09 March 2006

March 9, 2006 YAHOO headlines

Ok, so you wonder how effective you are ... look at what the next day's headlines read. Here's my results from yesterday's school project, "Listen: The Key to Peace" .... This is a glimpse of what I see when I read the headlines, see below for details:
YAHOO HEADLINES, 15:21 9.3.2k6
• Dubai firm to give up stake in U.S. ports -- they folded.
• U.S. to hand over notorious prison to Iraq -- they found a way to sneak out of this one.
• Bush signs renewal of Patriot Act -- the wolves are in the walls
• Rumsfeld: Iraqis would deal with civil war -- anyone else remember another war named vietnam?
• Bird flu could appear in U.S. in months -- good time to play a vegetarian
• Tennis dad gets eight years in drug death -- i know a cheerleader's mom he could meet
• Rat-squirrel believed extinct is found alive -- what goes around ...
• Temple upsets No. 6 George Washington -- = )

• Dubai firm to give up stake in U.S. ports - A MAJOR victory for america. I think. Makes me think ... who owns the ports of San Francisco and Los Angeles, those nearest to me. Hopefully, N. Korea is involved!

• U.S. to hand over notorious prison to Iraq - Sneaking out the backdoor isn't always the most honorable thing to do, but sometimes its good to RETREAT!

• Bush signs renewal of Patriot Act - Score one for the other guys. What does "patriot" me to you? This law does a great job of showing how to be a good patriot, but I question what "america" means to you. This law does not reflect patriotic american principles or beliefs. ... who didn't sign it? a couple of people ... a couple of people. And 3 men didn't sign the Constitution because it did not outlaw slavery ... makes you wonder about what could have been, doesn't it. Are we going to vote this time america, or what? or can we just have our civil war be in the ballot box and this time we know we won!

• Rumsfeld: Iraqis would deal with civil war - What does this story mean? ... remember Vietnam, anyone? anyone? anyone? or did we all sleep through our pathetic history lessons in school?

• Bird flu could appear in U.S. in months - A good time to see if we can become vegetarian! Will be interesting to see what this does for the poultry industry ... good time to be invested in organic farms and others who test their meats before slaughter. just check out www.madcowboy.net and tell me if you ever want to eat an american steak that has not be tested for mad cow disease like they do in Europe & Japan!

• Tennis dad gets eight years in drug death
"Not for one second did I think of hurting people. I realize now that I did," the 46-year-old former military pilot said." Why are we shocked? Why are we surprised? He was trained to be a killer, not a warrior -- there is no post-hitler, vietnam, afghanistan, bosnia soldier taught not to kill to achieve the goal -- the by any means necessary type of soldier was created long long ago. So few people realize there is a difference, and, unfortunately, I do not believe that Mr. Bush is one of them either.

• Rat-squirrel believed extinct is found alive -- now, you know this is when the news stories become very interesting and important to someone whose passion is symbols and patterns!

"It has the face of a rat and the tail of a skinny squirrel — and scientists say this creature discovered living in central Laos is pretty special: It's a species believed to have been extinct for 11 million years."

This is what is interesting to me ... in studying the native america medicine cards, there are no rats; in asia the rat is very prominent. In the americas, the squirrel medicine is very powerful -- it was as if, one day the parents had two children, one went one way, and the other went the other way and when they got home, they realized they were one family after all.

About the two parts ... first, the 'rat'
Rats can find success everywhere, even in other's trash. "mom, did you ever notice that everything is 'made in china'?" asks my daughter siobahn.

From "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews
key words - success, restlessness and shrewdness
cycles of power - year round
"A legend tells how at one time Buddha summoned all of the animals to him. Of all the animals, only twelve showed up, and the first was the rat. To honor each of the animals, Buddha named a year after each one, giving the first year to the rat. People born in the Chinese year of the rat are said to be success-oriented, sometimes restless and nervous, but always very shrewd."

Squirrel - 26, an 8 vibration -- power and responsibility
also year round cycle of power.
from "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sams & David Carson, the following is the essence of squirrel energy:
You have gathered
Nuts by the score,
Exactly predicting
If you'll need more.
Teach me to take
No more than I need.
Trusting Great Mystery
to harvest the seed."

In a nutshell, this "Laotian Rat Rock" or "Laonastes," my synthesis is: what goes around, comes around.

• Temple upsets No. 6 George Washington
oh, i dunno, college basketball usually says it clearest!

peace & harmony,
'freedom MUST be exercised to stay in shape!'
.... what we did yesterday ...

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