28 March 2006

boxers or briefs ? ? ?

just what do you wear under that suit?

in your relationships, from the most mundane to the most intimate, always give the people around you food for thought. from the simplest of corporate meetings, to the best networking parties in town -- always have something to give people to think about beyond the exchange of information.

so do a bit of work ... be inspired by a thought or meditation that challenges you, pushes you, feeds you -- then share it with everyone.

it could be the word of the day, the quote on the motivational picture hanging over the receptionist's head, a scripture, a cliche, or just some divine revelation of kindness for you to share. say it. if you do, you just revealed that there's more to you than meets the eye. if you don't ... well, they can guess at the unseen potential of your personal power. i suppose we women have an advantage -- because, if we choose -- we can make everyone around the table wonder what are we wearing under that dress and just how hot is it.

so, give them food for thought, because if you can, you just gave them something to think about as they ...

... consider a new position in their team
... think about launching their next project
... see your name in the trades
... remember you when they dream at night
... be thankful that you made them think of something different, something new, something real

yes, food for thought ... even the boss needs help some days

inspire them to be more than they are

remind them they are not alone

they will be better for it

you will be better

imagine that.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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