15 March 2006

Rx -- Mercury

So, this is little astrological business voodoo ....

Rx is code for 'retrograde'.
Mercury is Rx right now ... often leading to fumbles ... and a lot of them. Any delays in communication, transportation, movement, instruction are the main indicator of a Mercury Rx cycle. The cycle brings on a snowball effect if you don't consciously flow with the new, shifting currents. How I understand Mercury Rx works is as follows:

If "row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, life is but a dream" -- is what you want ... I mean, who doesn't want the 'dream life'? start rowing gently down the stream. BUT, I always ask, what if I'm heading down the stream, come to a fork, make a decision and then realize its a MISTAKE and I want to go down the other stream instead? My instinct is to turn around, swim against the stream until I make it back to the fork and start down that other stream absolutely EXHAUSTED! So, the doctor orders Mercury Rx. Chances are, if you are locked out of anything (car, house, computer, deal), Mercury is Retrograde!!!

A retrograde period is the one of examination of the most minute details, deepest thoughts and emotions, the clearest truths. For this current retrograde period, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are all retrograde. Communication, transportation, structure and growth are all heavily affected by the retrograde perception. During this time it is a good time to break any habits you have been struggling with or that have been giving you very negative results. Read the thought, memory verse, horoscope, word of the day and when you think you are going to do that same habit again, remember your daily meditation and follow it instead of falling into your negative habit or pattern of habits. (****NOTE ON THE MEDITATION: it is a form of mental focus, use whatever gets you focused, song of the moment is my favorite one ... use something to guide you that is new information or random information. ****)

The key during Mercury Rx is 'feeling', the current is shifting and you have to be able to feel the current to ride it to where you really want to go. This is a great time for reevaluating, reviewing contracts or agreements, completing projects, getting the ducks in a row. This a great time for healing that requires daily attention -- tending to an old nagging injury is best under this cycle. Especially those of Saturn, Jupiter & Mercury related injuries or body systems.

Anyway, I suppose, that's all I have to say on Mercury Retrograde, if you have any questions on this topic, I will answer them the best I can ... and, while you think about all of this ... go to "www.womensaynotowar.com" and tell the world that you would like the war to end. I am sure if we are willing to, they are. I am sure if I am, you are too -- I'm a much better lover than fighter ... really I am!

peace & harmony,
p.s. web station i'm really diggin' ... www.hbr1.com ! DJ Slater from Portugal 2004 BOOM ... awesome ! I too think Spain/Portugal is next!
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