09 March 2006

are you dreaming yet? - a question

when did you stop dreaming?
think back to the time when you always, every night, dreamed.
did they stop when they scared you too much.
'no. tonight i don't want to be scared, i do not want to dream.'
we secretly wished
when did life make us so afraid our dreams became only nightmares?
when did they become bad?
when did they become shameful?
when was the last time you dreamed?
wasn't it as beautiful as mine?
you were in it!
peace & harmony,

1 comment:

business voodoo said...

So you are not dreaming and what does that have to do with being successful? Well, this is how 'dream' business voodoo works ...

Within every dream is the way, means and logistics to accomplish reach it. No dream is given without the possibility of accomplishment ... the question comes to you as being 'why not?' That is the key to how dreams work.

Dream of being a millionaire? why not? what is the answer to that question. the answer to that question comes down something that can be, ultimately, described in two ways, either the answer is a "Logistic" or its a "Fear". I, personally, like Fear the most because I have absolute control over what I choose to fear and what I choose to not fear. Logistics, well sometimes that takes patience with others. Mostly, Logistics will spell out the work that needs to be done to make the dream a reality. Sometimes, you need money, sometimes you need to order a piece of equipment from Kentucky, sometimes you need to go as far as India for the information or Logistical help you need to reach your dreams.

When a Logistic becomes the 'cog in the wheel', look back to the Fear list and see where you are on it. Time to focus internally and knock out the Fear to the next level to allow the Logistics to flow smoothly once again. That, it a nutshell, may be the key to success for 90% of homo homo sapiens.

Remember dreams are different than visualizations. Visualization is a part of this process, but do not confuse dreams with visualizations, they are indeed different. But, more on that later.

peace & harmony,
9.3.2k6 09:31a