21 March 2006

the pleasure principle

the pleasure principle

when you feel good
things happen faster

if it doesn't feel good ... in all contextual aspects of that word ...

... e.g., what felt good but got such a negative response from our parents, society, etc., that we decided it was more pleasurable to not deal with the repercussions of our pleasures ...

we need to remember what our deepest pleasures, passions, and desires are so that we can experience them and see, if just, maybe, that experience was just a glimpse into bliss or to find out that it was more hype than value.

remember what you value, what is important, what is true

keep your context fluid and ever changing ... yes, make up the rules as you go along, you find that some rules never should have been and some rules died long ago, and some surprise you and become important.

the pleasure principle: exercise personal freedom, understand true personal responsibility and make up the rules as you go along.

that's it.

peace & harmony,
'freedom MUST be exercised to stay in shape!'

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