict of the bottom line with customer service or research and development, that disrupts the peace, but most dissatisfaction stems from unresolved personal conficts. personal conflicts are rarely if ever truly resolved in corporate environments. they are reassigned, redistributed, relocated, demoted or passed over, unless they are more fortunate, and they are laid off or fired. sometimes, they are left to fester and fester until the spirit and livelihood of everyone around is left to wither and die a very slow death.

are you confident in your position? are you secure to go for your personal success goals? do you avoid people to avoid confrontations? you can be in the most conflict ridden career like the legal business and have peace, and you can be in the most tranquil of holistic healing centers and find conflict. when you are at peace, you have confidence in your direction, focus and movement.

how to have a healthy mind: remember 'GIGO' or 'garbage in, garbage out'. i have two exercises for this key because for some, it will be a matter of 'garbage in' and for others it will be that of 'garbage out.' pick one or do both and note down your observations and measure the changes in your life, at a minimum, after one week, one month, three months, six months and one year.

'garbage out' exercise:
when is the last time you took out the trash? take three piece of paper and, on each piece of paper, write down one thing you know you do that you know you shouldn't do, or something that you do not do that you know you should. ... yes, you know i love to play with fire, but the shredder works almost as good ... and destroy it. whatever you wrote down can no longer be an unconscious act or regret but, in that burning/shredding process, has transformed to a matter of conscious choice. you may not be able to control those of your company, division head, boss, co-worker, spouse, child or even lover, but you can control your choices.

'garbage in' exercise:
unplug all the televisions in the house for three weeks.
some alternatives: tape the remotes to the televisions; watch only pre-recorded materials; watch only PBS.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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