23 March 2006

'glad to be of service'

with a smile no less.

i suppose one would not have meant anything without the other, but when those exact words are expressed within 5 minutes of each other by two separate people on two different planets of reality, well ... that makes the mind of a mystic run wild.

feigning joy, so far from happiness, in a life that is anything but your's, you continue until someone reminds you of your value. that someone appreciates that you punched the time clock in at their simple job just to be there to process the upc codes of american eats.

after opting out of the 'do-it-yourself' check-out, we stood in the long line for the cashier ... mostly just to say 'hi'! i must admit i was a bit disappointed if not undaunted when she was less than enthusiastic to have to scan my daughter's sunglasses and a pack of gum, and i said "thank you."

i think it took her off guard, 'thank you?'; 'yes, thank you.' 'for what?' the scowl now replaced with a look of bewilderment. 'for being here to say "hi" to, and for you to remind me to "have a nice day".' my words seemed to work, and a smile crossed her face; she even punched in a grocery club number for me saving me 51 cents. and, with a smile, she said, 'glad to be of service.'

i suppose the business voodoo reminder of the day is this:

no matter what you do, no matter what your job is, everything you do is sacred and connected to everyone on earth. if you are 'glad to be of service,' let others feel your joy, pleasure and gratitude.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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