23 November 2013

missing information

I often get asked whether I can do a chart without an accurate birth time.  I say, of course I can, I can take any information that I'm given and run a chart and make it seem real and accurate in that moment and I can find the symbols to given meaning to the understanding I am receiving in the flow of energy in the moment.  Yet, my information doesn't come from the chart.  I can only really, receive information from source.

Starting with numbers as all sounds can be ascribed, we take the flow of the vibrational harmonics from there into the visual of the astrological chart, accurate or inaccurate as it may be in the moment, it is only a tool to be used in the realm of the experience of that tool as it was designed by the random school of meaning and consistency of use in active experience.  I always have the same *caveats* and openness to new flows especially with those of my peer group, us plutonium enriched uranium rocket fuel loving, earth dwellers filled with that which can only and always come from source:  love.  information and its structures in the flow of love can do transdimensional things.

*caveats* like "starting with numbers as all sounds can be ascribed" -- does not, of course, mean seriously that's the most accurate method as we can now ascribe numeric vibrations on any given number of frequencies, etc., I'm just saying, "in general, starting with the basics of vibrational theories in dances like the waltz or house music, unless of course ur 2-stepin or drumming, but no worries at all really Keep It Simple Smartie!!"