23 December 2013

dimensional phohatting

because for ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction, right?!

if you play in the realm of active and potential energy, then, yes, that would be correct.  and when in this time and place, Gregorian calendar and all, why wouldn't this NOT be the perfect time to stimulate the phohat in a different dimension to ripple, perhaps amplifying, a motion or flow in another dimension in order to shift the moment we are connected to in this grid 3D to the place in which it just manifests.  True love showing up on your front door.

So, the rest of my thought got interrupted by Mavis, she's 99 so she gets priority.  =)

So, then go to the chart and see where that would be indicated, that interdimensional tailwind so to speak -- whether receiving or sending out, but cause through the transits of the universe, we are now with the wind at OUR back, for us to create without plunder, with graciousness of the white knight for everyone.

Remember, vaguely all that hubbub about the Galactic Center and all that jazz, yep, there's your wind pattern.  If you sail or understand the use of sails on a large clipper, you will know just what I am talking about using the transits according to their size and position, in astrologer's terms, angles and aspects.

Oh, who's chart would be fun to run?  Someone famous? or personal? or my own?